MyHousing Self-Service

MyHousing Self-Service

MyHousing Self-Service is your online portal for managing your housing and dining at Bloomsburg University.

With MyHousing Self-Service, you'll have access to sign your online housing agreement, answer personal information questions, request roommates, select a dining plan and, if you're currently living on campus, choose your housing assignment for the next academic year during the housing selection process.

All registered students of Bloomsburg University are able to use MyHousing Self-Service but only students who will be living on campus are required to complete the housing agreement. Remember, by signing your agreement, you are entering a binding contract for the full term of the agreement.

MyHousing Self-Service

MyHousing Information

Please refer to your student status description below for specific details.

All new full-time undergraduate students, including transfer and readmitted students, are required to live on campus for their first four semesters (not including summer and winter sessions) unless they turn 21 years of age before the first day of classes for the fall semester or are commuting from the home of their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) within a 50-mile radius of campus.

If you are admitted as an on-campus resident, you will receive instructions through your university email account to complete MyHousing Self-Service, which includes your housing agreement, personal information questions, roommate requests and dining plan selection. New fall admits will receive information beginning in mid-spring and new spring admits will receive information beginning in mid-fall. As a new student you will be assigned housing by the Office of Residence Life and will receive an email when housing assignments become available in MyHousing Self-Service.

If you are admitted as a commuter student and would like to live on campus, contact to discuss availability.

MyHousing Self-Service

As a full-time matriculating student currently living on campus, you are eligible to continue to do so for the upcoming academic year. If you would like to live on campus again, you must follow all information and instructions regarding housing selection. If you fail to complete any of the required steps you will not be eligible to select your housing assignment for the next academic year during the housing selection processes.

You will be notified during the fall and spring semesters as to when to complete your housing agreement, personal information questions, request roommates and select a dining plan in order to be eligible to select on-campus.

MyHousing Self-Service

Graduate students interested in on-campus housing should contact to discuss availability.

MyHousing Self-Service

Off-campus and commuter students interested in on-campus housing should contact to discuss availability.

MyHousing Self-Service

Personal Information Questions

While some freshmen opt to pick their roommate, many prefer to be assigned roommates based on the personal information questions. Survey results indicate that many students want to be assigned a roommate for a new experience, to meet new people or because they don't know anyone coming to Bloomsburg University.

The personal information questions are designed to help us match students who have compatible living habits. No assignment system can ever guarantee that all matches will be successful. Realizing this fact, we use this process in the hope of significantly reducing those conflict factors most commonly responsible for roommate disharmony.

The personal information questions are used to make roommate assignments for those students who do not request a roommate (or who lose a roommate prior to arrival). While we recommend that parents/guardians discuss these questions with the student, it is important that the student themself completes the personal information questions in MyHousing Self-Service. We base roommate assignments on these answers so honest responses help us make the best possible match. Please answer all personal information questions even if you are requesting a specific roommate.


The Residence Life philosophy is that a well-rounded education includes out-of-classroom learning. In our on-campus housing setting, you are encouraged to:

  • develop an awareness of and respect for the rights of others;
  • understand the responsibilities of community living;
  • develop a sense of independence and self-discipline;
  • enhance relationships with people of diverse backgrounds;
  • encounter new ideas, attitudes, and value systems;
  • contribute to our campus and town community;
  • and explore opportunities for involvement and leadership

All students will have a roommate(s), unless special housing accommodations are requested and approved. You can either request a specific student or let us match you with someone. The selection of roommates is a critical factor in this learning process and has the potential to enhance your experience and learning.

Whether you choose someone you have known for years, or opt to have us match you based on your personal information questions, age and major, there will be many new things that you will learn about the person as you share living space with them. How will they deal with their new-found freedom? How will you? What will happen when you both begin to meet new people and enjoy their company as well as each other's? We realize that it is difficult to predict the answers to these questions now, but this is what we mean by new learning experiences.

On-campus living is all about people, how they live, think, feel, and deal with the day-to-day happenings in their lives. Words to keep in mind: flexibility, tolerance, compromise, appreciation, understanding and communication. It is our goal to help you refine these qualities through your experiences with your roommate(s) and others on your wing, hall, and university community.

Roommates can be requested in MyHousing Self-Service by going to Room Selection > Select Roommates. After you request your roommate, they will need to go into MyHousing and accept/confirm the request. We will only honor mutual roommate requests.

  • You will not be able to request a roommate if you or the person you are trying to request has not completed the online housing agreement.
  • Students eligible to select housing during the housing selection process will need a fully-matched roommate group that corresponds to the number of beds in the room, suite or apartment you intend to select during the process.
  • Starting January 1, after you have completed the online housing agreement, you can request roommate(s) for the fall - spring academic year in MyHousing Self-Service. If you need to add or delete someone, you can do so up until the time you select your housing in March.
  • Keep your roommate requests up-to-date in MyHousing Self-Service. If you no longer want to live with someone you requested, you must go back into MyHousing Self-Service and remove them from your roommate group before you select your room, suite or apartment. All roommates in the group must do the same. The person who will no longer be in your group must also remove everyone else from their roommate requests. All roommates must match completely or you will not be able to select campus housing.
  • Once you have selected or have been assigned housing, you may still be able to add or remove a roommate on the roommate request page in MyHousing Self-Service. However, this will not add or remove that person from your housing assignment. Email to discuss any room or roommate change requests prior to the end of the spring semester. Please note, there is no guarantee that a change will be made.

MyHousing offers a roommate searching feature to assist in matching compatible students. To use the feature, log into MyHousing Self-Service and go to Personal Information > Roommate Profile and submit your profile. Then go to Room Selection > Select Roommates to find someone with a similar roommate profile. Reach out to them and see if you would be compatible to live together. To see more results, try clearing some of the search criteria to expand your options.

Meal Plans

For meal plan information visit the Dining Services section of our website.

Special Housing Accommodations

Students with special housing accommodation requests must submit a Special Accommodations Request. Depending on the nature of your request, you may be referred to University Disability Services to provide documentation from your physician stating your specific housing request and reason/need for this request. They will review those materials and make a recommendation to our office of how best to meet your needs. Requests received after the deadline will be accommodated only if there are rooms or spaces available. This means roommate requests, learning community participation or other housing accommodations may be disrupted to fulfill a request.

MyHousing Questions

Housing and/or dining agreements are for the fall - spring academic year, spring semester only, and summer session(s) only.

  • Students starting in the fall semester will sign one agreement for the fall - spring academic year.
  • Students starting in the spring semester will sign one agreement for the spring semester only.
  • Students starting in a summer session will sign one agreement for the summer session(s) only. If they are returning for the fall semester they will then sign an agreement for the fall - spring academic year.

As stated in our housing agreement, if you anticipate taking winter session classes, or if you need housing between breaks, you are required to live in the Montgomery Place Apartments, Mount Olympus Apartments, Jessica Kozloff Apartments or Elwell Hall (12-month housing option). Apartments communities are not available for summer housing.

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