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Research and Scholarship

Faculty Scholarship

Shaheen Awan

Shaheen Awan, Ph.D., professor of speech-language pathology, recently had his article, Exploring the Relationship Between Spectral and Cepstral Measures of Voice and the Voice Handicap Index (VHI), voted the Best Speech Language Pathology Paper of 2014. This year’s Best Paper Award Winners will be announced and awarded in May during the 44th Annual Symposium: Care of the Professional Voice Joint Meeting with the International Association of Phonosurgery.

Amber Pitt

Amber Pitt, Ph.D., assistant professor of biological and allied health sciences, was a co-author of “Evaluation of a waistband for attaching external radio transmitters to anurans” published in the peer-reviewed journal Wildlife Society Bulletin. The paper describes a new and improved radio-transmitter attachment method that can be used for tagging anurans (frogs and toads).

Two-year bioDensity project begins

bioDensity Research

A unique performance heath research opportunity has come to campus, resulting in a collaborative project for the Department of Exercise Science through the fall of 2017. Performance Health Systems, LLC awarded Swapan Mookerjee, professor of exercise science, a two-year research contract that provides more than $20,000 worth of equipment and logistical support to the department’s physiology laboratory along with the provision for a graduate assistantship, which was made possible with matching funds from the university.

“This project provides us a unique opportunity to conduct research, which will culminate in faculty-student collaborative presentations, papers and masters theses,” Mookerjee said. “The equipment is currently mainly available in clinical sites across the country.”

Graduate and undergraduate students will be involved in all the research projects, according to Mookerjee, who added these types of collaborative projects typically result in conference presentations, papers and thesis projects.