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Your Success is our priority. It is our mission to assist you, the student, in developing the skills and confidence you need to achieve both academic and personal success.

Bloomsburg University’s Division of Student Success provides an inclusive, welcoming environment to empower students to successfully transition to BU and to achieve the competencies needed to excel. Beginning with the first-year and continuing through graduation, we provide the resources and support needed to foster academic success. We work collaboratively with students, staff and faculty to help all students achieve the competencies needed to excel in their personal, academic, and professional lives.

Goals and Priorities:

  • Foster a welcoming student-centered environment that is accessible and easy to use.
  • Promote diversity, inclusivity, and student self-advocacy.
  • Engage students in success- and goal-oriented support services.
  • Collaborate with campus and community partners to integrate services and enhance opportunities for Bloomsburg students.
  • Empower students to celebrate their talents, creativity, and courage while learning life-long skills to lead meaningful lives with and for others.


Student Success offers students customizable academic support through collaborative engagement across campus to facilitate academic achievement.  We aim to give students the tools they need to succeed in their courses while they explore their personal and career aspirations.  We also seek to promote a student experience that is rich in diversity and inclusivity. Some of our services include exploratory advising, health, wellness, and counseling, transition to college assistance through orientation and first year experience. We also offer specific academic support with academic coaches, student success specialists, tutoring, writing assistance, and supplemental learning.

Offices within the Department

Bloomsburg University’s Academic Advisement Center collaborates with students on their academic potential through support services and engaging programs designed to assist them in achieving personal and professional success in an increasingly complex global environment. Undeclared students will create a realistic plan in collaboration with their academic advisors. The plan will focus on helping students complete requirements for their degree in a manner consistent with their academic, personal and career goals; abilities; and skills.

Academic Advisement

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Bloomsburg University's Center for Diversity and Inclusion promotes a supportive campus climate that fosters the personal and professional growth of students from all backgrounds. With this, the center strives to provide enriching experiences that celebrate different culture and perspectives.

Through various programming efforts and activities, the center offers opportunities for all diverse members of the campus community to become empowered and to thrive at Bloomsburg University.

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The mission of Bloomsburg University's TRIO Student Support Services is to contribute to the success of students in pursuit of their educational career and life goals. The TRIO SSS program is committed to increasing retention and graduation through:

  • Personalized supportive, proficient and accessible program services and staff
  • Quality advising, tutoring, mentoring, teaching and advocacy
  • Acknowledgement and appreciation for individual diversity and resilience

How to Apply

To apply for TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) program enrollment consideration:

Open BU TRIO SSS Application
Complete all fields
Digitally sign the application document
An email notification will be sent to the TRIO SSS Office that your application was submitted.

Students who meet the eligibility requirements established by the US Department of Education will be contacted to schedule an appointment with the program director to learn more about our TRIO SSS services and the enrollment process. Thank you for your interest in learning more about TRIO SSS.

If you have any questions about the application or program, please email

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268 Student Services Center
Hours: M-F, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Office: 570-389-3606
Fax: 570-389-2612


Upward Bound (UB) is a federally funded TRIO college access program designed to help eligible high school students to successfully complete high school and succeed in college, earning a two- or four-year degree (associates or bachelor's). Funded entirely by a grant from the United States Department of Education, the program has been continuously funded at Bloomsburg University since 1978 and serves eligible students in grades 9-12 at eight local high schools (Berwick, Mahanoy, Milton, Mount Carmel, North Schuylkill, Pottsville, Shamokin, and Shikellamy) located in Columbia, Northumberland, and Schuylkill counties in northeastern/central Pennsylvania.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, ALL UPWARD BOUND SERVICES AND EVENTS ARE BEING PROVIDED VIRTUALLY UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Students and family members should pay attention to email and social media announcements regarding planned on-campus and in-school events.

Contact Us
Phone: 570-389-4280
Fax: 570-389-3025

Your health here goes well beyond flu shots and a health form. Yes, we’re set up with accessible medical care, a clinical staff and counseling services. But we’re also proactive. And that begins with Healthy Husky — our health and wellness initiative that not only can help you stay or get into shape but will introduce you to many new healthy hacks for managing stress, the importance of naps and healthy eating on the go. 

BU's Student Health Center provides caring, professional, convenient support for students. The SHC is staffed by registered nurses, nurse practitioners and a part-time physician who treat students by appointment. Unlimited visits at no additional charge upon payment of health and wellness fee each semester.

Student Health Center

There are many reasons students reach out to obtain counseling services, some of which may include: anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, adjustment difficulties, family struggles, unhealthy eating, and exposure to trauma events. Our services are based on a short-term model of treatment, in which sessions are provided on bi-weekly basis. If you are seeking a longer-term treatment approach, or weekly session, the Student Counseling Center can assist in finding appropriate resources.

Student Counseling Center and Human Development


While encouraging self-advocacy, our office works in partnership with members of the university community to provide access to individuals with disabilities.


  • Build strong campus partnerships to create the best possible services and ensure individuals are given equal access to university opportunities
  • Provide reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities in order to enrich educational experiences and student success
  • Educate the campus community, including faculty, staff, students, and administrators, on equitable treatment of individuals with disabilities

Bloomsburg University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, ancestry, disability, or veteran status in its programs and activities as required by Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and other applicable statutes and university policies.

Additionally, inquiries concerning Title IX and its implementing regulation can be made to the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights, Region III, The Wanamaker Building, 100 Penn Square East - Suite 505, Philadelphia, PA 19107; Phone: 215-656-6010;
Fax: 215-656-6020.

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Our mission is to assist Bloomsburg University undergraduates in experiencing learning success, to help student clients (tutees) to strengthen their academic performance, to provide individualized assistance, to foster interest in BU courses, and to aid tutees in achieving learning independence.

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Bloomsburg University's Office of Access and Success is committed to supporting students as they strive to achieve academic excellence. The office develops and implements academic, social and cultural programming designed to assist students in developing the skills necessary for college persistence and graduation.

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40 Warren Student Services Center

Director, Act 101/EOP - Ralph Godbolt |
Assistant Director, Act 101/EOP - Holly Noll |
Academic Advisor - Thomas Griffith |
Academic Advisor - Heather Almer |
Administrative Assistant - Judy Rostucher |

The Department of Academic Enrichment strives to facilitate students’ progress in overcoming obstacles and achieving their educational goals while strengthening institutional retention and graduation. Through a collaborative approach, our objective is to support students in skill-building, decision-making, and social engagement. Linking students in areas of access and success, we also serve as a resource for incorporating research-based initiatives, comprehensive assessment, and practices relating to diverse student populations.

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40 Warren Student Services Center

Department Secretary - Ailien Pham |
Academic Enrichment Chairperson - Melissa Cheese, Ed.D. |


The Writing and Literacy Engagement Studio (WALES), supports students’ growth as writers and readers. We enjoy easing the writing process for all students from any background working in any major. We also enjoy helping students develop strategies for reading and making sense of research and course material. Students set the agenda for each appointment—whether they’re concerned about their reading material, about getting started on a writing project, about improving clarity, grammar, organization, or citations, or about any other aspect of reading, writing, or the English language. Our diverse group of WALES Consultants represent a variety of majors and share the common goal of working with students to develop skills and strategies that help them grow as readers and writers. Email us at to set up an appointment.

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Army ROTC prepares college students for military service as commissioned officers in the active Army, or part-time in the Army Reserve or Army National Guard. Scholarship first-year students and non-scholarship first and second-year students may enroll on a trial basis with no commitment to the military.

Air Force ROTC

AFROTC is a professional training program for college students in any major. Classes are at no cost to the student and meet just one day per week (Thursday) at Wilkes University. The program provides students the opportunity to develop and practice leadership and team-building skills, along with a wide range of professional qualities that will be beneficial no matter what career path they choose.

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