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Refine your skills and become a leader in your field. We all have our own idea of where we’re going, and what it will look like when we arrive. That journey is unique to you. It’s exciting. It’s fulfilling. It’s worth it. And you’re ready. You’re confident. Because you’ve done it before.

Now, it's time for your climb to continue.

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Through a blend of online, hybrid and in-person options our nearly 30 graduate programs cover a wide range of disciplines from business administration to exercise science to special education to social work, as well as emerging career fields like information technology, instructional design and technology, and community health. Whether looking to elevate your career or start a new one, Bloomsburg's graduate studies will help you achieve your goals.

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Non-degree status is for students who do not plan to pursue a master’s degree through Bloomsburg University or for students taking Act 48 credits. No more than twelve graduate credits taken in non-degree status will apply to a degree program.

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Expand your professional network, grow your skills, and help finance your graduate education through a BU Graduate Assistantship (GA)!

Graduate Assistantships are open to all regularly admitted students pursuing a Master's or Doctoral degree. 

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