Mykola Polyuha, Ph.D.


Bloomsburg University Employee
Professor, Chair

Ph.D. - University of Western Ontario
M.B.A. - Bloomsburg University
M.A. - Pennsylvania State University
Specialist degree (B.A. + one year) - Ternopil Institute of Pedagogical Education

Contact Information

Dr. Polyuha has lived and traveled the world over and has full professional proficiency in German, Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian, limited working proficiency in French, and elementary proficiency in Spanish. In cooperation with Dr. Vandivere, he coordinates the Central European study-abroad experience. He is also chair of the Honors Advisory Committee. His professional interests include imagist poetry, the motif of death in world literature, Ezra Pound's poetry, Bohdan-Ihor Antonych's poetry, higher education management, and new media studies. Most recently, he co-edited and co-authored (with Marko Robert Stech) Eaghor Kostetzky’s Selected Ezra Pound, 2 vols (Kyiv: Penmen, Ukrayinski propileyi, 2017).