Purchasing Card

Bloomsburg University, along with the rest of the PASSHE system, currently utilizes Bank of America as our provider for purchasing and travel cards.

Detailed instructions on card activation and other user instructions, including reconciliation, are provided below.

To request a card

Fill out the enrollment form and send to The Regional Procurement office at RPOPcard@passhe.edu. Additionally, if you need to add a fund center to an existing card, or if you have logon issues, please contact the Regional Procurement Office at the above email.

Purchasing card changes

Purchasing card change request form

Purchasing card usage

Pcard resources

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Purchasing card reconciliation

Bank of America purchasing card reconciliation is done electronically. The user guides listed below will assist both cardholders and approvers in the monthly reconciliation process.

Purchasing card reconciliation training can be scheduled. Contact Lori Olshefski.

Guides and tutorials

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