Richard Ganahl, Ph.D.


Bloomsburg University Employee

Master’s Degree of Arts in Journalism as well as Doctorate from Missouri School of Journalism
Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Missouri University—St. Louis
Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from Missouri School of Journalism—Columbia, Missouri


Contact Information

Dr. Ganahl's research specialties include New Media, Media Use, and Advertising and Public Relation; he was also a former media manager, publisher, entrepreneur and consultant. He has participated in various academic presentations and conferences and is a co-editor with Dr. Louisa Ha of the award-winning Webcasting Worldwide (2007). Dr. Ganahl's invited chapter "The Social Media War: Is Google+ the David to Facebook's Goliath?" is published in Handbook of Social Media edited by Drs. Friedrichsen and Muhl-Benninghaus. (2013) Dr. Ganahl was a Visiting Professor at Yonesi University in South Korea and taught Advertising Principle; he was also the Department Chair of Mass Communications at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. His teaching specialties include Media and Audience Analysis, New Media, PR and Advertising Principles, and Tactics and Campaigns. In addition, he is the founding faculty advisor of BU Now, a multi-media, student managed media blog site.