The Pilot - Student Organizations

The Pilot - Student Organizations

Accounting Association

Promotes a better understanding and knowledge of the accounting profession through guest lectures, education, business films, fieldtrips, accounting seminars and workshops on current accounting trends. Advisor: William Bealing

African Student Association

Promote understanding among students from the several countries of Africa at Bloomsburg University and the surrounding community. Promote awareness of African culture in the Bloomsburg community. Foster good relations between African and other students at Bloomsburg University. Advisor: Aberra Senbeta and S. Ekema Agbaw

Air Force ROTC Association

Educate students about Air Force life, culture and traditions; to give back to the community through community service; promote leadership and management skills; and to promote the Air Force core values of Integrity First; Service Before Self; and Excellence in All We Do. Advisor: Capt. Joe Sanfilippo

Alpha Phi Omega

Co-ed national fraternity in which students perform voluntary service for the community and the university. Advisor: Jessica Bentley-Sassaman and David Outt

Alpha Psi Omega

Stimulates interest in dramatic activities at BU and rewards students for participating in plays staged by the dramatic organizations of the university. Advisor: Ethan Krupp

American Marketing Association

(Collegiate Chapter) Fosters professional development among marketing and other interested students. Promotes growth through a program which features interaction with practitioners from across the marketing spectrum. Local, regional, and national conferences provide educational, social, and competitive forums as well as networking opportunities with practitioners and marketing students from other campuses. Advisor: Monica Favia

Amnesty International

Focuses on preventing and ending grave abuses of the rights to physical and mental integrity, freedom of conscience and expression, and freedom from discrimination, within the context of its work to promote all human rights. Advisor: Alana Atchinson

Anthropology Club

Promotes a sense of the profession among students to share information concerning employment opportunities and to develop anthropology programs. Advisor: DeeAnne Wymer

APICS (Association for Operations Management Affiliate Student Chapter)

To develop professional efficiency in operation management through study, research, and application of scientific method while promoting awareness and understanding to the general public about how APICS relates to the economy. Advisor: Christian Grandzol

Arabic Club

The Arabic Club is designed to create group meetings where any individual may attend to discuss specific topics involving but not limited to the Arabic language and region. The objective is to help the university community interact through an open dialogue about Arab issues and create an environment in which to practice the Arabic language. Such interaction will provide better understanding of oneself and one’s community therefore encouraging growth of the individual. Advisor: Yahya Laayouni

Army ROTC Cadet Club

Provides a social and professional forum for Army ROTC cadets and their supporters. Advisor: John Warnock

Art Association

Enhances the artistic environment at BU through exhibits, visiting artists, lectures, films, videos and trips to art exhibits in major cities. Provides an art student outreach program to local primary and secondary schools. Sponsors the campus-wide Student Art Show every spring semester. Advisor: Lisa Corine von Koch

Asian Culture

Seeks to enhance the knowledge of the Chinese culture, customs, history, language and society to all interested parties and to the university family as a whole. Advisor: Jing Luo

Association for Childhood Education International

Works for the education and well-being of all children and informs the public of these needs. Advisors: Ruth Kennedy and Michael Patte

Association for Computing Machinery

Promotes increased interest and knowledge of the science, design, development, construction, language and application of modern computing machinery and provides a means of communication between persons having interest in computing machinery. Advisor: Robert Montante and Drue Coles

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

The purpose of this chapter shall be to promote students’ professional development by preparing educators for classroom and school leadership positions by engaging them in professional opportunities that bridge preparation and practice. Advisor: Raymond Pastore

Association of Information Technology Professionals

(A.I.T.P.) Seeks to develop a better understanding of information systems by promoting sound general principles; studying technical methods, hardware, software and procedures; disseminating information about the field. Advisor: Istvan Molnar

Astronomy Club

This organization’s purpose is to educate and promote space exploration and space sciences to the students. Advisor: Nada Jevtic

Audiology Student Association

Professional student organization dedicated to the advancement of education and technological training in the profession of audiology with emphasis in enhanced patient care. Advisor: Deborah John and John King

Auditory Implant Club

Provide information on cochlear and other implants available for the auditory system; introduce the latest implant technology and research about auditory implants. Advisor: John King

Autism Speaks U BU

To further the mission of Autism Speaks U by engaging the campus and local community through awareness, education and fundraising, thereby, positively affecting the lives of those struggling with autism spectrum disorder. Advisor: Mark Bauman

Bangladesh Student Association

Promote Bangladeshi culture (literature, history, folklore, arts) to share with the Bloomsburg community; create a better understanding of the relationship between the U.S. and Bangladesh. Advisors: John Okpara and Madhav Sharma

Best Buddies

Our goal is to enhance the lives of people with intellectual disabilities by providing opportunities for one-on-one friendships with college students. Advisor: Philip Tucker

Beta Beta Beta

Functions as an honor and professional society for students of the biological sciences. Advisor: Cynthia Surmacz

Big Brothers/Big Sisters

To help create a new relationship that is positive and encouraging in a child’s life. Advisor: Maureen Hill

Biological Sciences Club

Seeks to enhance interest in the biological sciences, promote the qualities of a qualified and competent scientist and promote interest in biology. Advisor: John Hranitz and Clay Corbin

Black Cultural Society

Promotes within the university and surrounding community a social, cultural and educational awareness for ethnic studies and administrations. Advisor: Kambon Camara

Bloomsburg Anglers Society for Students (BASS)

To bring students together who share a passion for fishing while bringing awareness to Bloomsburg's productive fisheries.. Advisor: Jenn Oast

Bloomsburg Atheist Alliance

To create an atheist presence on campus and to critically discuss faith based claims. Advisor: Wendy Lee

Bloomsburg Club Baseball

To promote teamwork, unity, responsibility and overall fun playing baseball in a competitive atmosphere. Advisor: Jen White

Bloomsburg Investment Group

(B.I.G.) To educate the Bloomsburg student about the fundamental principles and techniques of financial statements; gives all members a highly interactive, hands on experience in the field of creating and managing an investment portfolio. Advisor: Jonathan Ohn

Bloomsburg Literary Journal

Provides students with a place to publish their creative works. Advisors: Jerry Wemple

Bloomsburg Players

Promotes further interest in dramatic arts and gives members the opportunity to gain experience by participating in any or all of the various aspects of theatre. Advisor: Bruce Candlish

Bloomsburg Student Concert Committee

A committee of CGA that plans major concerts or comedians. Advisor: Jimmy Gilliland

Bloomsburg University Geoscience Society

(BUGS) Furthers professional interest and strengthens students professional training in earth science. BUGS leads field trips for mineral collecting and other activities during the year. Anyone with an interest in earth sciences or geology is welcome to join. Advisors: Stephen Whisner and Brett McLaurin


To assist the Office of Admissions in the recruitment of underrepresented ethnic minority students through campus tours, attending area receptions, phonothons, overnight housing and other recruitment activity. Advisor: Cerick Austin

Bloomsburg University Planeteers

To raise environmental awareness to businesses and corporations and Bloomsburg University. Advisor: Bruce Rockwood

BU Now

The purpose of BU NOW shall be to foster scientific study and research in the field of online publishing. To develop empirical as well as theoretical practices in the field of online publishing to improve our skills in online content production; to develop better public understanding of what an online publishing company actually does in preparing multi-media content for distribution; to offer students at Bloomsburg University an opportunity to bring the campus together by instructing, producing and distributing student produced information and entertainment in multimedia online format. Advisor: Richard Ganahl and Sharon Santus

Camp Victory Student Organization

Promotes knowledge of Camp Victory and supports children with special needs. Advisor: Carol Moore

Campus Child Center Parent Association

Actively supports the policies and programs of the Center. They are involved in fund raising and program evaluation which helps ensure quality early childhood education. Advisor: Judy Coleman-Brinich

Campus Crusade For Christ

(CCC) exists to provide regular opportunities to study and discuss the Bible, workshop, and prayer, all in a group setting, which also provides opportunities for fellowship and encouragement among the group. Seek to be a resource to the student body by offering opportunities to discuss spiritual matters and provide materials in the form of outside speakers, videos, books and articles, all for their benefit and consideration. Advisors: Donald Young and Steve Baker

Campus Girl Scouts

Seeks to build the community, campus and local Girl Scout council through opportunities for campus girl scouts in service, leadership, team building and fellowship. Advisor: Carol Moore

Catholic Campus Ministry

Presents a Catholic Christian presence to the university community; shares religious, educational and social awareness. Advisor: Father Tim Marcoe

Chamber Ensemble

Encourages group singing among selected mixed voices; participates in the enjoyment of singing; provides the members and their audiences with a repertoire of chamber music and other music for small ensemble. Advisor: Stephen Clickard

Cheerleading Squad

Gives spirit, support and pep to the athletes and spectators. Advisor: TBA

Chemistry Club

Better acquaints students with and instills a professional pride in chemistry and science. Student affiliate of American Chemical Society. Advisor: Mark Tapsak

Chess Club

Allows members an opportunity to play chess, receive instruction, and engage in USCF rated tournaments. Advisors: Drue Coles

Chi Alpha Epsilon

An honor society formed to recognize the academic achievements of students admitted to Bloomsburg University through non-traditional criteria; promote continued high academic standards of those students; and foster increased communication among its members. Advisors: Irvin Wright and Melissa Cheese

Chinese Language and Culture Club

Shall promote the study and use of the Chinese language, as well as, sharing and promoting Chinese culture within the university and the wider community. Advisor: Jing Luo

Chinese Student Association

Promotes and shares Chinese culture with Bloomsburg University and the community and creates a better understanding of cultural diversity. Advisor: Dong Zhang

College Republicans

Stimulates broader interest among students in local, state and national politics, helps students make political decisions at the local and state levels, and stimulates interest in and the growth of the Republican Party at Bloomsburg University. Advisors: Tony Beard

Colleges Against Cancer

A national collaboration of college students, faculty, and staff dedicated to fighting cancer, volunteering for the American Cancer Society, and improving college communities by instituting and supporting programs of the American Cancer Society on the campus of Bloomsburg University. Advisor:

Columbia Hall Council

Plans activities for the residents in Columbia Hall. Advisors: Ben Staub

Community Arts Council

Plans and implements cultural activities for the enrichment of the university and surrounding region. Advisors: Jim Hollister and Randall Presswood

Community Government Association

(CGA) Student governing body at BU. It develops policies and procedures, and determines how the community activities fee is allocated to campus organizations and programs. The association also oversees and approves the actions of the Kehr Union Governing Board and the Student Recreation Center Governing Board. Advisors: Neil D’Amato and Jeffrey Long

Community Orchestra

Exposes students and fellow members to a variety of musical chamber pieces; enriches students’ musical repertoire and enhances instrumental ability through extensive chamber playing. Advisor: Mark Jelinek

Commuter and Returning Adult Students

(CARS) Encourage commuting and returning students to become an integral and effective part of the university; serve as advocate for the special needs of these students to administration, faculty, staff and local community Advisor: Jennifer Raup

Computer Forensics Club

The purpose of the club is to create an active communication between all Bloomsburg students along with other students about computer forensics. We want to put our minds together and see what happens, also to get an edge before graduating and learning and improving skills that need to be improved upon. Advisor: Robert Montante

Concert Choir

A mixed choir of approximately 50 members open to music majors and non-music majors alike. It provides for its members an opportunity to broaden their educational and musical interest through the presentation of various types of music. Advisor: Alan Baker

Creative Writing Guild

The purpose of this organization shall be to facilitate creative writers with a supportive and relaxed environment, in order to promote the development of the individuals’ skills, while gaining the necessary enthusiasm, motivation, and feedback necessary to advance their craft. Advisor: John Barrett

Criminal Justice Society

Promotes knowledge and understanding of the criminal justice system by discussion of critical issues, career opportunities, and current practices in the field. This society actively brings in guest speakers who currently work in the various fields of criminal justice. Advisor: Francis Schreiner

Dance Ensemble

Studies the art form of dance; explores the disciplines of ballet, tap, jazz, acrobatics, Irish, hip hop, and is open to other styles; creates new and interesting choreography; and further develops and enhances skills in dance. Advisors: Susan Dauria and Sheila Kaercher

Delta Alpha Pi

To recognize academic accomplishments of college and university students with disabilities, facilitate leadership and provide opportunities for members to serve as mentors and role models. Advisor: Robert Wislock

Democracy Matters

A non-partisan group which has national objectives of reforming political funding (making it public) and a local objective of increasing student involvement in politics. Advisor: Sharon Santus

Disciplemakers Christian Fellowship

Glorifying Jesus Christ by teaching the Word, being faithful in prayer, sharing the Gospel, and worshipping God in reverence and awe. Advisor: Barbara Wert

Doctorate Of Audiology Student Organization

Professional student organization dedicated to the advancement of education and technological training in the profession of audiology with emphasis in enhanced patient care. Advisor: Richard Angelo

Economics Club

To promote knowledge of economics, to stimulate interest in economics beyond that presented in the classroom at the college, and to acquaint members with the possibilities of using economics in future careers. Advisors: Arian Moghadam and Abdullah Albahrani

Elwell East Hall Council

Plans activities for the residents in Elwell Hall. Advisor: Mark Dalessandro and Amy Cunningham

Elwell West Hall Council

Plans activities for the residents in Elwell Hall. Advisor: Mark Dalessandro and George Kinzel

English Club

Provides opportunities for English majors and other interested students to participate in activities pertaining to literature and language. Advisor: Christina Francis

Equestrian Club

Seeks to create a social interaction among students who share a common interest in horseback riding and competition on the Eastern collegiate equestrian circuit. Advisor: Kristin Austin

European Student Association

Improves the knowledge and awareness of European culture and issues amongst its associate members. Advisor: Madhav Sharma

Exercise Science Club

Seeks to bring together students in an environment that is conducive to the formal and informal exchange of ideas relating to the Exercise Sciences. Advisor: Joseph Andreacci

Fast Pitch Club Softball

The purposed for a club fast-pitch softball team are to establish a competitive team for students wanting to play fast-pitch at a competitive level to allow atheletes to compete against other colleges with club softball, to allow student the ability to pursure the sport that they enjoy plaing at a lesser level than the school team, to enhace students' social experiences, to allow students the opportunity to meet new peopleand cooperate together to achieve a common goal. Advisor: Frank D'Angelo

Financial Management Association

Develops and promotes student interest in the study of finance and the acquisition of knowledge; provides students with a greater understanding of the finance field and its underlying concepts, theories and practices; and acquaints them with career opportunities in finance. Advisor: Victoria Geyfman and Jonathan Ohn

Forensic Society

Provides real life application of the fundamentals of oral communication to the students in a competitive learning setting. Advisor: Neil Strine

Frederick Douglass Learning Community

Assist in breaking through social, racial, and economic barriers and encourage healthy relationships between members. Enhance understanding of the world and its people, based on the life of Frederick Douglass and his model of determination, integrity and achievements. Advisors: Steven Agbaw and Martina Vidovic

French Club

(Le Cercle Francais) Promotes and improves the use of the French language among its members. Advisor: Nathalie Cornelius

Freshman Class

Plans freshman activities.

Gamma Theta Upsilon

Seeks to further professional interest in geography; strengthen student and professional training; advance the status of geography as a cultural and practical subject; and hold professional and social meetings throughout the school year to aid members socially and contribute to their knowledge of geography. Advisor: John Bodenman

Gender & Sexuality Alliance

The purpose and goals of this club is recognizing that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (lgbt) individuals have unique and special needs. The purposes of this organization shall be as follows: to serve as a support group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals residing in and around the Bloomsburg area, with particular emphasis on lgbt students attending Bloomsburg University. To serve as an educational group by providing information on programs and discussions dealing with lgbt and other related issues, for the benefit of all interested persons in and around the Bloomsburg area. Advisor: Alana Atchinson

Geography & Planning Society

Promotes interests in the fields of geography, environmental planning, and urban and regional planning, and acquires a sense of belonging to the Department of Envionmental, Geographical and Geological Sciences at Bloomsburg University. Advisor: Sandra Kehoe-Forutan and Jeff Brunskill

German Club

(ZUSAMMEN IN DEUTSCH) Enhances knowledge of German culture, history, customs, language and society. Advisors: Brenda Kaiser and Luke Springman

Global Awareness Society

(International Student Organization) Promotes awareness of the diversity of cultures within the global village; enhances the understanding of economic, social demographic, etc., interdependence among members of the global village. Advisors: Mark Usry

Global Coalition for African Youth

To provide BU students, faculty, and staff and its surrounding region a platform for strong advocacy and action towards the needs of children in Africa; to engage BU students, faculty and staff and its surroudning region in a positive public service to children in Africa and its surrounding region. To organize BU students, faculty and staff and its surrounding region to extend substantial assistance to shelters, food cupboards, and overall community needs for children in Africa. Advisor: Doreen Jowi

Gospel Choir

Promotes education and graduation of all of its members, provides an atmosphere of friendship and spiritual uplifting, counteracts the negative effects of any obstacle which could prevent the continued education or graduation of members, acts as a tool of student retention as well as recruit new students, and encourages positive race relations for Bloomsburg University. Advisors: Robert Wislock and Vickey Rainis


(Heightening Awareness By Learning About Spanish) Improves the Spanish language among its members and helps them to learn more of Spanish culture so as to provide a better understanding between the U.S. and Spanish speaking countries. Advisor: Amarilis Hidalgo-DeJesus

Habitat for Humanity

An ecumenical Christian housing organization that works in partnership with people in need to improve the conditions in which they are forced to live. Advisor: Mark Decker

Health Occupations Students of America

Provides knowledge, skill and leadership development of all health occupation students, therefore helping them meet the needs of the health care industry. Advisor: Anita Wasileski

Heart for People: Bloomsburg

To connect Bloomsburg University students to an organization in Uganda to merge a mutually beneficial relationship between two organizations, with the end goal of sustainability. Advisor: Kristin Austin

Helping Others Club

Co-ed volunteer organization based on the foundation of making the world a better place, one project at a time. Advisor: Joseph Tloczynski

Helping Our Planet Earth

(HOPE) Promotes environmental awareness and environmental programs through a variety of means (education, programs, projects, letter writing, etc.). Advisors: Claire Lawrence and Jean Downing


A social and cultural group for Jewish students, faculty and staff. Advisors: Janice Broder and Neal Slone

History Club

Seeks to bring an awareness of history and current world affairs to the Bloomsburg University community and their impact on today’s society. The club sponsors career workshops, study sessions, guest speakers, exhibit programs, and field trips. Advisors: Jennifer Oast and Jeff Long

Husky Ambassadors

Promotes Bloomsburg University, its interests and goals, future and current students, alumni, and friends; develops within students the idea that their involvement with the university can and should be a lifetime commitment; assist and promote Bloomsburg University and the Bloomsburg University Alumni Association. Advisor: Nate Conroy

Husky PAWS

(BACCHUS/GAMMA) (Peer Awareness With Students) The local chapter’s name. Our chapter promotes healthy lifestyles with the university to help educate, inform, and increase awareness about drugs, alcohol, and general health/wellness issues, and to enhance communications within the university community about college student health related issues. Advisor: Catherine Shooter

Husky Singers

Gives the men of BU the opportunity to sing in a group for their own enjoyment and the entertainment of others. Advisor: Alan Baker

Ice Hockey Club

The purpose of this club is to play organized ice hockey. Advisor: K. Brandon Lang


Furthers the understanding and appreciation of manual communication by educating and entertaining both hearing and deaf persons through interpretation and communication via sign language, facial expression, and body language. This is done through incorporating signing into songs, stories, and poems. Advisor: Tess Fosse

Impact Movement

To take the truth of Jesus Christ to the campus, community, and world by producing leader who are spiritually focused, financially responsible, and morally fit. Advisor: Marcei Woods

Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers

The purpose shall be the dissemination of knowledge of the theory and practice of all aspects of electrical engineering, electronics, radio, allied branches of engineering or the related arts and sciences, as well as the furtherance of the professional development of students. Advisors: Ghassan Ibrahim

Institute of Human Rights and Social Justice

To promote awareness of human rights violations while encouraging and insisting on the call for international social justice. Advisor: Babak Mohassel

Interfraternity Council

(I.F.C.) The governing body for social fraternities. Advisor: Gretchen Osterman

International Students Association

Allows students to gain a better understanding of other countries through foreign exchange students, speakers from the Dept. of State, and representatives from the U.N.; creates a closer bond among students interested in international topics and a closer bond with the exchange students at B.U. Advisor: Madhav Sharma

International Justice Mission BU Chapter

To fight against the injustice and oppression in the world by participating in activities to spread awareness about human rights abuses; fundraising to support IJM's work. Advisor: Angelo Costanzo

Interpreter Club

Provides a support group for interpreting majors who are interested in the field, and deaf or hard of hearing people, through providing an open forum for the exchange of ideas and concerns. Advisor: Jessica Bentley-Sassaman

Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship

To establish and advance at colleges and universities witnessing communities of student and faculty who follow Jesus as Savior and Lord; growing in love for God, God’s work, God’s people of every ethnicity and culture and God’s purposes in the world. Advisor: Martin Coyne

Iron Club

Educate and promote a healthy outlet for students of all physical ability through proper weight training. As a club, find fellowship through a common interest. Advisor: Donald Young

Italian Club

Seeks to broaden our aspects of the Italian language and culture. Advisor: Jesus Salas - Elorza

Jazz Ensemble

Presents programs of various types of popular music (concerts and dances), both on and off campus. Advisor: Stephen Clickard

Jessica Kozloff Apartment Council

To promote community among the JKA complex. Advisor: TBA

Judo Club

Has as its purpose to practice judo. Advisor: John Rude

Junior Class

Plans Junior Class activities.

Kappa Kappa Psi

To stimulate campus leadership and to promote a high average of attainment by the performance of good music and service projects. Advisor: Gifford Howarth

Kappa Mu Epsilon

Stimulates an interest and appreciation for the importance of mathematics and recognition for outstanding achievement. Advisors: William Calhoun and Eric Kahn

Kappa Phi Club

A Christ-centered organization for University women. It provides an opportunity for, and challenges them to realize their individual potential; to develop a deeper understanding of God, others and self; to be a supportive community; to be personally involved, active participants and leaders in the life of the Church; and to commit themselves to positive action. Advisor: Joan Miller

Kehr Union Governing Board

Responsible for devising policies and procedures which are essential for an efficient and effective operation of the university union and store. Advisor: Ed Valovage

Lacrosse Club

MEN’S Stimulates the interest of the sport of lacrosse on campus and gives students with or without previous experience a chance to play lacrosse. BU Men’s Lacrosse is a member of the National Collegiate Lacrosse League. Advisor: Jen White

Lacrosse Club

WOMEN’S The purpose of this club lacrosse team is to give women a chance to participate in a school run organization at Bloomsburg University. Students who join the club will have the chance to play a new sport or continue to enhance their skills they acquired while playing on previous teams. They will also get the chance to make new friends. Students will have the chance to play against other school teams while participating in this competitive club team. Advisor: Noah Wasielewski

Ladies First

To provide the minority woman on this campus with awareness on women’s issues, educate the student body on these issues, serve as an outreach organization for minority women and provide entertainment for a sense of unity for the whole student body. Advisor: Kristin Austin

Lambda Alpha

To promote a high standard of scholarship in the discipline of anthropology. Open to all anthropology declared majors and minors in good academic and social standing. Advisor: Faith Warner

Lambda Pi Eta

To recognize, foster and reward outstanding scholastic achievement in Communication Studies. Advisors: Nicole Defenbaugh and David Heineman

Legal Studies Association

Provides for the exchange of ideas and programs, stimulates interest in law, development for future entrance into law school and encourages students interested in interdisciplinary legal studies. Advisors: Laura Davis and Neil Strine

Longboarding Club

To organize the people that longboard and are interested in longboarding and emphasizing safety while teaching/learning how to longboard. Advisor: Michah Gonbey

Luzerne hall Council

Plans activities for the residents of Luzerne Hall. Advisors: Ben Staub and George Kinzel

Lycoming Hall Council

Plans activities for the residents of Lycoming hall. Advisor: Mark Dalessandro and George Kinzel

Manga & Anime Club

Offers the opportunity to expose and educate people about the Japanese art form that is Anime. Advisors: Jeff Long and Douglas Karsner

Maroon and Gold Band

(University Band) Comprised of both concert and marching bands, provides opportunities for participation on a credit or non credit basis to all students having previous band experience. No auditions are necessary. In addition to concert performances, the bands participate in other university-affiliated events including football games and parades. Advisor: Gifford Howarth

Math Club

Serves as a social outlet for faculty and students. It seeks to increase knowledge and appreciation of mathematics. Advisors: Lisa Lister and Paul Loomis

Model United Nations

Allows students a chance to maintain a sense of awareness of international issues. Also serves as an educational tool for local high schools and the community. Advisors: Diana Zoelle

Montgomery Place Apartment Council

A student run organization which plans activities and holds discussion/gives feedback, as campus/apartment issues arise, on behalf of the apartment residents. Meetings are held on a regular basis. Representatives to the Council are chosen from among the apartments residents. Officers are elected yearly. Montgomery Apartments Council is the student governing body and serves as a liaison between apartment residents and the University. The Council receives a budget to work with in accomplishing student directed goals and initiatives. Advisor: Emily Forte

Montour Hall Council

Plans activities for the residents in Montour Hall Advisor: Mark Turnbaugh and Amy Cunningham

Mount Olympus Apartment Council

To promote community among the MOA complex. Advisor: TBA

Multicultural and Global Education Society

Allows BU students whom are teachers in training to learn about multiculturalism and experience diversity in struggling and successful elementary and secondary schools. MGES will enhance BU’s commitment to diversity and globalization by prepping future and current educators with learning experiences they can employ into the classroom. MGES shall seek to enhance the quality of educational programs at BU by exposing teachers in training to diverse classrooms and the practicing of multicultural education. MGES plans to extend beyond the parameters of BU and hopes to expand to other universities on the national and global level. Advisor: M. Hussain Fereshteh

Multicultural Center Advisory Board

Provides a forum for the total education of our community through academic and non-academic programs and will support programs which represent the diversity of cultures at Bloomsburg University. Advisor: Madelyn Rodriguez

Music Educatiors National Conference

Provides opportunities for professional development for college students of music education through on-campus activities of the chapter, and participation in state and national meetings of the organization. Advisors: Mark Jelinek

Muslim Student Association

To offer a variety of activities and services in an effort to promote the awareness and defend the truth, love, peace, freedom and justice of Islam and the Muslims at Bloomsbug University. Advisors: S. Ekema Agbaw

National Association of Black Accountants

National membership organization with the primary purpose of developing, encouraging, and serving as a resource for greater participation by black-Americans and other minorities in the accounting and other business related professions. Advisors: Richard Baker and Gene Gordon

National Broadcasting Society

Society organized to encourage an interest in mass media and reward scholarship and accomplishment among telecommunication students, to promote the advancement of broadcast education and to foster integrity in the use of the powerful instruments of radio, television and film. Advisor: M. Mendoza-Enright

National Communication Association

(NCA) Provides fellowship with a professional and career focus for all students interested in communications Advisor: Mary Nagy

National Student Speech, Language & Hearing Association

Creates and stimulates an interest among college students in the habilitation and rehabilitation of individuals who have disorders in communicating. Advisors: Pamela Smith and Tom Zalewski

Northumberland Hall Council

Plans activities for the residents in Northumberland Hall. Advisor: Ben Staub

Nurses Christian Fellowship

Povides a place where nursing students, faculty and nurses in the community are able to discuss how to incorporate our Christianity with nursing. Advisors: Elisabeth Culiver and Lori Metzger


Publishes the campus yearbook, provided to graduating seniors by Community Government Association. Advisor: Dawn Ritter

Omicron Delta Epsilon

Promotes and stimulates students interest in all aspects of the economy and publishes, periodically, an account of the activity of the Society. Advisors: Mehdi Haririan and Saleem Khan

Orientation Workshop Leaders

(OWLS) Educate new students about university life through role modeling and by sharing BU experiences, to instill pride in Bloomsburg University, and to lead the way toward lasting relationships and equality among all students through cooperation and communication. Advisor: Kristin Austin

Orthodox Christian Fellowship

The Orthodox Christian Fellowship at Bloomsburg University shall have as its ideal to bring together students on campus and share with them the orthodox faith. It also pursues the promotion of a cultural enrichment for the community at large about orthodox identity. Advisor: Patricia Dorame-Holoviak

Panhellenic Council

(Panhel) The governing body for social sororities. Advisor: Gretchen Osterman

Paws for a Cause

Creating events that benefit the Children's Miracle Network at Janet Weis Children's Hospital. Advisor: Janet Bodenman

Peace Coalition

To unite people of various political stands to work together to encourage a progressive foreign policy. Advisory: Doug Karsner

Phi Alpha

The National Social Work Honor Society which promotes scholarship achievement among students and faculty involved in social work; recognizes, improves, and furthers the goal of social work in the community, state, nation, and world; stimulates interest in preparation for a career in social work; encourages continued study and research; and recognizes those professional social workers and others whose service, contribution and leadership are held in esteem. Advisor: Shane Jaynes

Phi Alpha Theta

A history honor society which promotes the study of history through encouragement of research, good teaching, publication, and exchange of learning among historians; creates an interest in the field; encourages scholarship; provides opportunities for students to experience exhibits, provides intellectual forums; and cooperates with local, state and national societies in historical events. Advisor: Jennifer Oast

Phi Beta Lambda

(Future Business Leaders) A national non-profit organization which strives to develop competent, aggressive business leaders. PBL develops character and keen skills through community service, business programs, (i.e. workshops, conferences, and guest speakers) and social events. PBL shall prepare students for useful citizenship and leadership in business, as well as on campus. Open to all majors. Advisor: Edward Pitingolo

Phi Kappa Phi

Recognizes and encourages superior scholarship in all academic disciplines; encourages the provision of a campus atmosphere conducive to academic excellence and interdisciplinary cooperation; promotes the continuing interest and dedication of alumni members to their Alma Mater for the promotion of true education and maintains and coordinates a world-wide community of scholars. Membership is by invitation based on academic criteria and is extended during the junior and senior years. Advisor: Cynthia Surmacz

PhiMu Alpha Sinfonia

As a National Music Fraternity for men we will conduct service projects in the Bloomsburg Community and in support of the BU Music Department. Advisor: Mark Jelinek

Phi Sigma Iota

Recognizes outstanding ability and attainments in the study of foreign languages, the stimulation of advanced pursuits and individual research in this discipline, and the promotion of a cultural enrichment and a sentiment of international amity derived from the knowledge and use of foreign languages. Advisor: Patricia Dorame-Holoviak

Phi Sigma Pi

National co-ed honor fraternity organized in 1930 based on leadership, fellowship, and scholarship. The fraternity has the distinction of being the oldest fraternity at Bloomsburg University and believes they are the most unique. The best way to describe Phi Sigma Pi is 1/3 honor society, 1/3 service organization, and 1/3 social fraternity. Advisor: Jason Genovese

Philosophy Club

Shall provide a forum for the exchange of ideas. Advisors: Kurt Smith

Phi Kappa Delta

Honor fraternity dealing with forensics. Advisor: Neil Strine

Pi Omega Pi

(Alpha Delta Chapter) National Business teacher education honor society. Advisor: John Olivo

Pi Sigma Alpha

National Political Science Honor Society which promotes worthwhile curricular and extracurricular activities related to political science and stimulates scholarship and intelligent interest in political science. Advisor: TBA


To raise environmental awareness to businesses and corporations and Bloomsburg University. Advisor: Bruce Rockwood

Play By Faith Ministries

Provides the platform for athletics to develop Christ centered leaders. Advisor: TBA

Pokemon Organization

To provide the opportunity to enjoy all aspects of the Pokemon franchise in an organized setting. Allow fellow enthusiasts of Pokemon to collaborate and form common opinions and interests. Advisor: Angelo Costanzo

Political Science Student Association

(POSSA) To understand better, the field of political science. Advisor: Peter Doerschler

Pre Medical Sciences Club

To provide information to students, as well as have them participate in activities, trips, and projects, which will refine them as pupils interested in the medical field. Advisor: Joseph Ardizzi

Program Board

Plans most of the activities on campus such as films, day trips, live music, comedians, cultural events, and much more. Advisor: Jimmy Gilliland

Protestant Campus Ministry

Is committed to provide a Christian witness on the Bloomsburg University campus; to support the University family in cultural, educational, and religious activities which enrich their lives; and to nurture wholeness and wellness in all students, faculty, administration and staff at Bloomsburg University through workshops, study and service. Advisor: Jill Young

Psi Chi

Furthers Psychology as an academic discipline, a profession, and a way of understanding human behavior. To serve as a means of recognizing and inspiring talented students majoring in Psychology at BU; provides fellowship of a social, academic, and cultural nature among the members. Advisors: Kevin Ball and Jeffrey Leitzel

Psychology Association

To promote an interest in the field of psychology as well as support academic, professional, and personal development. Advisor: Jennifer Johnson

Public Relations Student Society Association

(PRSSA) Affiliate of the national Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). The PRSSA seeks to foster career opportunities through professional association and practical experience. Members participate in national conferences and conventions, are familiarized with industry information and provided with professional guidance through the help of speakers and presentations. Also create and coordinate annual promotional events, highlighting PR skills and communicating techniques. Advisor: David Magolis

Radio Broadcasting Club

A non-commercial, 600 watt radio station staffed and managed by students in the Radio Broadcasting Club that provides the greater Bloomsburg area with an eclectic mix of music, news and educational programming. The station gives students hands on radio broadcast, production and management experience. Advisor: Michael DiGiorgio

Red Cross Club

Coordinate student activities relating to the programs fostered by the American Red Cross, such as blood services, safety and lifesaving introduction, health fairs, and youth services. Advisor: Sharon Solloway

Rock Climbing Club

To teach those who have a common interest of rock climbing the different types of climbing, gear that is used, and general safety involved in rock climbing. Advisor: Jen White

Role Playing Guild

Promotes the enjoyment of role playing, imagination-oriented, and related games for both enjoyment and self-challenging. Guild members enjoy both enhanced opportunities to enjoy games and learn new games without personal experience. In addition, the Guild provides a library of rule books, adventures, and related novels plus an annual convention. Advisor: Glenn Moyer and Terry Kramarz

Rotaract Club

Gives students an opportunity to develop leadership skills and knowledge through community service projects. Advisor: A. Blair Staley and Walter Zilz

Rugby Club

MEN’S Stimulates interest in the sport of rugby at Bloomsburg University. Advisor: Jeff Brunskill

Rugby Club

WOMEN’S Seeks to stimulate the interest in the sport of rugby at BU and promote sportsmanship and good conduct while competing. Advisor: Jen White

Running Club

To promote interest for running on campus and in the surrounding communities, to encourage running for recreation and exercise to the student body and faculty/staff, to support health awareness and exercise to students, faculty and the community, and to develop and promote beneficial training techniques for runners. Advisor: Joseph Andreacci

Saudi Student Association

To promote diversity, gain an understanding of other cultures, and create closer bonds among students interested in Saudi culture. Advisor: Madham Sharma and M. Ruhul Amin

Schuylkill Hall Council

Plans activities for the residents of Schuylkill hall. Advisor: Mark Turnbaugh and Amy Cunningham

Scuba Club

Promotes the sport of scuba diving at Bloomsburg University. Advisor: Luke Springman

Senior Class

Plans Senior Class activities. Advisor: David Randall


(Students Helping Adolescents Reach Excellence) is a youth mentoring/ tutoring program designed to foster self-esteem, self-worth and confidence in young boys and girls in the Bloomsburg area. Advisors: Jean Downing and Chris Gay

Sigma Tau Delta

(Theta Kappa Chapter) The national English Honor Fraternity. Invitations to membership recognize strong interest and achievement in English literature and language. Chapter activities support the study and enjoyment of English in both formal and informal programs. Advisors: Christina Francis

Sigma Theta Tau

International honor society of nursing, Theta Zeta Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor society of Nursing Incorporated. Advisors: Margie Eckroth- Bucher


Develops sign language skills of the indiviudal members through the use of group activities and interactions, as well as increase the conceptual accuracy and cultural awareness of its members and the community at large. Advisors: Chongmin Lee and Jodie Ackerman

Ski and Snowboarding Club

To provide BU students and others who share a common interest in skiing and snowboarding and its unique culture with an opportunity to travel to new and interesting resorts. Advisor: Brett Simpson

Soccer Club

MEN’S To provide an alternative extracurricular activity for male students interested in playing soccer, but not on a varsity level. Will engage in regular weekly or bi-weekly practices. Will also form one or more teams to compete in intramural soccer and matches against other local and college or university soccer clubs. Advisor: Christopher Podeschi

Soccer Club

WOMEN’S To provide an alternative extracurricular activity for women interested in playing soccer, but not on a varsity level. Advisor: Justin Rodkey

Social Justice Club

To promote diversity throughout Bloomsburg University’s campus and to support an inclusive environment for all races, genders, ethnicities, sexual orientation, religions, social classes and other forms of diversity. Advisor: Julie Vandivere

Social Work Club

Helps students become aware of current social issues and those agencies and organizations that deal with the issues; presents the opportunity to utilize classroom knowledge and skills in the community and gain experience in the social welfare field. Advisor: Ronnie Evans

Society for Human Resource Management

Affords college students the opportunity to gain knowledge and insight into the human resource management field through affiliation and association with the Susquehanna Human Resource Management Association. Advisors: Larry Kleiman

Society for the Advancement of Management

Seeks to create a co-curricular organization for the undgraduate students interested in teh field of management. Advisors: Lam Nguyen and Seung Hoon Jang

Society of Physics Students

Advances and diffuses knowledge of the science of physics and encourages student interest in physics throughout the academic and local communities. Advisors: David Simpson and John Huckans

Sociology Club

Educate students on issues of sociology relating to classes and environment; stimulate campus events involving aspects of sociological issues. Advisor: K. Brandon Lang

Sophomore Class

Plans the Sophomore class activities.

Sports Medicine Association

To raise awareness, promote, and advance sports medicine by providing educational opportunities, encouraging the exchange of new ideas and topics, participating in community and public service opportunities and involving its members in the social, moral, and ethical obligations of sports medicine. Advisor: Noah Wasieleski

Strong Willing and Trusting

To become an advocate group for community service. Staying true, working hard, and taking initiative in our community. Advisor: Bobbie Jo Unger

Student Association of Fraud Examination

(SAFE) Provide opportunities for students to develop education, research, leadership, and networking skills in the field of fraud prevention. Provide opportunities for members to meet and discuss how fraud examination affects them. Advisors: Albert Fundaburk and Michael Shapeero

Student Council for Exceptional Children

Promotes the welfare and education of all individuals with exceptionalities by coordinating the work of students in the Department of Exceptionality Programs, other departments, agencies and individuals, both public and private, and encourages and stimulates professional growth for its members. Advisors: Darlene Perner

Student Nurses Association

Facilitates the involvement of students in the professional responsibilities of nursing by providing unity through planned social, educational, and service activities coordinated between the classes; enhancing communication between students, faculty, and administration; promoting the understanding of the nursing profession and enhancing personal and professional growth. Advisors: Mindy Miller and Allison Maloney

Student Organization of Latinos

Recognizes the needs of Latino students, and expands the awareness of the Latino culture. Advisors: Amarilis Hidalgo-De Jesus and Madelyn Rodriguez

Student PSEA

Promotes the professional advancement of its members (who are preparing to be teachers) and fosters professional zeal and upholds educational standards. Advisor: Caryn Terwilliger

Student Recreation Center Governing Board

Is responsible for developing and implementing policies which are essential for the efficient and effective operations of the SRC at Bloomsburg University. Advisors: Jen White and Jeffrey Long

Student United Way

To serve the university and local community by giving, advocating and volunteering in the areas of education, income and health. Advisor: Shane Jaynes

Student Veterans Association

All members, students, and employees of the university, including alumni and faculty, may take advantage of programs and services offered by BUSVA. BUSVA is a social and educational organization which provides service and support for military and non-military personnel. The intent of this organization is to harness the collective experience and knowledge of all involved individuals, as well as provide social functions for involved individuals; in order to better serve our veteran student population, their families, Bloomsburg University and the community as a whole. Advisor: Mark Bauman

Students Helping Students

Assist students with disabilities (temporary, long-term, permanent) on campus with carriage of academic supplies, accompanying to destination and/or transportation (including upper campus). Advisor: Stephanie Hauze

Students in Free Enterprise

(S.I.F.E.) Offers students the tools to learn the free enterprise system in a real working situation and challenges students nationwide to use what they learn in the classroom to improve their communities. Advisors: M. Ruhul Amin and Jonathan Ohn

Students Linked to the Education of the Deaf

Promote awareness of deaf and hard of hearing individuals among the community at-large and within the university community; foster communication between hearing and deaf and hard of hearing individuals; provide support group for deaf and hard of hearing students. Advisor: Deborah Stryker

Tau Beta Sigma

Honors outstanding band men and women through privilege of membership extended as a reward for achievement in and service to the band program. Advisor: Stephen Clickard

Tennis Club

To develop a community of trust and friendship by providing each member with an opportunity to enhance their enjoyment of tennis through recreational and competitive play as well as through off court social activities. Advisor: Tim Rumbough

To Write Love on Her Arms

Is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery. The BU chapter will provide a community in which individuals may openly discuss these issues and those affected may be referred to outreach sources such as the University’s counseling center. To Write Love - BU will promote these ideas and values through social and artistic events on campus, as well as through community service and charitable involvement in the Bloomsburg area. Advisor: Marika Handakas

Trinity Living/Learning Committee

To provide assistance to adults with disabilities residing in the Trinity Housing Cooperative and to promote related educational, research, and charitable purposes. Advisor: James Krause

Ultimate Frisbee Club

Provides an opportunity for competitive ultimate, encourages excellence in ultimate through sportsmanship and active participation that will benefit the competitor later in life and develops a championship ultimate team. Advisor: Andrea Fradkin

United Skate Association

To unite students of Bloomsburg University, participate in fundraising activities, and community service activities all while promoting the sport of skateboarding in a positive light. Advisor: Karen DeFrancesco

University Community Orchestra

Provides an opportunity to perform a variety of high quality orchestral music in a variety of settings. Advisor: Mark Jelinek

University Democrats

Educates students on issues and candidates so they can make more responsible and educated choices when they vote and also works on issues important to the University community. Advisor: Kurt Smith

Upward Bound Alumni Association

Shall provide a support group for Upward Bound alumni and current members; shall assist members by providing tutors and aids in career planning; shall provide assistance in recruiting new members into the program and shall foster communication between the Bloomsburg University Upward Bound Organization and other Upward Bound Organizations. Advisor: Tia Dreckman

Vice Versa

To promote unity, empowerment, and diversity, by uniting men and women of different cultures through creative and performing arts. We will develop new choreography, modeling routines and performance techniques to enhance our skills. Vice Versa encourages our members to further their education while continuing to express themselves through the arts. Advisor: Doreen Jowi

The Voice

The campus newspaper, published weekly. It provides students practical experience in all aspects of newspaper production - editorial, business, and online - and keeps the university community informed about events and issues that concern them. Advisor: Mary Bernath

Volleyball Club

MEN’S Develops individual and team volleyball skills through regular play on a men’s and a women’s team of competitive quality. These teams will also compete inter-collegiately. We shall spread the popularity of volleyball in a sportsmanlike manner. Advisor: David Magolis

Volleyball Club

WOMEN’S Compete as a strong, well-trained team of volleyball players at an experienced level of play. Strive to exhibit teamwork, perseverance, and dedication to each other and to the university. Advisor: David Magolis

Volunteer Services, Student NASY

Promotes, initiates, and creates volunteer programs for both the university and the local community. Advisors: Jean Downing and Chris Gay

Water Polo

Stimulates interest in the sport of water polo at Bloomsburg University and promotes sportsmanship and good conduct while competing against other clubs and/or universities. Advisor: Kelly VanGorden


Women Inspiring Strength and Empowerment provides support for the BU community with the intent of establishing a women’s resource center. The resource center will serve as a clearinghouse for information and educational resources in hopes of fostering strength and empowerment in the BU community. Advisor: Theresa Bloskey and Toni Barrile

Women's Choral Ensemble

Encourages the enjoyment of singing; encourages group sing among the women of the university; provides participants with a repertoire of the good choral music for women; and provides entertainment. Advisor: TBA

Young Americans for Liberty

The purpose of this organization is to train, educate and mobilite youth activists to the principles of liberty; discuss and inform students on local, state, and national candidates; and to stimulate interest in liberty among BU students. Advisor: Neil Strine