Seizing the opportunity to get involved

Husky Unleashed Courtney Dunn

Seizing the opportunity to get involved

There’s a special dynamic to Bloomsburg University enabling it to cater to just about any student. It’s a comfortable, slow-paced community for some, while a bustling, city-like atmosphere for others.

And for Courtney Dunn, an English major from Mifflintown, she represents the perfect fit — a small town girl fully enjoying BU’s world of opportunities.

“I quickly fell in love with this place,” Dunn says. “Coming from a rural town, I didn’t want to go to a really big campus. This was nice and humble. I felt right at home.”

Since her freshman year, Dunn has taken advantage of the vibrant student life on campus and the numerous academic opportunities. To her, each semester unveils a new scroll of adventures.

“I really wanted to get know people, and being actively involved allowed me to quickly gain connections with these different groups,” Dunn says. “I also really got to know my professors and different people within my major.”

Those connections, according to Dunn, led to many academic benefits as well.

“I’ve met some of my closest friends through my involvement on campus,” Dunn says. “It’s really helped with my education too. Some students think you can’t be involved because you don’t have time, but really it helps with your classes because you have those extra connections.”

Among her extracurricular activities include DASL (Developing Ambitious Student Leaders), Psychology Association, The Voice (student newspaper) and formerly BUSTED (student improv group). This is the third year she has been involved in the psychology’s program work with Brain Awareness Week, which extends into the local community schools.

“I love kids and the things that they say,” Dunn says. “It’s been a great experience. I get some good laughs out of it, as well as the enjoyment of educating small children.”

Dunn doesn't limit her adventurous approach to just outside the classroom. She is one of many Huskies who blend their academic emphasis across curriculums. In Dunn's case — it's psychology with creative writing.

"Psychology has helped me with my writing," Dunn says. "I look to psychology to analyze the characters and get into their mind. Psychology has an interesting way to allow me to do that. Knowing the way humans work a little better helps me when reading the literature ... applying the terms and understanding how everything ties together."

Adding to her love of learning is a growing passion for research. Among her recent accomplishments include presenting her work at an international convention in Savannah, Ga., designing a children's writing program and working on a children's book. Despite such a busy schedule, Dunn remains grounded by her small town roots.

It's a quality — and sense of comfort — that often welcomes advice from other young Huskies.

“Every time a freshman from Juniata (High School) comes here, they’ll ask me what can they do,” Dunn says. “I say join groups and organizations. It gets you out there and benefits you as a person, along with your education."

"I tell everyone there are so many opportunities (at Bloomsburg University) to grow and meet new people and to advance yourself in your chosen career.” #HuskyUnleashed