Denise Davidson, Ph.D.


Denise Davidson, Ph.D.
M.Ed. Educational Leadership and College Student Affairs, Professor

• B.A., Biology, Clark University
• M.S., College Student Personnel Services, Miami University (Ohio)
• Ph.D., Higher Education Administration, Bowling Green State University

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About Me
As a first-year college student, I wasn’t very involved in my university. That changed my sophomore year and I became increasingly involved in student life. I enjoyed my work with out-of-class events, committees, and student organizations. When the director of financial aid said, “You know you can go to graduate school for this work,” I was hooked. After a 20-year career in residence life, campus activities, fraternity life, student conduct, academic advising, and student financial aid and two graduate degrees, I shifted my focus to teaching. In the course of my career, I have worked at various types of institutions (small private liberal arts, medium state university, large state university, Hispanic Serving Institution) in Massachusetts, southwestern Ohio, Texas, Missouri, Pennsylvania, northwestern Ohio, and Pennsylvania again. I intentionally bring these experiences to my teaching and mentoring of graduate students. I am (to steal Mark Bauman’s words), raising colleagues. This means high expectations but also the assumption of respect, collegiality, and a common purpose: to educate and develop new student affairs professionals who can then create and nurture environments that support and challenge college student learning and development.

I live in Lewisburg, PA about 30 minutes from Bloomsburg, have a long-term boyfriend, and 2½ cats (one hasn’t decided if she wants to live inside or outside). I enjoy Stephen King novels, Dark and The Good Place, and am a recovering detail-addict.

Current Research Interests: Residence Life and Housing (generally), P3 Partnerships, Early Career Job Separation, the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Resident Advisor Group Process.


Denise L. Davidson, Ph.D., program coordinator of College Student Affairs (M.Ed.), with Mark Bauman, of the Department of Teaching and Learning, had an article recently published in The Journal of College and University Student Housing. An exploration of the group interview selection processes, “Group Process as a Tool for Resident Advisor Seletion” considers if these “fun” experiences are ethical and appropriate.