Are you thinking about the medical professions?

Pre-Med Preparation

"Here I meet and talk with my professors one-on- one and they know me and my interests. Because my professors know me, they’ve helped me land internships at medical schools and medical centers." — Shaidy Moronta, biology/pre-medicine

Pre-Med preparation starts the moment you decide!

Bloomsburg University's Pre-Professional Advisory Committee advises students in preparation for:

  • chiropractic school
  • dental school
  • medical school
  • optometry school
  • podiatric school
  • veterinary school

You do not have to be a “Pre-Med Major”

However, you may wish to consider one of these programs:

There are sciences courses that must be taken in sequence. Other non-course activities are equally important. Preparation requires at least five semesters prior to application.

Contact one of the PPAC today to schedule your advising session: