Student Complaints & Grievances

In order to provide students with opportunities to express and share concerns, file complaints or lodge grievances, this page is a listing of available student resources regarding methods for reporting purposes.

The purpose of the academic grievance procedure is to provide students with a system by which to grieve complaints of alleged academic injustice(s) relating to grades and/or professional responsibilities as related to academic policies found in the Policies, Rules and Procedures and the Pilot. This process is not a disciplinary proceeding for any of the involved parties, although the findings may lead to disciplinary investigation or action under a different university policy.  Students should read the Academic Grievance Procedure and follow the process outline in the policy.

The purpose of this procedure is to provide students with a system by which to grieve complaints of alleged injustices relating to violation, misinterpretation or discriminatory application of non-academic policies and procedures, and/or the conduct of professional, non-professional and student employees.  Students have both informal and formal channels options within the policy.  

Out-of-state Bloomsburg University distance education students, who have filed a complaint against Bloomsburg University but feel their complaint was not resolved can file a complaint with the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) information, process, and form can be found here: 

Students, Faculty, staff or other parties wishing to officially register a university grievance under the Americans with Disabilities Act may do so by submitting a statement to the ADA Coordinator in the Human Resource Office. The grievance should be filed within 45 days of the alleged violation and must include the issue(s), the grievant’s name, telephone number, address, date the complaint is submitted to the coordinator, and the date of the alleged violation.

To report an issue or incident regarding a student's conduct, please fill out the online incident report, which will be directed to the Office of the Dean of Students.

To file a complaint or concern to our Community Government Association (Student Government), utilize our contact form.

To report any observed or alleged acts of hazing committed by or directed towards any University students contact the hazing hotline at 1-866-755-HAZE (4293) or complete the online hazing report. All reports are received by the Office of the Dean of Students. The reporter can remain anonymous or provide contact information if they desire to speak further with a staff member from the Office of the Dean of Students.

The Bloomsburg University official designated to respond to allegations of copyright infringement on the part of individuals at Bloomsburg University, in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.  The act requires the complainant to include certain information in a complaint, and providing that information in the initial contact may help speed resolution of the complaint.  

If a student has a general concern or would like to register a complaint against an individual or University operated function or process, please complete the Bloomsburg University Incident Report Form.  Direct questions to the Office of the Dean of Students at

An individual who believes that they have been discriminated against or harassed, or who has been subjected to retaliation, as defined in this policy, by another University employee or vendor, may seek resolution through the following procedures.

Complaints alleging sexual harassment, including sexual violence, will be forwarded to the Title IX Coordinator (Office of Social Equity) an investigation may be warranted without a formal signed complaint if the University has sufficient notice that sexual harassment may have occurred or the allegations of sexual harassment are particularly serious. The University will assist complainants of sexual harassment, upon request, with changes in academic, living, transportation and working situations if the changes are reasonably available.

Given the variety of behaviors covered by this policy, the Complainant may elect to begin the complaint process with either the informal complaint resolution (Option 1) or the formal complaint resolution (Option 2). In cases alleging sexual violence, only the formal complaint resolution may be exercised. If the Complainant elects to begin with the informal complaint resolution, they do not waive the right to proceed to the formal complaint resolution process should they elect to do so. 

Current, former, or prospective students who feel that their grievances, complaints or concerns cannot be resolved by the University, can file a complaint with the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (State System) by completing, in it’s entirely, the Student Complaint Form

Information regarding the PASSHE Student Complaint Process can be found at:

Students who feel threatened/intimidated or unfairly treated solely based on race, religion, sexual preference, sexual identity or gender may file an incident report with the Office of the Dean of Students. The information provided will be reviewed and depending on the information may result in investigations by a law enforcement agency and/or the Dean of Students Office. All reports will be kept on file and reviewed periodically in order to identify any potential patterns or areas/locations of concern. If you feel you need immediate Police assistance contact either the Town Police 570-389-6779 or the University Police at 570-389-2211, you can also report your concern directly to the Dean of Students Office, which is located in Warren Student Services Center Room 150.

All questions or concerns can be forwarded to the Dean of Students at

Bloomsburg University strongly encourages prompt reporting of sexual misconduct to the police. Bloomsburg University also recognizes that individuals who experience sexual misconduct have the right to decide whether to file a criminal report with the police, and whether to file a report with the University (via the Title IX Coordinator, Dean of Students Office or the Office of Social Equity), an anonymous report, or no report at all.

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If you're unsure of which process applies to a particular issue contact us.