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The study of Languages and Cultures provides a pathway for you to reach advanced second-language and cultural proficiency, as well as many avenues for high impact learning opportunities.

Learn a second language!

Deciding to combine a Languages and Cultures major with another major — allowing you to add it to your professional credentials — provides you with greater opportunities in the job market! Did you know that many occupations in the United States require knowledge of a foreign language?

Foreign language study will enhance your opportunities in just about any field, from government, business, journalism and writing, medicine, and law to science, technology, military, industry, and marketing. A second language improves your communication skills and understanding of people, comprehension of math and English. Analytical skills improve when you study a foreign language. If a major doesn’t fit your plans, a minor is also a great boost to any resume.

Contact the Department of Languages and Cultures to get started with your major or minor in:

  • Arabic Studies
  • Chinese
  • French
  • Latin
  • Russian and Eastern European Studies
  • Spanish
  • Spanish for Heritage Language Speakers

Program Information and Requirements Minor Options

The Power of Second Language Proficiency

If you have strong second language skills, you are an asset to any employer. We can provide you with a systematic Four-Skill Language Assessment (speaking, listening, reading, and writing). These professionally rated assessments represent an excellent addition to your portfolios, as well as a means of motivating you to achieve your highest level of proficiency in your second language.

MyCore General Education Second Language Goal

We provide courses that lead to the satisfaction of the Second Language Goal (Goal 8). To satisfy the goal through our department, you must pass the second semester (102 level) course in any language we offer (Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Latin, Russian, Spanish). Please note that Latin 102 is not offered every year.

While you're free to schedule a 101-level language course at your convenience, there are only two ways to schedule a language course at the 102 level:

The Language Placement Test assesses your proficiency in your second language and will tell you which course you should schedule. Please note a placement test score that places you into (or above) the third semester (203) level automatically satisfies your Second Language Goal (Goal 8). Placing into 203 or above earns you 2 GEPs for the goal, but it does not earn you credits.

Finally, if you place above the 102 level on the placement test, you should contact us so we can share with you some of the ways to take full advantage of your language study. Good placement on the placement test positions you well for completing a minor in your chosen second language. Who knows? If you truly enjoy your language study and want to maximize its usefulness to you, you might even look into adding a second language as a second major!

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