Marketing and Professional Sales

Marketing and Professional Sales

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To prepare Bloomsburg University students in the art and science of professional selling so that upon graduation they may be an immediate contributor toward the improvement of shareholder value of any and all organizations that invite them aboard.

"Professional salespeople occupy a uniquely important position at the heart of today's global economy. Skilled salespeople play a key role in nearly every industry. They help consumers and businesses define their needs, understand and evaluate their options, make effective purchase decisions and forge enduring relationships." — Sales Education Foundation

Labor statistics point to an increase in sales as a key occupation in the present and future workforce. In his recent book, To Sell is Human, Daniel Pink points out the number of sales people in the United States outnumbers the entire federal government workforce by five to one. He goes on to cite labor statistics that show changing workforce dynamics where some companies may lose as much as 40% of their sales talent by 2016. Yet the same changing dynamics are expected to create two million new sales jobs by 2020, increasing the demand for professional salespeople.


“Had I followed the marketing/advertising career path there is no way I’d be making six figures, a year and a half out of college……sales is the way to go! My message, when I’m selling the career of sales is that it doesn’t matter how long someone has been there, how much experience they have, or where they got their degree from. If you sell more than them, you will make more money and have the opportunity right out of the starting gate. No other career can offer that to you.”

    — Brian Hertzog, area sales manager at Gartner, Inc.; BSBA '11; MBA '13


The sales program at Bloomsburg University is the only one in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. It is available to students in two forms:

  • as a Specialization within Marketing or
  • as a Minor open to any major

Course requirements for the professional sales in marketing specialization and its minor are similar.

Professional Selling Specialization

Required Courses in Addition to Courses for the Marketing Specialization

  • MKTG 341 Selling Principles
  • MKTG 445 Advanced Professional Selling
  • MKTG 480 B to B Marketing
  • MKTG 373 Integrated CRM
  • LAW 475 Negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Professional Selling Minor

Required courses include all of the above, plus the following:

  • ECON 121 Principles of Economics I
  • ECON 122 Principles of Economics II
  • MKTG 310 Marketing Principles and Practices
  • MKTG 370 Sales Management

Elective for Minor (Choose one of the following)

  • MGMT 371 Supply Chain Operations
  • MKTG 331 E Marketing
  • MKTG 350 Retail Management Concepts

Students enrolled in the program have the opportunity to test their skills at various national sales competitions around the country and also internally at the Internal Competition. In addition one of the requirements of the program is to engage in real-world selling. BU sales students have had great success in the sales profession securing positions with a number of corporations.

Sales Program Director

Monica J. Favia, Ph.D.
Sutliff Hall 360


AACSB Accreditation


Corporate Partners

UPS   Sprint   Quadrant


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Sales Team at NCSC 2015

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Sales Team at ICSC 2015, Top 10

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