Political Science Clubs

BU Forensics Team — under the direction of political science faculty member Dr. Neil Strine, is the department’s and one of the university’s flagship co-curricular activity. Students enhance their oral communication and critical thinking skills by attending conferences and participating in various speaking events such as platform speaking (Informative, Persuasive, After-Dinner, Communication Analysis), Oral Interpretation of literature (Poetry Reading, Prose, Dramatic Duo, Single Dramatic Interpretation of literature), limited preparation events (impromptu and extemporaneous speaking) and debate (Lincoln-Douglas and Parliamentary Style).

Many students have used their experience on the BU Forensics Team as a platform to enhance their applications to both law and graduate schools. During the last 5 years (2016-2020), the forensics team has fielded approximately 359 individual student entries in 30 speech and debate tournaments. BU students have amassed more than 450 speaking and debate awards, including a significant number of 1st place awards.

As a team, Bloomsburg consistently wins team sweepstakes awards at tournaments in recognition for being among the top speech and debate teams at each competition. The Bloomsburg University Forensics Team won the prestigious Collegiate Forensic Association’s Championship Welch-Strine Cup at the conclusion of the 2019-2020 season for having the best speech and debate team in the league.

Model United Nations — the department runs a successful MUN club through which students participate in regional and national MUN and related model conferences. For many years, we have also hosted our own MUN conference for high school students.

Political Science Student Association (POSSA) — offers a non-partisan forum for students to discuss politics and educate the campus community about important political events.

College Republicans — an organization that welcomes all conservative students to assist the local GOP, discuss political topics, and give back to the community in meaningful ways.

University Democrats — educate student about particular topics and issues that pertain to them, as well as stimulate campus dialogue on the issues and candidates. It also encourages students to become active in the political process.

Pi Sigma Alpha — the National Political Science Honor Society, is the only honor society for college and university students of political science in the United States. Its purpose is to recognize and promote high academic achievement in the field of political science .