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Our Department of History is dedicated to honing students' intellectual skills and fostering their love of learning, while providing a solid grounding in American, European and world history. Students often present their research at honors conferences; several student research papers have won prizes and several more have been published.

Our history faculty is composed of dedicated working scholars who make teaching their first professional priority. The faculty collectively have produced a long list of important books, research articles, and conference presentations. They daily bring this professional experience and expertise into the classroom, where it's integrated into teaching. The department works constantly to improve service for students, evident, for instance, in the accessibility of faculty, the variety of internship opportunities available to students, and the quality of student advisement.

History B.A. and Minor Information

History Student Spotlights

We love to recognize our hard-working students!

Luka Joy History Dept

April 2022 - Luka Joy

Year: Junior 
Major: History and Secondary Education
Hometown: Sandwich, New Hampshire

Question 1:  Why did you choose History as your major?
The study of history has always been fascinating to me and my favorite class all through school was social studies. Naturally this led me to major in secondary education in history. History is the discipline I chose to pursue because it is everywhere and is limitless in topics and avenues to discover. The study of history is also endlessly important and will always be needed in our society.

Question 2:  What are your research interests?
Recently for my research classes, I have engulfed myself in the study of the assimilation of Native Americans through education in the late 1800s early 1900s. Another area of study that I have always found engaging is the study of the culture and philosophy of Ancient Greece. I look forward to researching these subjects more and exploring new areas of study that interest me.

Question 3:  What have you done outside of the classroom to enhance your education?
I try to take every opportunity presented to me and grow academically and professionally outside of the classroom. One of the opportunities opened to me this year is a work-study job in the archives as a student assistant, where I can explore Bloomsburg University’s history closely. Another area I have grown is being president of the history club where I lead like-minded students of history outside of the classroom.

Question 4:  What do you hope to do after graduation?
My goal is to be a high school history teacher soon after I graduate and see what doors open to me. I hope to inspire the future generation to find their passion for history and prepare them to be critical thinkers. I am looking forward to other career paths in education or history that could present themselves.

Brandon Miller History Student

Year: Junior 
Major: History and Management
Hometown: Nazareth, PA

Question 1:  Why did you choose History as your major?
I chose History due to my deep passion that I have for this field. Ever since I was younger, my favorite thing to do was to dive in and learn more about every aspect of the subject. History can teach people so much more, not just about the past, but the present as well. I strive to learn more about the people who lived before us and how their experiences have shaped the world around us.

Question 2:  What are your research interests?
I have a wide variety of research interests. My favorite area would have to be the political dynamics surrounding WWI and WWII. Another subject that I have an interest in would be the 30 Years War and the political absolutism that followed. Even though these are some of my favorite research interests, there is no limit into the number of topics that fascinate me.

Question 3:  What have you done outside of the classroom to enhance your education?
Outside of the classroom, I try to learn as much as I possibly can about different historical topics. I do this in a number of ways including reading, watching documentaries, and watching YouTube channels run by prominent Historians to help me enhance my education. I also enjoy volunteering. Back in my hometown, I have volunteered at my local historical society which has greatly added to my appreciation of History. 

Question 4:  What do you hope to do after graduation?
After graduation, I hope to work for the public sector (government, a museum, or a local historical society) or continue my education to obtain my PhD in History.  Either path will be built from the foundation of my passion for History and its practical applications.

Megan Dickson

Year: Senior
Major: History
Hometown: Green Lane, PA

Question 1:  Why did you choose History as your major?
When I first came to Bloomsburg I started out as Political Science major but realized that history was what I really wanted to study. And I am so glad I did! Ever since elementary school, history was my favorite subject. I always loved hearing about how people in the past lived and how it connects to the present. Majoring in History has given me many opportunities to continue to do this. 

Question 2:  What are your research interests?
My research interests have changed a lot over the years. While studying at Bloomsburg, I focused my interests and research on art history especially concentrating on Claude Monet. A lot of my interests have been directed at European history. However, the History Department has given me many opportunities to expand my interests to different parts of the world that I have not been able to study in the past.

Question 3:  What have you done outside of the classroom to enhance your education?
Outside of the classroom, like a lot of other history majors, I like to read to enhance my education. I also like to visit museums especially while I am traveling. Where I grew up was a perfect place to explore both local and national history through touring museums and historical sites.

Question 4:  What do you hope to do after graduation?
After graduation, I hope to enter the world of public history and work at a museum. Currently, I am interning at the Bloomsburg Children’s Museum by helping to plan and organize programs for the kids. I hope to be able to use this experience to aid me in the time after graduation. I hope to one day share the joy of learning, history, and discovery with others.

Mason Williamson

Year: Senior
Major: History
Hometown: McEwensville, PA

Question 1:  Why did you choose History as your major?
History is something I remember interesting me at a young age. I remember getting absorbed into it when we started talking about ancient civilizations in middle school. History is something I can throw myself into and not get bored, both inside and outside the classroom. Studying history is just something that feels natural to me, so it made sense pursue a degree in History.

Question 2:  What are your research interests?
While I absolutely love ancient history, as previously stated, medieval European history and broadly Japanese history are where my research interests lie. The broad timeframe of medieval Europe and how varied it is depending on the time and place has fascinated me. Japanese history, in particular Japan modernizing, going from feudal to industrial has been of interest as well.

Question 3:  What have you done outside of the classroom to enhance your education?
Outside of the classroom I usually watch documentaries, watch historical dramas, or do some research on a topic that interests me for fun. Gladiator and The Last Kingdom are some recommendations for historical dramas. I enjoy learning about other countries and regions and the history that is linked to them.

Question 4:  What do you hope to do after graduation?
After graduation, I plan to pursue a career at a national park or as a historical guide of some kind. I may pursue a master’s degree or doctorate at some point as well. I would also like to travel and experience some of the world.

Mitchell Lutte

Year: Senior
Major: History, Secondary Ed
Hometown: Wind Gap, PA

Question 1:  Why did you choose History as your major?
History has always been my favorite subject growing up so selecting History was an easy choice. Going into the education field allowed me to continue learning about History, while also perusing my desired career path. 

Question 2:  What are your research interests?
The election of 1800 intrigues me. I have enjoyed researching the methods in which the newspapers portrayed different political parties to push their agendas, and how different press companies were used to influence people into voting and acting in a certain way. It can be translated into today’s election processes, only in different media forms. Many concepts are in parallel.

Question 3:  What have you done outside of the classroom to enhance your education?
Outside the classroom I enjoy touring historical sites and reading historical accounts to further enhance my knowledge base.  I am also a high school football coach which has helped develop my leadership skills and the ability to effectively connect with students.

Question 4:  What do you hope to do after graduation?
Upon December graduation my hope is to obtain a full-time teaching position in the high school setting and continue to coach football.

Maggie Yannes

Year: Junior
Major: History, Secondary Ed
Hometown: Hazleton, PA

Question 1:  Why did you choose History as your major?
I chose History as a major to compliment my secondary education major. I always loved school and fell in love with Social Studies. I became interested in our country’s history and the way our government works. I loved learning History as a student in high school, and I am excited to teach it in the future. I want to share not only my love of learning, but also my love of history with my future students.

Question 2:  What are your research interests?
Many different research topics interest me. My classes always inspire me to dive deeper into historical topics. From a young age, I have been fascinated by World War II and the Holocaust. As I take more classes, I am becoming increasingly more interested in the Pacific Theater of WWII and Vietnam. Specifically, I am very interested in women journalists’ experiences in Vietnam.

Question 3:  What have you done outside of the classroom to enhance your education?
Outside of the classroom I enjoy reading lots of historical books, whether it be fiction or non-fiction. Some of my favorite titles include Night, All the Light We Cannot See, Milkweed, The Things They Carried, The Sorrow of War, and Silence. Besides reading, I also enjoy watching history-based dramas and documentaries. Reading and watching has increased my knowledge and interest drastically.

Question 4:  What do you hope to do after graduation?
After graduation, I hope to work in a school district in or near my hometown. I would love to be a high school history or government teacher at the school I graduated from. I also plan to continue my historical research and work towards a master’s degree. In the far future I would love to work as a principal.

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Internships in the Department of History (42.497) 

History's Internship Coordinator -   Dr. Nancy Gentile Ford
Arts & Administration Building, Second Floor, Room 286

The Department of History is committed to our internship program and encourages both history majors and history/secondary education majors to gain real life experience through these opportunities.  The process of searching for and identifying an appropriate internship constitutes a job search experience that can be quite valuable, and the internship experience can help students prepare for and secure potential careers.  


Who is Eligible?

Applying  Credit? 

Why do an Internship? 


 History majors must have:
15 semester hours of history and at least   2.0


An internship can replace one of the 300-400 Level History Electives (3 Credits)


The importance of an internship experience cannot be overstated:


Students can do Internships any time during a semester or the summer.


Must successfully complete both Historiography and Historical Methods (42-298) and Research and Writing Skills (42-398).  



If a student’s internship is more than 3 credits, any remaining credits become elective credits.



1.  Develop and build upon skills learned    at BU. Opportunity to develop your knowledge alongside a professional.

2.  Explore if a potential career option is a good fit.

Internships can be taken near        Bloomsburg, near your home      residence,or anywhere else!



Students can earn three (3) to twelve (12) credits for an internship and will work from ten to forty hours.





Students pay tuition for Internships based on how many credits they take.





3.  Meet and work with professionals and establish a network.

4.  Get a head start into your field… Be  more competitive in your job search.





Samples of recent student  internships are listed below and details can be found on the internship database.





 3 cr. x 10 hr.  =   120 hrs.

 6 cr. x 20 hr.  =   240 hrs.

 9 cr. x 30 hr.  =   360 hrs

12 cr. x 40 hr. =   480 hrs.

Most Internships are unpaid,  BUT still worth doing!!


5. Internship professionals can provide references for your job search or for graduate school.

6.  Internships can turn into a job.




       Make an appointment

       with Dr. Ford to discuss

       the best choice for you!



See Database for Specific Details (Re: Internship Title, Contact Information, and Job Description). Please see Dr. Ford before applying for internships.


Historic Site

Historic Site

Historic Site

Historic Site

Pennsylvania Heritage Society, Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC), Harrisburg, PA

Northumberland County Historical Society,Sunbury, PA

Office of Homeland Security of PA
Harrisburg, PA

Pennsylvania Anthracite Heritage Museum (PHMC Site),Scranton, PA

                           Eckley Miner’s Village                           (PHMC Site), Weatherly, PA

Morristown National Historical Park  (National Park Service Site),Morristown, NJ

Independence National Park, Independence Living --   History/Archeology Lab, Philadelphia, PA

Pioneer Tunnel Coal Mine Historical Site,,  Ashland, PA

Congressman Chris Carney’s Office,       Williamsport, PA/ Washington, D.C.   

U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center, Carlisle, PA

               Berwick Historical Society                   Berwick, PA

Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust, Battery Park,      New York City, NY

                            Sea Port Museum                             Philadelphia, PA 

State Representative David Millard’s Office, Bloomsburg & Harrisburg, PA

The Spruance Library, Mercer Museum, Doylestown, PA  

      National Constitutional Center,              Independence Mall,  Philadelphia, PA

The National Museum of the United States Navy, Washington, DC

District Attorney’s Office
Cory J. Snook
Juniata County Courthouse
Mifflintown, PA 17059
Beautyman Alvstad, LLP
Attorneys at Law
Flourtown, PA
Packwood House Museum
Lewisburg, PA

Historic Bethlehem Partnership
Bethlehem PA

Chester County History Society,
West Chester, PA
U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center, Carlisle, PA Wilson College Archives,
Chambersburg, PA
The Institute for Cultural and Society
Digital Humanities Project
Bloomsburg, PA
Columbia County Historical
and Genealogical Society

Bloomsburg, PA
Macculloch Hall Historical Museum
Morristown, NJ
Andruss Library University Archive,   
Bloomsburg University, Bloomsburg, PA
Union County Historical Society
Lewisburg, PA
Bloomsburg Rotary Club
Bloomsburg PA

Eisenhower National Historic Site,      National Park Service, Gettysburg, PA 

Hagley Museum
Wilmington, Delaware

Joseph Priestly House, Northumberland, PA

Gordner, John R. 
Pennsylvania State Senator
Bloomsburg, PA


History Department Contacts

Jeffrey Bosworth

Jeffrey Bosworth, Ph.D.

  • Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of History, Education, Philosophy, Political Science, and Sociology
Jennifer Oast

Jennifer Oast, Ph.D.

  • Professor and Assistant Chair of the Department of History, Political Science, and Philosophy