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Learning occurs all over the university and the Kehr Student Union is the 'pulse of campus life.' At Bloomsburg University, you have the opportunity to get involved, explore new adventures, make life-long friendships, develop critical life skills and showcase your what you are most passionate about in life. Who you are, what your story is, what you value and how you see the world is a precious gift that we want you to share with the rest of the Huskies on campus and in our community!

That’s why our campus isn’t built just for classroom learning, it’s also built for personal growth. It’s a social laboratory designed for you to challenge preconceived notions, develop your identity, and have fun while doing it.

With more than 200 recognized student clubs and organizations, there’s bound to be a group just for you – including opportunities in community service, honor societies, social entertainment, pre-professional development, civic engagement, special interest, sports and recreation, health and wellness, leadership and governance, social action and advocacy, visual and performing arts, publications and of course culture, diversity and languages. You can also be a trailblazer and leave your legacy by establishing new ideas, activities, events and organizations with your peers.

So whether you're helping to facilitate campus events with Program Board, engaging in community service work for a special cause, performing live on a stage or competing in an intramural sports tournament – your experiences on campus with 8,000 fellow Huskies will be an essential part of your story and a key part of your journey to success.

HuskySync (Student Clubs and Organizations)

HuskySync is an online platform powered by Presence and maintained by Kehr Union Operations and Student Involvement (KUOSI) staff. It features all current recognized student clubs and organizations as well as various university department programs, groups and initiatives. Each organization is granted a portal page where they are able to list contact information regarding their current executive board or CORE FOUR officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer), additional committee chairs, their primary campus organization advisor (BU faculty or staff member) and their current membership roster.

    • Organizations have the ability to create “EVENTS” in HuskySync in order to promote student engagement and track student involvement within their group. Every event that is approved for posting is assigned a unique four digit code that can be used to check in attendees via the Presence Checkpoint app.
    • Organizations have the ability to build specific “FORMS” for individuals to complete in order to gather critical information. Forms may include such things as registrations, applications, scholarships, employment positions, award nominations, service trip sign-ups, event RSVPs, etc... Each form can be set up for different approval processes and is managed within each organization’s portal page.
    • Organizations have the ability to house various “DOCUMENTS” within their portal page for members to view.  These may include, but are not limited to:  Agendas, Meeting Minutes, Contracts, Templates, Constitutions, Training Guides, Event Planning Information, Event Fliers, Brochures, Handouts, etc...

Questions about HuskySync should be directed to the Director of Student Involvement at


The Council of Class Officers (COCO) exists to lead their respective class constituents at Bloomsburg University, serving as the voices of the student population with regards to student issues and concerns and working diligently to contribute positively to the campus life experience by promoting school spirit, diversity, inclusion, and student involvement through fundraising, service project work, governance, and organizational event management.

This organization is a subcommittee of Bloomsburg University’s Community Government Association (CGA) and affiliated with Kehr Union Operations and Student Involvement (KUOSI).


  • Section 1
    • The mission of COCO is to represent the diverse interests of all Bloomsburg University students as defined by their graduating class associations, identifying strategies and solutions to promote positive change, spread awareness about critical issues, coordinate funds to give back to the campus community as a legacy and ultimately promoting a vast array of experiences a Husky student can pursue both on and off campus.
  • Section 2
    • The goals of COCO are:
      1. To foster open communication channels amongst a diverse student body
      2. To promote the concept of serving others by giving back to the campus and/or community
      3. To encourage student involvement and the demonstration of school spirit
      4. To advocate for positive social change
      5. To provide opportunities for students to gain transferable and hands-on leadership skills & experiences
      6. To collaborate with the various constituents that comprise a university system, its affiliates and community members
  • Section 3
    • COCO strives to meet the goals and mission by:
      1. Maintaining and educating students about the respective class portal pages in HuskySync
      2. Promoting the use of the class Facebook pages and other social media accounts related to student involvement
      3. Supporting the Student Philanthropy Council in helping to raise funds as a legacy for the university
      4. Serving as an Appeals Board to review decisions made by Committee on Student Organizations that are challenged
      5. Making public appearances and/or speaking engagements to represent specific classes at campus events such as Graduation ceremonies, Student Recognition banquets, Homecoming festivities, student leadership conferences, etc…
      6. Participating in university focus groups to obtain feedback from students regarding campus climate, operations, services, assessment, opportunities and programs as needed/requested by Community Government Association (CGA)
      7. Assisting with campus events and special projects or initiatives
    • Students interested in serving in COCO must be first elected, and/or approved by nomination by the CGA Senate, into one of the CORE FOUR student leadership positions offered through the Community Government Association (CGA) for each class. These positions include: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Elections are typically held annually every Fall semester in September. Officers would hold the position for the Fall/Spring semesters of that given academic school year.

Bloomsburg University’s Community Government Association (CGA) has established a policy to define the relationship between the University and student organizations and the responsibilities and privileges afforded to recognized student organizations. These policies were developed through the Committee on Student Organizations (COSO) with support from the Student Organization Recognition Task Force (SORTF) and Kehr Union Operations and Student Involvement (KUOSI). Before going into effect, all changes to student organization policies are presented, reviewed and voted on by the Community Government Association (CGA).

This process serves many purposes:

  1. It establishes universal parameters in which student clubs and organizations can function and defines the University’s expectations for student groups.
  2. It identifies a communication structure between organizations and the Kehr Union Operations and Student Involvement (KUOSI), Community Government Association (CGA) and Community Activities (CA) for more efficient collaboration efforts.
  3. It outlines procedures and steps to be taken when organizations fail to operate in accordance with these guidelines.

Bloomsburg University is committed to supporting the student right and privilege to organize and participate in groups that center around common interests and goals and contribute to co-curricular life on campus. Though student organizations are recognized by, and operate in conjunction with, the University, neither the CGA, KUOSI, COSO, nor Bloomsburg University assumes responsibility for the individually recognized student club or organization.

COSO has been around for over 30 years at Bloomsburg University and is a sub-committee within the Community Government Association (CGA).

  • It is advised by the Director of Student Involvement and chaired by the CGA Parliamentarian.
  • Student mentorship support is provided by KUOSI (Kehr Union Operations Student Involvement) Graduate Assistant(s).
  • Membership is comprised of 12-13 student leaders from a diverse array of student organizations on campus.
  • COSO meets every 2-3 weeks from early October through early April.
  • Members of COSO cannot serve on COCO (Council of Class Officers) as either a Class President, Class Vice President, Class Secretary or Class Treasurer) while serving on COSO since that would be a conflict of interest with the Appeals Board (which is COCO.)
  • Members of COSO are trained and serve on the committee by semester. If a member of COSO is unable to commit to the scheduled meetings for a given semester, they would need to provide written notice to the chair and advisor so that a new representative can be identified in time to fill the vacancy.

COSO is charged with the following:

  1. Reviewing requests for the start-up of new student club/organization applications who would like to pursue CGA recognition status
  2. Reviewing requests for the re-activation of formerly recognized student club and organizations
  3. Reviewing constitutional, name and/or other changes currently recognized student clubs and organizations want to make to their group
  4. Serving as Student Organizational Leadership Coaches and providing ongoing support, communication and resources to an assigned group of student clubs and organizations
  5. Discussing current student issues and concerns involving membership, advisement, recruitment, marketing, leadership, event planning, fundraising, general campus policies and procedures, activities, collaborations, meetings, projects, initiatives and opportunities centered around student clubs and organizations
  6. Assisting with the training provided to all student club and organization executive board members through Kehr Union Operations and Student Involvement (KUOSI)
  7. Educating student clubs and organizations about the functions of HuskySync

Students interested in starting a brand new club or organization on campus OR re-activating a former student club or organization who is not currently recognized, should follow the 8 step guide found here.

Please check on HuskySync first to ensure that the group you would like to create here at Bloomsburg University isn't already active and recognized on campus.  In addition, review the various categories of clubs and organizations to ensure that the mission of your newly proposed group isn't a duplicate of another already existing organization with a similar mission and goals.  This information is included in their constitutions which are their individual organization portal pages under "Documents."

For assistance, please contact

All active and recognized student clubs and organizations at Bloomsburg University must have an updated constitution and by-laws posted in their HuskySync organizational portal page.

If you are looking to start a brand new organization or student club, it is highly recommended that you use the constitution template provided here.  This template was developed through COSO (Committee on Student Organizations) in collaboration with SORTF (Student Organization Recognition Task Force) and approved by CGA (Community Government Association.

Any changes to a constitution by a current active, recognized student club or organization and/or a brand new student club or organization, must first be reviewed and approved by Kehr Union Operations Student Involvement Staff (KUOSI), Committee on Student Organizations (COSO) and finally Community Government Association (CGA) before being adopted and going into effect for the particular student club or organization.

Questions: please contact

Professional Staff: Contact us!

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