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Professional Preparation and Experience

At Bloomsburg University, opportunity belongs to those driven to create it. It’s why we equip every Husky with practical, meaningful experiences, and alumni and employer connections, on campus and in the field, so you’ll be prepared to impact your workplace and community. This is our commitment to you — this is Professional U.

Customize each phase of YOUR career journey

Since Professional U looks different in every college, every career, and every student, see your academic advisor to take advantage of all the career opportunities in your major. Consider attending speakers, alumni panels, workshops, and your college conference. For additional help, and 1:1 career coaching, visit the Greenly Center.

First thing's first: Activate Handshake and FOCUS 2

Activate your Handshake Profile to keep up with every opportunity and connect with employers! Sign up for 1:1 career coaching, professional development workshops, labs, alumni panels and networking events like Career Expos. Find a job shadow host, register for a mock or on-campus interview., and find / apply for internships and jobs as you near graduation. Take the FOCUS 2 assessment to help decide what you want to pursue.

Explore industries and practice networking

Explore industries, get comfortable interacting with employers, and find internships at a Career Connections Expo. Build relationships with recruiters who may hire you later! Visit the Greenly Center to find out what to expect and get a free professional outfit so you can dress for success.

Gain valuable experience

Internships, field study, research and study abroad experiences are vital to finding that first professional position! Talk to a faculty member, advisor, or department secretary about the best fit for your path, then search Handshake and get ideas from alumni at college conferences like CASSHCon, ZIPD, COST Pathways, or CATCH. Once you have a site, speak with your adviser, make sure there is an affiliation agreement on file and submit a 509 form to receive credit. Reserve a Sekisui Professional Experience Lab at the Greenly Center for a quiet, professional space to practice or participate in presentations, interviews, webinars and conference calls. Professional experiences can be expensive, especially if they involve travel. Apply for a Professional Experience Grant (PEG) to help defray costs.

Continue your climb, long after you leave campus

Explore your personal values and discover how to lead others and effect social change through Huskies L.E.A.D. Make the transition from college student to confident professional with some last-minute polish and preparation at the Career Intensive Boot Camp. Then, return as an alumni volunteer to lift up the rest of the pack!

illustration of Carver Hall
Cameron O'Neill outside Columbia County Courthouse

“Before I came to BU, I had no idea what I wanted to study and was undeclared until I took a philosophy class that I fell in love with. Now, I’m exploring careers that will compliment both my Philosophy and Spanish majors and my desire to help others and work with children. BU has provided me with connections that led to the opportunity to intern with the Columbia County D.A. where I will be able to get a sneak peak at what a career in law would mean.”

Cameron O'Neill ‘22
Philosophy /Spanish
Schyler Kelsch on the steps of Ben Franklin Hall

“I did a few networking sessions and heavily utilized the 1:1 coaching sessions which were, hands down, the most helpful. They were always available when I needed to ask the dumbest career questions, and made me feel confident going into interviews. I start in September as a Solution Analyst (Systems Development & Administration) for Deloitte and it feels great to have something lined up before graduation instead of spending my time finding a job. Actually, a better word would probably be “secure”, because it means instead of applying for jobs, I’m looking for a place to live and enjoying my summer.”

Schyler Kelsch ‘21
Computer Science / Math
Lizmeidy Hernandez inside a hallway in the Hartline Science Center

“I'm a science major, and I’ve always been focused on that, but the Career Connections Expos have showed me a side of myself I didn't know. I found myself interested in technology companies, and that gave me insight in possibly doing business or marketing as another career. I now find marketing very exciting and an environment I would love to work in the future.“

Lizmeidy Hernandez '20
Health Sciences / Sociology
Nathan Brown on the landing inside Bakeless Center for the Humanities

“The Washington Center matched me with an internship at the Peace Corps where I worked at the external affairs office in Washington D.C. It was an amazing experience and I learned so much about myself. I learned that I enjoy political science and I want a career helping others. I also learned that I enjoy the arts. So, in the future I want to incorporate more art and music in my life in whatever form that may be. “

Nathan Brown ‘19
Political Science/Spanish
Kira Loux sits on a bench at the WWI pinery with Carver Hall in the background

“I came in as a finance major and failed my first exam. Later I heard David Miller talk about theatre and the skills you acquire like problem solving and public speaking and analytical thinking. And with the history it’s a lot of taking one person’s experience in history and communicating it to people who are living now. I work in the archives in the library and it’s been really useful; taking small opportunities like this help you figure out what it is you want to do. There’s this thing called dramaturgy; they do historical research, and gather resources for the cast. I did research on 1890’s England for the Importance of Being Earnest. I make historical packets so the cast can understand the context in which the play was being produced, what kind of audience would have seen it back then, and why the audience today may see it differently. I constantly wonder how time works; because In theatre you make your own time.“

Kira Loux '19
Schyler Kelsch on the steps of Ben Franklin Hall
Lizmeidy Hernandez inside a hallway in the Hartline Science Center
Nathan Brown on the landing inside Bakeless Center for the Humanities
Kira Loux sits on a bench at the WWI pinery with Carver Hall in the background
Cameron O'Neill outside Columbia County Courthouse

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Experience Matters

When it comes to landing that first professional position, professional skills and connections mean as much as a degree. Talk to your faculty and visit the Greenly Center for ways to prepare and practice.

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