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The Learning Communities at Bloomsburg University foster an inclusive environment where students with similar majors, interests and goals are afforded rich and varied student learning opportunities both in and out of the classroom.

Through collaboration with faculty, staff, and peer mentors; students are able to experience personal and intellectual growth while building relationships in an engaged and friendly community-centered environment.

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Benefits of Learning Communities

  • Free opportunity to help students get acclimated to campus
  • Meet and interact with other students with similar interests/goals
  • Attend various educational and/or social workshops and programs
  • Form strong relationships with faculty
  • Network and develop professional connections that will help you after graduation
  • Take course(s) together which count toward graduation requirements
  • Make connections that will aid you in career development
  • Be assigned a mentor to help you transition to the college setting
  • Receive tips on succeeding academically

Our Learning Communities

The American Sign Language (ASL) Learning Community is for students who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, First-Year ASL/English Interpreting majors, and First-Year Dual ECE/Deaf Education Program majors. The ASL Learning Community gives students the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills in ASL, as well as prepare to work with the deaf and hard of hearing population after graduation. Participants in this Learning Community will also have the opportunity to live in the vicinity of one another in the same residence hall, take required courses together (one per semester), and experience interactions with faculty, upperclassmen, and alumni within their chosen field.

Learning Community Details
Director Dr. Jessica Bentley-Sassaman
Major(s) ASL/English Interpreting; Dual Early Childhood Education / Deaf Education
Admission Criteria Open to ASL majors and students who are deaf or hard of hearing.
Focus Connects students with other students and faculty in these majors.

The College of Education Learning Community welcomes freshmen who are Education majors. This Learning Community is a wonderful conglomerate of all education majors and provides great support for those pursuing a teaching career.

  • Connect with education students
  • Receive guidance from educational faculty
  • Become acquainted with professional groups such as SCEC, SLED, SPSEA, ACEI, and MENC
  • Attend Praxis Training and Teaching Seminars
Learning Community Details
Director Dr. Angela Pang
Major(s) Education
Admission Criteria Open
Focus Connects students with other education majors and education faculty.

The Creative Arts Learning Community (CA LC) welcomes students with a passion for the arts: theatre, music, dance, visual arts, and creative writing. Many of our members are majoring or minoring in the arts fields. However, we also have students in other majors or who are currently undeclared. The thing they all have in common is a love of the arts. And while it is not required, many CA LC members live in Northumberland Hall, one of the smaller residence halls on lower campus, which further helps to foster a sense of community.

CA students participate in on-campus events as well as have the opportunity to attend off-campus trips to museums and performances. Recent field trips include visits to Museum of Modern Art in NYC, the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, and the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore. We also take advantage of nearby resources too. During a recent semester, students read the novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, and then attend a stage version of the work at The Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble, our local live professional theatre.

CA LC students take a fall semester class together which examines the idea of art via a variety of media including literature, video, film, and visual art. CA LC students often quickly develop into leaders of the Bloomsburg University arts community, taking on major roles in theatre, music, and dance performances, and creating significant works in the literary and visual arts.

The most important thing about our Learning Community is that it provides an atmosphere where students can gain the opportunity, support, and experience needed to flourish at BU. Trained peer mentors work closely with Learning Community members, organizing activities, leading study groups, and providing guidance to navigate college life.

Learning Community Details
Director Mr. Jerry Wemple
Major(s) All
Admission Criteria Open
Focus To provide a vital link between BU and the Bloomsburg Community by showcasing students artistic endeavors.

The Digital Sciences Learning Community is designed specifically for first-year Computer Science and/or Digital Forensics majors only. This year-long experience will allow you to live, learn, and connect with other students who are passionate about the Computer Science field through experiences both in and out of the classroom.

Participants in this Learning Community will have the opportunity to live in the vicinity of one another in the same residence hall, take required courses together (one per semester), and experience interactions with faculty, upperclassmen, and alumni within the Computer Science and Digital Forensics Departments.

Learning Community Details
Director Dr. Bob Montante
Major(s) Computer Science and Digital Forensics majors
Admission Criteria Open
Focus Connects students with faculty and students in these majors.

The Environmental Learning Community brings together students with a similar desire to learn about the environment, its complexities and essence, how we can live better in it and how we can successfully face the challenges we experience. Through a variety of academic and social programs, as well as direct connections to faculty, staff and peer mentors - students with an interest in the environment or those majoring in environmental geosciences or biology with an environmental science focus will receive an enriching and unique first year experience surrounded by individuals that work to help them succeed. Students in this LC will be in enrolled in 1-2 common courses related to their majors each semester and will also have an option to live in close proximity to one another in the same residence hall if they live on campus, creating ample opportunity to develop lasting friendships.

Learning Community Details
Co-Directors Dr. Jennifer Whisner
Major(s) All 
Admission Criteria Open
Focus Brings together students with a similar desire to learn about the environment, its complexities and essence, and how we can live better in it.

The Frederick Douglass Social Justice Learning Community (FDSJ LC) welcomes all first-year students of any major or those presently undeclared. The FDSJ LC promotes academic excellence in a culturally diverse setting. We will focus on developing your skills to be socially conscious, self-advocating, and free-thinkers and will provide a platform for students who are passionate about social justice issues. Each student on campus has their own unique voice and journey, and involvement in this LC is a great way to educate yourself and others on topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Students who sign up for the FDSJ LC will be involved in achievement dinners, undergraduate interdisciplinary conferences, field trips, and other social and educational events.

Learning Community Details
Director Dr. Erin Brummett
Major(s) All
Admission Criteria Open
Focus Emphasizes cross-cultural relationship building, promoting diversity, and breaking down social barriers across cultural differences.

The Health Sciences Learning Community is open to freshmen who are majoring in Audiology and Speech Pathology, Biology, Health Physics, Health Sciences, Exercise Sciences, Medical Imaging and Pre-Sciences (examples: Pre-PT, Pre-PA, etc). The Health Science Learning Community aims to provide an environment in which students can achieve academic success in the health science disciplines.

Learning Community Details
Director Dr. Jennifer Venditti-Roadarmel
Major(s) Health Sciences majors including physical therapy, physician assistant, pharmacy and medical laboratory science.
Admission Criteria Open
Focus Provides an environment for students to focus on scholarship, service, and social activities, enhancing their academic experience.

The Honors Learning Community draws from freshmen with a 1150 minimum SAT combined score (with a minimum of 550 in each category).

  • Be challenged to perform at the highest level of excellence and encourage independent thinking and learning
  • Engage in a rigorous, coherent, integrated academic experience with a high degree of student-faculty interaction
  • Develop creativity, intellectual independence, analytical thinking and problem solving and the growth of communication skills through a strong emphasis on reading, writing, and research
  • Participate in symposia, experiential learning and independent study
Learning Community Details
Director Dr. Melissa Cheese
Major(s) All
Admission Criteria Invitation Only
1150 minimum SAT score
- 550 minimum in each category
Focus Offers small classes, service opportunities, and community.

The Military and Veterans LC (M&V LC) is open to all active military members, veterans, and/or students in any ROTC program. With the help of the M&V LC directors and peer mentors, we will promote a smooth transition for military students and encourage you to form an everlasting bond with your LC cohort. The Military and Veterans LC will create connections between cohort members and the overall university through a variety of events designed specifically for military members. The mission of the Military and Veterans Learning Community is to provide students the support they need to succeed at Bloomsburg University!

Learning Community Details
Co-Directors Mr. Bob Heckrote
Dr. Kelly Roth
Major(s) All
Admission Criteria Current or former military member or any student in an ROTC program
Focus Provide military students the support they need to succeed at BU.

The Nursing Learning Community is open to First-Year Nursing Majors. The Nursing Learning Community aims to provide an environment and community in which students can achieve academic and professional success within this health science discipline. In the Nursing Learning Community you will be able to:

  • Connect with other nursing students and upperclassman peer mentors.
  • Gain a collaborative learning experience through Faculty and Students.
  • Take a common course with other Nursing Learning Community Members.
  • Engage in co-curricular activities designed to support your interests.
Learning Community Details
Co-Directors Ms. Pamela Cook
Dr. Rebecca Toothaker
Major(s) Nursing majors only
Admission Criteria Open
Focus Helps students connect to others in their major while preparing them for the requirements of their major.

We enhance business insight and professionalism, promote interdisciplinary and community awareness, and guide students through their first year in college. The Zeigler College of Business Learning Community (ZCOB LC), in collaboration with the Zeigler Institute for Professional Development (ZIPD), welcomes incoming freshmen who have declared a business major. Freshmen LC members (mentees) receive guidance from upperclassmen mentors and the LC director with the goal of thriving academically, professionally, and socially. Mentees take at least one course together that fulfills a graduation requirement along with voluntary enrollment into ZIPD to enhance their professionalism. ZCOB LC programming offers tutoring, guest speakers, professional development, networking, community service, and field trips to places like New York City. Your success is our BUSINESS!

  • Take courses that fulfill requirements for your business major
  • Receive direction to help determine the right business track
  • Establish connections that help start your business career
  • Attend seminars with local business leaders
  • Make trips to local businesses
Learning Community Details
Director Mr. Jacob Kehres
Major(s) Business
Admission Criteria Open
Focus Expands the range and impact of a major in business through career exploration.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Learning Community is a group of students who share common interests and participate in a variety of programs and field trips, take a cluster of general education courses, and are provided upperclass mentors all under the direction of a faculty/staff member. Students and faculty develop close relationships in and out of the classroom that lead to greater academic success, a broader view of education, livelier and more integrated university experiences and a great sense of commitment.

  • To find help and encouragement from folks living around you.
  • To have a more enriching and meaningful college experience.
  • To have FUN!
  • For increased access to faculty.
  • To make friends with people who share your same interests.
  • Receive help and assistance from upper class mentors.

Yes! All LC courses earn credit toward graduation. Check with your LC faculty director for more details.

LCs provide the opportunity for upperclassmen to serve as peer mentors to next year's incoming class. Students in their sophomore year and beyond can serve as Community Assistants in the residence halls. Contact the faculty director of your LC for more information.

Many functions within a particular LC are optional - thus students are often not required to attend. Students are generally free to choose those activities that best fit within their respective schedules. However, it's important to understand that any activity - be it an LC, an intramural team, or a club - is only as good as the time and energy you are willing to put into it. So, the more energy and effort you contribute to your LC and your peers, the more rewarding this experience will be.

No. Each learning community has a separate academic director and its own selection process. The individuals making the selection decisions have no knowledge of which other communities you applied to. The more programs you apply to, the better your chances of being accepted into one of them.

No. Each learning community is placed in designated buildings. It is more important that you select an LC based on your interests and goals.

You can room with someone outside of your Learning Community. If your roommate is not a member of any LC, they will live with you in your assigned residence hall. However, both of you must request each other as roommate in MyHousing Self-Service.

If you want to room with a student in a different LC than your own, you must decide together which LC residence hall you will live in. Once you've decided, contact the Learning Communities office to let us know. You'll still need to request each other as roommates in MyHousing Self-Service.

It varies from community to community whether you will have the opportunity to return to your LC as an upperclassman. Most LCs are only designated for first-year students. Check with your LC's faculty director.

You will be notified via your Bloomsburg University e-mail account about your LC acceptance. Please watch your university assigned e-mail address (@huskies.bloomu.edu) for your acceptance and other important e-mails. Your actual housing assignment and roommate information will be available on MyHousing in early August. Specific hall and room placements are not available until that time.

The LC process is separate and needs to be updated manually. Please watch for emails at your university assigned e-mail address (@huskies.bloomu.edu) for information about the LC you’ve chosen.

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