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8 AM to 6 PM, M-F

Helping keep BU students healthy.

For all medical emergencies, call 911.

Click for Emergency Medical Info

Do not send emails for medical concerns as our email address is not constantly monitored and is not privacy secure.  Please use the WEB PORTAL link at the left of this page for confidential and personal health related questions and information.

Winter Break Hours

Beginning 12/10/2021 - 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


  • 12/24/2021 through 12/31/2021
  • 1/17/2022 for Martin Luther King Day

COVID Handouts

Symptoms and Information What to do if exposed to COVID

If you have symptoms related to COVID, please self-isolate until you speak to a health care provider.

  • When the Student Health Center is closed, you may contact the Geisinger COVID-19 hotline at 570-284-3657
  • The Geisinger COVID-19 hotline only provides testing for individuals who have symptoms.
  • If you are not in the Bloomsburg area, we recommend you contact your local medical services.
  • Your local Department of Health is available online.

Our Services

The professional team at the Student Health Center (SHC) offers a range of services:

The portal is used for completing required medical information forms, viewing and printing a copy of your SHC account and immunization record and messaging the health center. All new students are required to complete online health forms, which are accessed through the web portal. These include Consent for Treatment, Health History, TB Screening Questionnaire, Immunization Dates, Medical Insurance Information, and the Notice of Privacy Practices. 

Having difficulty accessing the Web Portal? Especially MAC users, try using Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Also, please wait 7 to 10 days after you pay your deposit of acceptance before accessing the portal.

Web Portal Login

For Medical Emergencies - Dial 911

University Police are the first responders to all campus emergencies, including medical emergencies. Do not call the Student Health Center.

  • Dial 911
  • If using a mobile phone, also call 570-389-2211 (BU Police)
  • If using a campus phone, campus police will automatically be notified

The Health Services/Wellness fee does not pay for the following costs: paramedics, transport (ambulance) and/or medical care that is provided for the medical emergency. All costs incurred from 911 emergency are the responsibility of the student who is treated.

Sexual Assault

If you are a victim of sexual assault, seek emergency medical care as soon as possible.

Emergency Contacts

  • Geisinger-Bloomsburg ED — 570-387-2111
  • Geisinger Medical Center ED — 570-271-6591
  • Berwick Hospital Center ED — 570-759-5200
  • BU Police — 570-389-2211
  • Bloomsburg Town Police —  570-784-4155
  • Women's Center Hotline — 570-387-2406
  • TAPLINE (Mental Health emergencies) — 1-800-222-9016

Local Medical Services

Local Transportation Services

Taxicab Service - K-Cab Company

Eligibility for Care

The SHC is funded by the Health and Wellness fee, therefore, only students are eligible for services.

BU Faculty, staff and all campus visitors needing medical care will be instructed to go to the Geisinger-Bloomsburg Hospital emergency department or their private health care provider.

All students are assessed a Health Service/Wellness Fee for the fall, spring and summer semesters (if applicable) The information below applies to all semesters for which the student is enrolled.

Students taking nine (9) or more credits are able to have access to the SHC in person or via telehealth and:

  • will be billed the full rate for the Health Services/Wellness fee with their tuition

Students taking less than nine (9) credits are able to have access to the SHC in person or via telehealth and:

  • will be billed the per credit rate for the Health Services/Wellness fee with their tuition

Student teachers, internships, and clinicals are not billed the Health Services/Wellness fee with their tuition. In order to access the service, they:

  • must sign a fee agreement at time of service
  • will be billed the Health Services/Wellness fee by the Student Billing Office

All new students are required to complete and submit their Health Form online, regardless of the number of credits they are taking.


  • ALL appointments MUST be scheduled in advance. We cannot accept any WALK-In appointments. This change is important for the safety of everyone. Please continue to call early morning to make an appointment. Call 570-389-4451. We're working hard to provide same day services so it's critical you call early in the day.
  • When calling for an appointment you will be asked brief screening questions to help determine the kind of appointment that's needed and to guide your next steps.
  • You may also be told you will receive a call back from our nursing team. Please make sure you respond to the call back request asap.
  • It's very important you call the SHC and inform them if you have been tested for COVID-19. It's critical we have this information asap. Call before you get your result and then when you get your result.

Health Insurance

Good health is an integral part of your Bloomsburg University experience. Health insurance is important to safeguard your health and to protect you from financial loss when medical care is required outside of the Student Health Center. Please read the following student’s comprehensive guide to purchasing insurance at

Additional sites and information to compare for purchasing health insurance:

  • – Affordable Care Act site
  • Medical Assistance is a joint state and federal program for public assistance to eligible people, regardless of age, whose income and resources are insufficient to pay for health care. Contact the PA Department of Public Welfare’s Recipient Hotline at 1-800-692-7462.

The SHC is staffed by registered nurses, along with nurse practitioners and a part-time physician who treat students by appointment only.

There are no copays or charges for SHC office visits for those students who pay the health and wellness fee each semester. The SHC office visits are not billed through private insurance.


Call 570-389-4451 for an appointment and current fees.

More vaccine information available from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — and

Free Service

COVID-19 rapid antigen testing, by appointment only.

Additional Services Available for a nominal fee

  • Medications
    • Convenient on-site SHC pharmacy with varied pre-packaged prescription medications available.
    • BIRTH CONTROL: Prescription for birth control available after a SHC provider evaluation.
    • Prescriptions can also be called to an outside Pharmacy upon request.
  • Mono testing
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Rapid Strep A testing
  • Influenza testing
  • TSTs (Tuberculin Skin Tests) | Guidelines for Outside TST Reads
  • Well Physicals

Payment expected at time of service. Price List for Additional Services

Forms of accepted payments for additional fees

  • Cash
  • Checks
  • Credit/Debit
  • Husky Gold

Allergy Shots

The Student Health Center does not administer allergy shots. Allergy shots may be scheduled at two area physician practices.

Medical Equipment for Loan

Crutches (to avoid a fee — must return to SHC)

Need a wheelchair? Call Bloomsburg Medical Supply — 570-387-2300

In an effort to encourage self responsibility for your health care, we have established a Self Care Unit for colds and minor injuries.

Location: Student Health Center waiting room

Cost: It's free!

No need to sign in. Self treat by following the posted instructions in the Self Care Unit.

Self Care Pamphlets

Self Care Unit Contains

  • Over the counter cold medicines
  • Tylenol (Acetaminophen)
  • Antibiotic ointment
  • Adhesive bandages
  • Condoms (limit 2 per student visit)

The FREE Self-Care Unit is still available for your convenience however due to COVID safety precautions, there is no walk-in option.

Just come to the SHC front door, call in and someone will assist you.  

As we approach the fall flu season it's especially important for students to obtain a flu vaccine.

The SHC can assist you in locating flu vaccine at a local pharmacy.

Contagious diseases


Bloomsburg University's Student Health Center currently does not have a confirmed case of measles, however, with the recent confirmed cases of measles in the media, the Student Health Center encourages the BU campus community to continue to take precautions to reduce the chances of contracting the disease. The Student Health Center’s medical staff continues to monitor for current measles information from the Pennsylvania Department of Health to ensure appropriate measures are in place.

Students need to recognize the signs and symptoms of measles and seek healthcare from a medical professional if they start to experience symptoms of measles such as a high fever of 101 or over with a rash for three or more days in conjunction with a cough, runny nose, and/or red watery eyes. Measles is highly contagious. It spreads when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

For more information, visit It's very important students keep their immunization records up to date in their electronic health record via the portal.

Measles is a highly contagious virus that lives in the nose and throat mucus of an infected person. It can spread to others through coughing and sneezing.


Mumps is a contagious disease caused by a virus that spreads from person to person. Typical symptoms of mumps include swollen salivary glands and a fever.

Meningitis B

Meningitis B is a concern on college campuses. Most students have received the Meningitis vaccine for A, C, Y, W, as a state requirement prior to starting college; however until recently there was no vaccine to prevent Meningitis B. Students ages 17 - 23 are at the highest risk for Meningitis B with a 9 percent greater risk for college students vs. non-college students.

For more information on the Meningitis B vaccine, please call the Student Health Center.


Depo-Provera injections are administered in the SHC with the following guidelines:

  • You MUST CALL for an appointment and to speak with a nurse — 570-389-4451
  • MUST complete the Depo-Provera Order Form and be sure your home provider signed the form.
  • This order form must be reviewed and approved by our Medical Director prior to the SHC administering the injection dose.
  • Bring the Depo-Provera medication with you to the SHC appointment.
    • Ask your prescribing provider to call the prescription to a local pharmacy.
    • Go and pick up the Depo-Provera from the pharmacy.
    • Bring the medication with you to your SHC appt.

If you are late with your Depo-Provera injection (beyond the recommended dosing schedule on the perpetual calendar):

  • Call the SHC for instructions.
  • We will order a serum pregnancy test the morning of your same-day afternoon appointment with a SHC provider.
  • The Student is responsible for the cost of the serum pregnancy test (test performed at an outside lab)

Sexual Health Information

Birth Control

A prescription for birth control is available after an evaluation by a SHC Nurse Practitioner or Physician. Please call the SHC for an appt.

Emergency Contraception

Emergency contraception (EC) is available at The Student Health Center (SHC) for a fee.
EC is also available OTC in all states with no prescription needed.

EC guideline:

  • EC is most effective if taken within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse, but it may be effective up to 120 hours.
  • Call the SHC to schedule an appointment.
  • Prior to receiving emergency contraception at The Student Health Center:
    • A urine pregnancy test will be performed. Be able to provide a urine specimen.
    • Birth control options and prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD's) will be discussed.

Sexual Assault

Refer to the Title IX web page for many resources.

STD/HIV Information

Free STI Testing Services

Caring Communities is coming to the SHC. Appts preferred, please call the SHC.
Walk-ins welcome
Friday 10/29/21,   9:20am to 1:00pm
Friday 11/12/21,  11:20am to 3:00pm
Friday 12/10/21,   9:20am to 1:00pm

Other STI Testing Clinics:

  • Caring Communities - Call 570-829-2700 or 1-800-758-9150. HIV PrEP offered by appt only.
  • PA Department of Health, Columbia County call 570-387-4258 for an appointment.
  • Your Loving Choices - call 570-78-3143 for an appt.

SelectPlan for Women

  • Application required.
  • Services include: health exams, routine health screenings and birth control methods. Education, family planning counseling and referrals to other health care providers and social services.

Must have the Medication, Suture Removal, Wound Care Order Form completed by the prescribing provider. The order must be reviewed and approved by our Medical Director prior to receiving care.

Once approved by the Medical Director, the student will be notified and an appointment will be scheduled to receive care.

If the orders are denied by the Medical Director, the student will be notified and given other options. For ongoing care, an order must be renewed annually.

Student must hand carry all medications and/or supplies to each SHC appointment. See below for specifics:

Medication Orders

Student must submit the order form at least one week prior to the anticipated administration of the medication.

Student must bring the medication to the SHC appointment. You may ask your prescribing physician to call the prescription to a Local Pharmacy.

Suture Removal

If sutures were placed in an Emergency Department (ED), the Medical Director will review the discharge instructions.

Student must submit the ED discharge instructions or order form at least 4 days prior to the anticipated need for suture removal.

The SHC will not remove staples.

Wound Care

Student must submit the ED discharge instructions or order form at least one week prior to the anticipated need for wound care.

At any time during the treatment, the provider may request the student return to their outside provider for re-evaluation of care.

You cannot obtain a Verification of Health Center Visit form if you have not been evaluated by one of the SHC providers. If you miss class because you are sick, be sure to contact all of your professors as soon as possible, so missed class work can be made up or obtained from others.

  • The Student Health Center (SHC) will not issue written excuses for individually missed classes.
  • Students who have been evaluated by one of the SHC medical staff may request a "Verification of SHC Visit" form. This form may then be shown to the professor(s) to validate the student's visit.
  • If you are seen by a doctor outside of the SHC, you may obtain written verification from that doctor to show to your professors.

Extended Medical Illness - notify SHC triage nurse at 570-389-4451

Initiated when:

  • Unable to attend classes for three or more consecutive days due to illness and/or injury.

Initiated by:

  • Family doctor
  • Mental health doctor
  • Student Health Center provider
  • Emergency Room report

Student must provide:

  • Verification of the illness with dates, before the notice can be sent to professors

The SHC will not give out any information regarding your medical situation to anyone: family, professors, friends, or even other health care facilities, without your written consent. Professors may not call the SHC to obtain any information on your medical absence.

Need a copy of your medical records or medical information sent to another facility?

Please read the following information carefully.

  • Medical records are kept for seven years after a student leaves Bloomsburg University before they are destroyed.
  • Current students may view and print a copy of your immunization record via — Health Center Web Portal.
  • Recent records are available at the Student Health Center (SHC) and can be copied within a week.
  • Archived records may take up to a month to obtain and copy.
  • In order to release your medical records, you must complete the Medical Records Release Form (* This form is not intended to be used as a blanket release form).
  • Fax your request to the SHC at 570-389-3417 or mail your request to:

BU Student Health Center

Room 324 Kehr Union Building
400 E. 2nd St.
Bloomsburg, PA 17815

Questions? Please call the Student Health Center at 570-389-4451.

Health Center Staff and Advisory Board

Medical Director

Susannah Kisvarday, MD

Nursing Supervisor

Stacey Brunozzi, Nurse Supervisor

Nurse Practitioners
Terina Oman, MSN, FNP, BC
Laura Wolfe, MSN, ANP-BC

Registered Nurses
Gretchen Knittle, BA, RN, BC
Kim Zalewski, MSN, RN

Clerical Staff
Carol Corey
Faith Sauers

SHC's Health and Wellness Advisory Board meets each semester to review and advise Health Center operations. The board is comprised of:

  • faculty
  • staff
  • students

Student representation is encouraged and always welcome. Students who would like to be involved with the advisory board can call SHC's nurse supervisor at 570-389-4451 for more information.

Meet the SHC Team