Division of Theatre and Dance

The mission of the division of theatre and dance is to provide a strong undergraduate education in the theory and practice of theatre and dance, to support the University's general education curriculum, and to enhance the cultural life of the campus community. The division's goal is to develop students' working knowledge and application of historical and contemporary theories and practices in performance, design and technology, and dramatic and critical literature. We strive to develop artists who are imaginative critical thinkers and effective communicators producing art that celebrates humanity and challenges complacency.

Areas of Study

The Division offers a Theatre Major (with an option to select an emphasis in Performance, Design and Technology or Integrated Theatre Studies), a Theatre Minor and a Dance Minor.


The producing arm of the program is the BU Players. For current and recent seasons, visit Current Season.

For the latest updates, follow the BU Players on Facebook and Twitter. For a behind the scenes look at productions, read the Backstage with BU Players blog.