Parent or Guardian Orientation

Parent or Guardian Orientation

Welcome to Bloomsburg University and the Husky Family! We are honored that you have entrusted the education of your new student to BU!

Orientation is not just for new students! Orientation is for parents and family of new students as well!

By attending a BU Preview day, parents and guardians are given an opportunity to meet faculty and current students, get a closer look at our scenic campus, learn about the array of activities and support services available to BU students, and to meet other parents!

We hope you will take full advantage of the resources and workshop geared specifically to the unique needs of parents and families.

Parent orientation takes place at the same time as new student orientation. All new students except summer freshmen and ACT 101/EOP students are required to attend a BU Preview Day. For your convenience, Bloomsburg offers six different BU Preview Dates for new freshmen and their families:

  • June 22-24
  • July 13-15

Preview Day Registration

New Freshman Preview Day

8:30-9:20am Registration, Breakfast, and Pose for ID Photos Kehr Union Building

Welcome! Check-in, shake off the traveling stiffness and grab breakfast! Don’t forget to smile big for your student ID photo. IDs will be distributed upon your return to campus in the fall.

9:30-10:20am Welcome to Husky Life!

Be warmly greeted by our University President and other BU personnel! Find out what to expect during your day, including learning about your summer reading assignment!

10:20-10:50am Navigating Financial Aid & Billing: Protecting Your Investment

Learn how to navigate and understand the financial aid and billing processes related to your education.

10:50-11:20am Living & Eating, Husky Style

Nervous about freshman living? (“What’s it really like to share a bathroom with strangers?”) Concerned about freshman eating? (“Is the freshman 15 really true!?!?”) Dispel the myths, relieve your fears, and get excited about what freshman living, eating and succeeding is all about! Also explore the array of services in place to ensure a safe, healthy, and enjoyable Husky experience! Want a glimpse of what the Dean’s Office has to offer, check us out ahead of time.

11:30-12:30pm My College & Me: College Deans’ workshop

Meet your College Dean (a person you really want to get to know)! Learn about academic standards, extracurricular experiences and research opportunities associated with your College! Explore related majors and minors you may wish to add to your academic goals. Get a jump start on learning more about your college here.

12:30-1:20pm Lunch (all you care to eat! Don’t be shy!)

    Pay for Guest Orientation Meals

1:20-1:50pm New at BU Information Fair

Over 40 campus and community vendors are waiting to meet you and share what they have to contribute to your Husky experience! Discuss banking, health care, dining options, and student leadership and involvement and much, much more! Prizes and give-a-ways galore!

2:00-3:00pm My Major & Me: Academic Advisement workshop

Your fall class schedule. Meeting an Academic Advisor. Learning the requirements of your major. Meeting other students in your major. These are the moments you’ve been waiting for. Well, here they are.

3:00-4:00pm “From Highschool to Husky” experience

This meeting is so secret we can’t even describe it online. (Your parents aren’t even allowed to attend) You simply have to be there. Yep. That’s all we’re giving up!

A couple notes…

Parking for orientation is the Geisinger Bloomsburg Hospital Parking Lot located on Lightstreet Rd. Orientation staff will eagerly direct you from the parking lot to check-in and breakfast. If you find the Hospital Parking lot is full, overflow parking is behind the Andruss Library. The BU campus map may be helpful to you in your travels.

Wondering what to bring??? Just bring yourself, an open mind, and maybe something to write with! Remember to check the weather! It never rains in Bloomsburg. But just in case it decides to start during orientation, we want our huskies to be prepared!

Staying overnight? Check out our corporate sponsors for comfortable and convenient lodging and dining. Be sure to tell them you are in town for BU orientation- they may have a special discount for you!

Still have questions? We’ve got an app for that! It’s called the New Student Orientation Office… and it is actually not an app… It’s an office. But we are a helpful office nonetheless:

For additional information about BU Preview days, please visit the links to the left hand side of this page, especially the Orientation FAQs! Thank you for helping us make the most of your Orientation experience!