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General Information

The Guide to Campus Living contains information about the policies, procedures, staffing, facilities, campus safety and other information related to living on campus.

Computer and Device Use

For additional campus support visit, Student Technology Support

All students residing on-campus are provided with access to the university's high-speed wireless network. For more information visit Student Technology Support.

Residential Computing, or ResComp, provides computer and technology support for students who residence in the residence halls.

Campus Television Service

Bloomsburg University provides on-campus residents with over 80 television channels to choose from as well as a streaming television service.

In order to receive channels via the University provided television service, a television must contain a QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation) digital tuner. Since 2006, most major television manufacturers have installed QAM digital tuners in their products. However, some budget televisions and manufacturers may still not have this capability. Some TVs that have shown the incompatibility include certain models manufactured by Element, Sansui, Seiki, and Orion as these televisions do not receive some or all available channels. Please check to make sure your television is compatible with our campus service.

If your television does not support a QAM tuner, you have the option to purchase a digital conversion box. Like a TV, you must make sure that the conversion box includes a QAM tuner such as the ATX VMX1-1*.

After you connect your television to the campus service, please make sure to run the auto program feature to ensure your television receives all available channels.

*Residence Life has not tested this device, we are merely showing the type of device you will need to purchase

Bloomsburg University on-campus residents have the ability to watch live TV and sports on your computer, tablet and phone anywhere on campus with the Apogee Stream2 app.

To use Stream2:

  1. Download the free “Apogee Stream2” app to your mobile device or visit http://tv.bloomu.edu on your computer.
  2. Search for “Bloomsburg University” in the search institutions box
  3. Enter your HuskyID and password
  4. Watch TV!

*You must be connected to the campus network to use Stream2.

MyCampusVideo (Apogee, Inc.)

Campus Safety & Services

For information on parking, student vehicle registration and our shuttle bus service as well as directions and campus maps visit the link below.

Maps, Directions, Parking and Transportation

The University Police Department employs commissioned armed police officers to enforce Pennsylvania crime and vehicle codes, university policies and campus parking.

Each residence hall room, suite and apartment has one or more sprinkler heads and hard-wired smoke detectors. The hallways and common areas are equipped in a similar fashion. Twice a semester, fire drills are conducted as required by Pennsylvania state law. A fire safety training program is also conducted by the University Police during fall orientation.

Residential staffing varies depending on the size and layout of the building. In general, residence halls have a minimum of two community assistants (CA) per floor. Apartments are staffed in a similar fashion with at least one community assistant per building. Additionally, each building has a Graduate Hall Director (GHD). All Community Assistants and Graduate Hall Directors are full time Bloomsburg University students who are trained in a variety of areas and can assist with any issue or challenge you may have.

In addition to the CA and GHD staff, each building is supervised as part of a larger area. The staff person supervising these areas is the Area Coordinator (AC). ACs are professional staff members who have earned master’s degrees and are ultimately responsible for the staff and students within the area's buildings which they supervise.

Vendor Services

Because you belong to the Bloomsburg University Campus Community you are eligible for a Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union (PSECU) membership. There are three PSECU ATMs on campus (Soltz Hall, Student Services Center and Monty’s.

A leader in providing college student personal property insurance, National Student Services, Inc's (NSSI) coverage plans are designed specifically for students living in college or university residence halls or off-campus housing. NSSI offers insurance plans featuring low deductibles and affordable premiums.

Questions & Answers

If you have a specific question you'd like to see answered, just ask.

The primary role of a CA, or Community Assistant, is a "helper". Essentially, their duties are to assist you with questions, concerns or problems. They also plan programs and activities for residents and enforce university policies. They are your first line in seeking resolution to a problem that may arise or if you are looking for any other assistance.

A GHD, or Graduate Hall Director, is a student who is working on their master’s degree, and working in the halls part time. These students oversee the CAs, and assist students with residential learning and living.

ADs, or Assistant Director of Residential Education, are individuals that are full-time professional staff members with master’s degrees who live on campus and supervise residential areas of campus as well as the GHDs and CAs that work in that area. ACs are responsible for the overall well being of the students living in their areas and since they all reside on campus, it enables them to be involved and quickly address emergency situations when they arise.

Address addresses should be formatted as follows:

Lower campus residents:
Joe Student
Room 222 Elwell Hall
525 East Second Street
Bloomsburg PA 17815

Upper campus residents:
Jane Student
2222 Jessica Kozloff Apartments ** Do not write the word "Box" **
525 East Second Street
Bloomsburg PA 17815

A standard twin sheet set will fit over all of the mattresses on campus. Some halls do have longer mattresses, but due to the fact that the campus mattresses are thinner, normal twin sheets typically still work. If you would like to add a thicker mattress pad or egg crate pad you might want to consider purchasing a twin XL sheet set.

New students: If you are 5’11” or taller and would like to request a long bed, please email sthouse@bloomu.edu before June 1st.

Returning students: If you are 5’11” or taller and need a long bed, be sure to complete the housing selection process and select one of the long bed locations when choosing your housing assignment for next year.

If you are looking to have your beds bunked, please contact your CA or GHD in order to have custodial safely bunk the beds. Please do not bunk your beds on your own. Special pins are required for the beds to be bunked to ensure the safety of the students

Lofts from external vendors are not allowed in the residence halls.

Any furniture that is in your room must stay in your room throughout the academic year. You may bring other furniture in (i.e. couch, table, etc) provided your are in compliance with the Guide to Campus Living.

When in doubt, ask the experts.

All traditional residence hall rooms on lower campus will have a university provided MicroFridge installed. Soltz Hall suites have one full sized refrigerator and microwave per suite. As a result, students will no longer be allowed to bring their own personal refrigerator / MicroFridge when living in campus residence halls.

MOA, MPA, and JKA are all equipped with one apartment sized refrigerator per apartment. Students may bring their own refrigerator provided it is no larger than 3.0 cubic feet and uses no more than 120 volts of electricity when running for their individual bedroom.

Fish are the only pets allowed in on-campus housing. If you wish to have fish, the tank should be no larger than 15 gallons.

Don't laugh - this question is asked frequently!

There is no curfew. Students are expected to use good judgment and manage their time wisely. Going to Denny's at 3:00 AM when you have an 8:00 AM class is probably not the best idea, but the responsibility is left up to the student.

The Student Health Center is a full service clinic staffed with nurses and nurse practitioners. Doctors appointments are also available. In the event of an emergency the Bloomsburg Hospital is just across the street and can be used if the Student Health Center is closed. University Police will transport students to the emergency room if needed.

It cost $1.50 per wash and $1.50 per dry. Therefore to wash and dry one (1) load of laundry it will cost $3.00. Cash is not accepted for on-campus laundry. In order to do laundry, you will swipe your ID card and the amount will be deducted from your Husky Gold account.

Note: The washers in the residence halls and apartments are HE (High Efficiency) washers therefore we encourage students to use HE labeled detergents.

Your BUID is your passport to services and privileges at Bloomsburg University including but not limited to access to your on-campus housing, meal plans, rec center admission, laundry, vending, copiers and printers, mail services and even the Student Health Center.

To find out more about the electronic door locks visit the University Card Center.

If you are interested in gender inclusive housing please complete personal information questions in MyHousing and contact a Residence Life staff member at buhouse@bloomu.edu for assistance.

Inform one of your staff members or submit your issue with our Got Repairs? form.

Visit the Dining Services section of our website for more information on locations and hours.

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