Emergency Information

Medical Emergencies 911
Fire 911
Bloomsburg University Police 570-389-2211
Bloomsburg Police (Town) 570-784-6779 or 570-784-6300
BeSAFe Hotline (recorded message regarding incidents that could affect the health and safety of students, faculty, and staff.) 570-389-2723
Tapline, Local Crisis Intervention (suicide prevention) 800-222-9016
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-8255

Resources Available 24/7

University Resource for Sexual Misconduct/Title IX for support and guidance available to students
Women's Center Inc. (community resource) to reach an advocate at 570-784-6631
University Police at 570-389-2211
Bloomsburg Town Police at 570-784-4155
Hospital Emergency Room of your choice

For answers to medical questions, advice about health problems, or treatment of minor injuries and illnesses, students should direct their calls to the Health Service Center in the Kehr Union at 570-389-4451.

Free, confidential consulting services to help students cope with the variety of personal and academic problems are available by calling the Counseling Center in the Student Service Center at 570-389-4255.

Emergency Procedure Guidelines

All students and employees need to know what to do in an emergency before medical help arrives. Since you may be faced with an emergency in your activities, it is important that you know how to recognize an emergency and how to respond. Do not call the Student Health Center for emergency reporting, call 911.

Call 911, in an emergency. Situation examples may include the following:

- is or becomes unconscious

- has trouble breathing or is breathing in an strange way

- has chest pain or pressure

- is bleeding severely

- has seizures, a severe headache, or slurred speech and confusion

- has serious injuries to the head, neck or back

- has possible broken bones

Be aware of the following:

- any person with special needs, health concerns

- location of First Aid Kit

- location of the nearest phone (campus phone, pay phone, or availability of 2 way radio

- location of Automated External Defibrillator

- location of Fire Extinguisher

Give the dispatcher the necessary information. Answer any question that he/she may ask. Do not hang up until the dispatcher has obtained all patient information. If dialing from a cell phone, ask the County Dispatcher to notify Bloomsburg University Police. You should give the following information:

- the caller's name

- the exact location of the emergency-include the building name, nearest entrance, floor, room number, etc. Be as specific as possible.

- the victim - for example report the unconsciousness or severe bleeding

- any medical conditions you may be aware of via medical alert bracelet or necklace

- what help or first aid is being given

Assist the person to the best of your ability until trained personnel arrive. Do not move the person unless the location presents immediate danger.

If possible, send another person to doorway, entrance or road to assist the emergency personnel when they arrive.

The County Dispatcher will contact the appropriate emergency response agency. University Police are the First Responders and will respond and coordinate the necessary emergency situation.