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Healthy Husky is Bloomsburg's campus-wide health and wellness initiative that focuses on education and prevention to help all our Huskies thrive!

Live Well. Learn Well.

The Healthy Husky initiative includes educational programs, preventative services, and fun events to help BU students adopt healthy behaviors and live a healthy life. We know healthy students are successful students, so we work with partners across campus to promote the Healthy Husky choice — spreading the word and making sure students are aware of healthy alternatives for food choices, active lifestyles, and fun activities.

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Husky PAWS

The Husky PAWS (Peer Assisted Wellness Services) are students who are trained to educate peers with accurate and up-to-date information about various health issues that affect student success.

The Husky PAWS educate students about alcohol and other drugs (including tobacco), sexual health, mental health (stress, anxiety, depression, etc.), healthy eating and physical activity, general health, and any other health and wellness topics that may affect student success at BU.

You will see the PAWS on campus at informational tables where educational games and handouts are supplied for students. They are also available for presentations in the classroom, at student organization and club meetings, and the residence halls. Overall, the PAWS promote the concept of holistic health and a lifestyle conducive to wellness.

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