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The Office of Global and Multicultural Education strives to create quality cross-cultural experiences for faculty, staff, and students and to promote awareness of global issues.

Our office assists with:

  • Providing students with comprehensive study abroad experiences that enrich their lives and enhance their academic careers.
  • Organizing various activities and programs (lectures, workshops, festivals, models) to promote awareness of global issues.
  • Supporting incoming international students who expose our BU community to different and enriching experiences in and outside of the classroom.

International (F1 Visa)

Bloomsburg University offers the opportunities of a big university — less than a three-hour drive to New York City and four-hour drive to Washington, D.C. — with the personalized and friendly learning environment of a smaller school.

International students will find it easy to transition to a new culture in the welcoming atmosphere of the cozy campus on the hill. We offer:

  • A welcoming environment.
  • Professional development opportunities from your freshman year through your senior year to prepare you for your future career through ProfessionalU.
  • Learning opportunities outside the classroom such as volunteering, internships, and funded research opportunities.
  • Academic support.
  • Campus-sponsored programs, concerts, trips.

Detailed Campus Profile

Undergraduate Student

A high school grad entering college for the first time

Transfer Student

Completed any college credits at another institution since graduating from high school.

Graduate Student

Already holding a bachelor's degree and wanting to pursue advanced study.

Making Payments

Bloomsburg University has partnered with Western Union Business Solutions to offer an innovative and streamlined way to make international tuition payments. 

  • Students must register and provide immigration documents to the Office of Global and Multicultural Education within the first week of each semester of attendance
  • Undergraduate students are required to carry a minimum 12 credits, 9 of which must consist of face-to-face delivery instruction
  • Graduate students are required to carry a minimum 9 credits, 6 of which must consist of face-to-face delivery instruction
  • Students are permitted to work only on campus with approval from the Office of Global and Multicultural Office
  • Work-Study Applications and Positions
  • If you leave the United States during a university break, your I-20/DS-2019 must be endorsed by the Office of Global and Multicultural Education at least a week BEFORE you leave the United States.

Immigration Resources

You must report any changes to your personal information within 10 days to the Office of Global and Multicultural Education or you will be considered "out of status."

Incoming Exchange

Bloomsburg University hosts incoming exchange students from partner universities throughout the world.

BU is home to approximately 9,500 students. Its beautiful campus features an excellent technologically designed library and a wealth of recreational facilities.

Life in the town of Bloomsburg offers the best of both worlds: a safe and serene rural community that lies within easy travelling distance from major metropolitan areas, such as New York City and Philadelphia.

Eligible students must be nominated by their home university before submitting an application. Nominations can be for one semester (fall/spring) or one academic year of coursework.

We are very pleased that you are interested in studying at Bloomsburg University. You can start the process now by getting in contact with your home University's International Office. If there is an exchange agreement between Bloomsburg University and your home institution, and they have submitted a nomination on your behalf, please apply to the exchange program by following the instructions below. Exchange students play a major role in the globalization of our campus. In order to get the most out of your exchange, the key will be for you to reach out and connect with your new environment. We’re here to help you with that transition. Here are some useful links to help you prepare for your study abroad experience in the United States:

If you wish to apply to study at Bloomsburg University, please follow these directions:

  1. Go to this webpage: Study Abroad.
  2. Click on "PROGRAMS".
  3. Change the button "Show: Outgoing" to "Show Incoming".
  4. Click on the "search" button on the lower right of the page.
  5. Find your home university on the list and click on the Program Name.
  6. On the brochure page, click on the button "Apply Now".
  7. In the login window, click on "I do not have login credentials for this site" and submit.
  8. Fill out the form and submit. A password is then sent to your email.
  9. When you receive your login information, go back to Study Abroad and click on the "NON-BU LOGIN" in the menu on the top. Do this promptly, because your temporary password will be valid only for 24 hours.
  10. The page will show the message "No applications on file - view programs." Click on the link, which will take you back to the search page. Make sure the button is set on "Incoming" and click "search" on the lower right again.
  11. Select the link to your home university. When the page opens, click on "Apply Now".
  12. You can then begin completing the application. Everything is on-line. The only original document required to be mailed is the proof of financial support.

Study Abroad

Challenge yourself, pack your bag and let the world be your classroom! Study abroad offers unique experiences that enhance your academic career and personal goals. It introduces you to different cultures providing a better understanding of others. It also helps you acquire the skills to be an engaged global citizens. Go on a journey of self-discovery!

Faculty members who wish to develop a faculty-led short-term program for study abroad:

Timeline and Instructions

Faculty preparing for travel will find our Faculty Led Travel Planning Timeline to be very informative and useful.


Request for Program Approval Form
Budget Form
Planning and Responsibilities Form
Program Brochure - Please consult with the Marketing/Communications Department for any required artwork or brochure design.
Sample University Contract
Travel Expenses Form

Program Affordability

  • Review the costs involved to determine if a program is right for you. Review costs for tuition, course materials, housing, airfare, travel, daily expenses such as food and transportation, etc. Scholarships are available.

Program Format

  • Some courses may be taught in a similar fashion to US courses while others will require that students do more independent learning.

Program Types

  • Determine the type of program you are interested in. Exchange, Faculty Led, Third-Party, Direct

Program Duration

  • Determine when your study abroad experience will best fit in to your overall goals. Should you study abroad during a semester, a winter or summer session, or an entire academic year? Will the courses you need be available during the time you wish to go abroad? Will the courses transfer back appropriately?

Program Destination

  • Where do you want to go? All of the items above may play a factor in determining where you will study. Keep in mind the type of school you are interested in, a business school, school for the arts, etc., the cost you are comfortable with, and the courses offered during the time you wish to study abroad.
  • Keep in mind the area's geography, weather, food, arts, political climate, health issues, language(s) spoken, etc.

There are several opportunities available for a study abroad experience. What type of program are you interested in?

Exchange Program – Reciprocal agreement between Bloomsburg University and an international institution for an equal exchange of students. Students must apply through BU’s study abroad application system and be approved and nominated by the Assistant Director of the Global and Multicultural Education office before applying to the international institution. The exchange program allows BU students to pay Bloomsburg University tuition and receive BU course equivalency credits for classes taken abroad. Pre-approved course credits will go towards total BU credits earned. Grades for these courses will not be included in the cumulative BU GPA. However, you must obtain a C or better in the abroad courses to earn credits. Students should refer to the specific program for details as there are differences in things such as room and board options and additional costs.

Faculty-Led Programs – Faculty-led trips (FLPs) are short-term study abroad programs led by a Bloomsburg University faculty member. The programs are typically offered during the summer and winter terms and require a specific minimum number of students for the trip to take place. Students pay BU tuition for the pre-defined courses as well as a program fee for accommodations, meals, excursions, airfare, etc. These programs will focus on a specific academic area. Students are enrolled directly in BU courses and will earn credits and grades for each course.

Note: There are currently no faculty led programs available.

Third-Party Study Abroad – Third-party study abroad providers are independent organizations that facilitate or administer study abroad programs. Please see the information provided on the Third-Party Providers page regarding the providers with which Bloomsburg University has official partnership agreements. NOTE: Pay close attention to the information regarding third-party programs with which we do not have an agreement.

Direct Enrollment – Direct Enroll programs are similar to exchange programs in duration, independence and academics. Direct Enroll programs differ in that overseas students are not brought to Bloomsburg University and students are responsible for all business related to applying, enrolling, finding housing, etc. This type of program is best for someone very independent and organized. This type of program is also the most immersive as you are placed in classes with local students versus other students studying abroad.

Other – If you plan to study abroad through another university's study abroad program, you must notify the Office of the Registrar and the Office of Global and Multicultural Education. You will need to have your courses pre-approved by your department and have your transcript sent to the Office of Global and Multicultural Education to transfer the credits.

An important part of the process is to meet with your faculty advisor to determine when it would best fit your schedule to study abroad. You will need to discuss possible courses and how they will transfer back to Bloomsburg University to ensure you will get the appropriate credit and keep you on track to graduate.

Possible terms:

  • Fall Semester
  • Winter Session
  • Spring Semester
  • Summer Session
  • Academic Year

Programs and Applications

Students must apply through BU’s study abroad application system, TerraDotta, to be considered for a study abroad program. Applications are program and term specific. Once the program of interest is determined, click on the program link and select Apply Now. You will be asked to create an account in TerraDotta. Follow the instructions provided on the site after selecting Apply Now. DO NOT select apply now if you do not intend to apply to the program. By clicking on apply now and logging in you will create an application.

Students are nominated by the Assistant Director of the Office of Global and Multicultural Education to attend programs. Once you have completed your application in the TerraDotta system it will be reviewed. If your application meets the criteria for the program you selected, the director will submit a nomination to the program director. The program will then contact you to apply using their application.

To find information on our study abroad opportunities, select the "PROGRAMS" tab once you are on the Terra Dotta webpage. In the programs list, the star next to a program name indicates the exchange programs and FLP programs with which Bloomsburg University has an agreement.

Apply Now

Debrief with the Director of Global and Multicultural Education

Schedule an appointment with the Assistant Director to discuss the application process and your experience abroad.

Market Your International Experience to Employers

Attend the workshop offered by the Center for Professional Development and Career Experience.

The Mentoring Program allows Bloomsburg University students who studied abroad on an approved BU program to act as liaisons between fellow students and the Global Education Office. The Mentors actively engage with international and exchange students. They play a critical role in the mission of the Global & Multicultural Education Office and the University, helping others become global citizens.

What does a Mentor do?
Being a Mentor helps you build on your global experience; get involved in the international community at BU. This unique leadership opportunity allows you to enhance your professional development, communication skills, and community involvement.
• Be a resource to students considering study abroad experience.
• Host informational meetings for specific countries and/or regions.
• Participate in Pre-departure Orientations.
• Participate in presentations sharing personal experiences.
• Participate in International Student Orientations
• Act as peer mentors to International students helping them bridge cross-cultural barriers and acclimate to BU.


• Studied abroad on an approved BU program
• Students must be in good academic standing, with a minimum GPA of 2.5
• Students must attend training sessions.

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