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If you drop a course during the Drop/Add period and you are no longer enrolled full-time (undergraduate 12 credits - graduate/doctoral 9 credits), your current financial aid may be impacted.  Likewise if you withdraw from a course after the Drop/Add period your current and future aid eligibility may be affected.  Please contact the Financial Aid Office (570-389-4297) if you have questions on how this may impact your aid.  Please contact the Student Billing Office (570-389-4013) if you have questions on how this will impact your charges.

Withdrawing from the University

Withdrawing from the university is an important decision that may have financial implications for you to deal with in the future.  Feel free to speak to someone in the Financial Aid Office (570-389-4297 ) or the Student Billing Office (570-389-4013) if you have questions.

Adjustment to University Charges

If you withdraw from the university prior to the end of the fifth week of the semester you may be due a refund of money paid to the university.  This refund policy has been established in accordance with regulations governing the State System of Higher Education.  A copy of this policy is emailed to students at their university email account at the beginning of each semester.

Adjustment to Your Financial Aid

By withdrawing from the university during the semester, your financial aid (Federal Title IV Aid Programs) that you have earned up to that date is determined by a specific formula.  Basically, if you only complete a certain percentage of the semester, there will be only a certain percentage of aid awarded. 

If you receive financial aid funds from the Federal Title IV Aid Programs and withdraw from the university, a portion of these funds may need to be returned to the federal government as follows:

  • If you withdraw before completing 60 percent of the semester, you are only entitled to financial aid based on the percentage of time that was completed.
  • If you withdraw from the university after 60 percent of the semester has been completed you are entitled to 100 percent of the federal financial aid that was awarded.
  • PHEAA may still require a reduction of the Pennsylvania State Grant if your charges are reduced as a result of a withdrawal from one or more classes or a complete withdrawal from the university.
  • If you borrowed from the federal loan programs and withdraw from the university, you must repay these loans according to the terms of the promissory note.
  • Financial aid funds that must be returned as a result of a withdrawal must be done in the following order:    
    • Federal Direct Unsubsidized Student Loan
    • Federal Direct Subsidized Student Loan
    • Federal Direct PLUS/Grad PLUS Loan
    • Federal Pell Grant
    • Federal SEOG Grant
    • Iraq Afghanistan Service Grant
  • Federal Work-Study Program Funds are not subject to these refund provisions.
  • If federal financial aid funds have already been credited to your account and you withdraw from the university before completing the time needed to "earn the financial aid", these funds may be withdrawn from your account, thus leaving an outstanding balance to the university.
  • If financial aid funds are given to you to be used for non-institutional costs of education (i.e. an off-campus apartment, food, books, etc.), a portion of these funds may also need to be returned to satisfy the overpayment.

Calculation Of Number Of Days In Semester For Title IV Withdrawal Refund Purposes

An example of the Return to Title IV (R2T4) formula follows:

If the semester contains 100 days and the student withdraws from university on the 56 day of the semester, a R2T4 calculation is necessary because the student did not complete at least 60% of the semester.  Because the withdrawal takes place after university’s refund period, tuition and fees are not adjusted.  If in this example a student receives payment of a $1000 Pell Grant and $2500 Direct Student Loan, the student has earned only 56% of these funds or $1960 (.56 x $3500).  The remaining funds must be returned to the federal program based on the above distribution sequence.   The calculation may require repayment of these funds by the school, the student, or by both.  If funds are removed from the student’s account and returned to Title IV, the student may have an outstanding balance with the university.

Failure of All Courses

Students who received federal financial aid funds and fail to earn a passing grade in any course will be reviewed at the end of the semester.  If it is determined that a student failed to complete at least 60% of the semester as evidenced  by class attendance, completion of a test or quiz or some other academic exercise, financial aid will be reduced in proportion to the amount of the semester that was actually completed.  If a student began the semester and a last date of enrollment cannot be determined because of an unofficial withdrawal, return of financial aid will be calculated at the 50% rate.   If a student did not begin the semester all federal financial aid funds disbursed to the student’s account or directly to the student will be returned.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Students who withdraw from a course, withdraw from the university, or fail a course(s) should review the satisfactory progress policy as to what affect this may have on future financial aid eligibility.

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