With nearly 76,000 alumni world-wide, the Bloomsburg University Alumni Association has much to celebrate in its legacy of support: for the university, for students, and for each other. Every year, events and successes are made more impactful with your participation.

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The 2022 Alumni Awards Celebration is June 3. RSVP by May 27 or  Check out past recipients!  

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A message from Alumni Association Board President, Felicia Ellzy '10

Felicia Ellzy

Hello, Bloomsburg University Alumni Family!

I hope this message finds you all healthy and thriving in these precarious times. As we welcome our new normal, we are excited to embrace the opportunities for growth and prosperity within our alumni community. Bloomsburg is fortunate enough to have an ever-growing population of alumni who are ready, willing, and able to serve.

The longevity of the BU Alumni Association is to be admired by all institutions. For 150 years the alumni family has shown a consistent devotion of time, talents, and treasures in service of the BU community. Countless lives have been enhanced because of the BU Alumni Association, which speaks to the dedication of the alumni family. Our alumni donors and volunteers consider their efforts to serve the Bloomsburg community a labor of love and that is what makes our alumni family special.

The philanthropy on behalf of the BU Alumni Association is unmatched!  It is my hope that we not only continue to grow as an association; but that we continue to flourish while serving every student. The Alumni Board of Directors is dedicated to celebrating diverse students and alumni through programming and volunteer efforts. The commitment to the BU community will undoubtedly produce a vast number of alumni who will continue the legacy for the next 150 years!

It's a great honor to serve as the President of the Alumni Association and look forward to our continued evolvement and perseverance. Happy Anniversary Bloomsburg University Alumni Association!

Felicia Ellzy, M.Ed c/o ‘10/’11

Remaining Part of the Pack

On June 22, 1871, the Bloomsburg University Alumni Association was formed to keep the bonds among alumni and our alma mater strong. And while the last century and a half has delivered challenges to Huskies everywhere, we have preserved the life-changing experiences and relationships formed at BU, while working to ensure current students are as successful as they have been since the school was founded in 1839. 

Here’s to the next 150 years of grit, loyalty, and excellence! Go Huskies!  

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Thank you, Dr. Kimberly Abney '09, 2021 Alumni Association Volunteer of the Year

Congratulations and Thank you, Grimes Alumni!

Grimes Recognition is reserved for BU alumni who have attended an Event or completed a volunteer activity, and made a donation to the BU Foundation. Thank you, Grimes alumni!

Kimberly Abney ’09
William Adams ‘88
Christina Adenuga ‘10
Alana Albus Klass
Carl Albertson ‘91

Michelle Appel ‘90
Todd Argenziano ‘89
Kristin Austin ‘02
Ann Bailets ‘79
Matthew Bamonte ‘17
Edward Banaszek ‘80
Mark Bauman ‘00
Aimee Becker ‘16
Eric Beishline ‘02
Aaron Bekisz ‘18
Marcelo Benatti ‘20
Ayana Bennett ‘10
William Bent ‘83
William Benz ‘82
Luke Betley ‘15
Michael Boguski ‘85
Dennis Bohr ‘70
Albree Boone ‘03
Gregory Bowden ‘01
Kathleen Renee Brady‘92

John Braganini ‘75
Amy Brayford ‘91
Thomas Brogan ‘03
Gilbert Brown ‘78
Linda Brown ‘12
Laura Bruaw ‘19
Ann Brugger ‘90
Rochelle Burcin ‘90
John Burnett ‘74
Ronald Byerly ‘76
Brian Case ‘83
Joseph Catanzaro ‘88
Anthony Cherill ‘70
Angela Ciucci ‘19
Paul Clifford ‘96
Jennefer Clifford ‘96
Edward Coar ‘78
Brian Martin ‘03
Michael Coppa ‘00

John Cramer ‘70
Kevin Crane ‘88

Adam Creasy ‘11
Jed Custer ‘98
Alan Dakey ‘73
John Dasch ‘70
Marilyn Davis’70
Hedy Davis ‘82
Claire Day ‘93

Cody Deitz ‘20
Hugh Dempsey ‘75

Joseph Denelsbeck ‘87
Michelle Dermes

Craig Diehl ‘82
Lance Diehl ‘88
Angela DiPasquale ‘20
Anthony DiValerio ‘82
Brian Donofry ‘10
Nicholas Donofry ‘15
Todd Duerr ‘86
Robert Dunkelberger ‘05
Austin Edgette ’18
April Edwards ‘84
Edward Edwards ‘73
Nancy Edwards ‘70
John Eichenlaub ‘14
Cece Evans ‘16
Craig Evans ‘03
Jahri Evans ‘07
Todd Fay ‘76
Emily Ferguson ‘19
Valerie Fessler ‘09

Evelyn Fetterman ’70
Susan Fetterman ‘04
Cathy Fitzgerald ‘93
Mary Beth Foering ‘79
Donald Forbes ‘86
Paul Frank ‘85
Alicia Frederick ‘19
Sharon Gettel ‘78
Michael Gillespie ‘95
Nicholas Giuffre ‘78

Heather Goshert ‘06
William Gower ‘16
Duane Greenly ‘72
Stephen Grib
Robert Groshek

Michael Hamlin ‘11
Ariel Harro ‘17
Nicole Hartranft ‘04
Jessica Heid ‘17
Albra Heineman ‘20
Benjamin Hendershott ’15
Lizmeidy Hernandez ‘20
Susan Hicks ‘67
James Hile ’92
Nicolas Hoffman ‘16
Drew Hostetter ‘76
Michael Huben ‘81
Barbara Hudock ‘76
Angela Hummel ‘92

Janet Hutchinson ‘91
Vincent James ‘09

Stephen Jones ‘83
Kaleta ‘96
Matthew Karchner

Michael Keener ‘81
Peggy Keller ‘77
Asa Kelley ‘15
Jacob Kelley ‘16

Michele Kessler ‘83
Jeffrey King ‘93
Audrey King ‘94
Gene Kinney ‘89
Daniel Klingerman ‘87
Thomas Kuntzleman ’91
Linda Lapp ‘85
Ken Lastowka ‘05
Armand Leaks ‘15
Jasmine Lee ‘11
Lynette Luckers ’01
John Makara ‘90

Abigail Manns ‘08
Kristy Marshman ‘01
Taisha Martinez ‘18

John Marzano ‘74
Thomas Mason ‘84
Lynn Maxim ‘00
Patrick McAndrew ‘70
Sandra McAndrew ‘70

James McCormack‘90
Marshall Mehring ‘69
Rachel Melnick ‘03
Marvin Meneeley ‘85
Diana Merida ‘98
Patricia Mica ‘67
Juli Miller ‘92
Elizabeth Miller ‘17
John Mulka ’66
Nancy Musso ‘70
Cole Neff ‘20
Clayton Newton ‘20
Brenda Nichols ‘85
Brian O’Donnell ‘86
Lamar Oglesby ‘07
Lisa Papageorgiou ‘82

Joshua Payne ’89
Stephan Pettit ‘89
Lorraine Piehota ‘70
Justin Pierce ‘12
Becky Pierce ‘14
Robert Polcrack ‘18
Matti Prima ‘77
Timothy Pritchard ‘90
Prosceno ‘11

Roslyn Pulcini ‘18
Gwen Raifsnider ‘88

Eduardo Ramos ‘90
Nancy Reppy
Peter Reynolds ’70

Zakia Ringgold ‘02
Richard Rogers ‘77
Spencer Rogers ‘92
Barbara Romano ‘83
Mary Jean Rosini
Steven Sees ‘89

Beth Shaffer ‘88
Michelle Shearer ‘96

Frank Sheptock ‘86
Jennifer Shuey ‘95
Lydia Singley ‘83
Dale Sinnott ‘89
Crystal Skotedis

Frank Soda ‘07
Joshua Sonntag ‘14
Russell Starke ‘97
Marc Steckel ‘93
Kelly Stiner ‘14
Cheryl Tedder ‘97

Cory Terwilliger ‘91
Laurie Theisen ‘89
Hakeem Thomas ‘17
Coleen Thomas ‘17
Janet Tomcavage ‘80
Betty Underwood ‘70
Nancy Vasta ‘99
Jason Vavra ‘95
Carol Wagner ’78
Timothy Wagner ‘74
Todd Walker ’87
Jordan Walsh ‘19
Laura Ward ‘86
Lynda Wayne ‘99
John Wetzel ‘98

Danny Wheelan ‘14
Denise Wiik ‘91
Jaison Williams ‘93
Matthew Wiltrout ’03
Richard Wisniewski ’82
Melissa Wolf ‘01
Marcella Woods ‘85
Douglas Wright ‘90
Joseph Yasinskas ‘06
Kevin Yurkanin ’90
Raymond Zaborney ‘16
Cathy Zavacki ‘99
Terry Zeigler ‘76
Jeremy Zezza ‘19
Michael Zielinskie ‘17

BU Legacy Scholarships

alumni legacy logo

The BU Alumni Association Board of Directors awards Alumni Legacy Scholarships each year to current BU students who are a child/grandchild of a BU graduate. Alumni will be chosen via random drawing each November and the scholarship is applied to the student's spring tuition. This year, students received $1,010.  

Apply for 2023! Deadline is Nov. 15, 2022 

Congratulations to the 2022 Legacy Scholarship Recipients!

Patrick Bernocco ’81 for student Joshua Bernocco
Keith Boell ‘96 for student Claire Boell
Christina Caputo ‘91 for student Dominic Caputo
Matthew  Clippinger ‘95 for student Benjamin Clippinger
Barbara Davis ’93 for student Connor Davis
Christina Filippone ‘92 for student Madlin Filippone
Donald Holdredge ‘00 for student Joshua Holdredge
Christopher Kapp ‘02 for student Samuel Kapp
JoAnn Picarelli ‘95 for student Carmine Picarelli
Denise Rogers ‘92 for student Jenna Rogers
John Seifert ‘94 for student Abby Seifert and Melissa Shurock ’93 for student Bradley Shurock

Thank you for your interest in acquiring a BU specialty license plate. Please complete the Specialty License Plate Application Form and mail it back with your check made payable to the Bloomsburg University Foundation at your convenience. The fee for the Bloomsburg University specialty plate is $50 and if you want a personalized plate, PENDOT charges an additional $112 for a total of $162. Otherwise the specialty plate will be issued in numerical order. 

1.    For a BU Plate: complete sections A and E of the application.
2.    For a Personalized BU Plate: complete sections A, D, and E of the application.
3.    Don't forget to sign and date your application in section E!

Please mail your completed form and check made payable to the Bloomsburg University Foundation to: 

Alumni and Professional Engagement Office

BUAA Specialty Plate

Bloomsburg University
Greenly Center 3rd Floor
400 East 2nd Street
Bloomsburg, PA 17815

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Mia Tomassoni

“When I visited, I knew right from the start this is where I wanted to continue my education. I have created a special bond with my roommate and developed strong lifetime friendships, also with my professors and mentors. Every professor encourages every student to do their best and work hard and to me that is very important. Since I've started here, I've become very independent and dedicated to my academic studies, leading me to a successful future. I believe Bloomsburg University is preparing every student, including myself, to enter the world with any challenge that comes their way.”

Mia Tomassoni '24
BUAA Academic Promise Scholarship recipient
Madelyn Rodriguez outside of Carver Hall

"For me, Bloomsburg was and is a place for me to be who I am and grow. If I'm not authentic, how can I ask someone else to be? How can I be a model alumnus if I don't model inclusion every day? There is no other way. I'm lying otherwise."

Madelyn Rodriguez ’95, ‘98M, 2021 Distinguished Service Award recipient
B.A., Business Administration, MS Instructional Technology, MEd Business Education
Courtney Miles at a Career Expo

“I was here last year as a student. It was 3 months till graduation and I was just worried that I wouldn’t succeed. But I did in some capacity because I have a job now and my four years were worth it. I’ve been to two of these since then and I thought it was really beneficial and that is why I was passionate about coming back here as an employer.”

Courtney Miles '18
Mass Communications/English
Tony Sylvester at his desk in the 1980's

"He was an activist in many ways. He could keep 18 and 19-year-olds wide awake at 8 a.m., which was no small miracle. He asked questions. Rather than lecture, he challenged. He was pivotal in opening minds with his warmth and passion and the way he cared about the basic humanity of everybody he met." --former student, Mike Carroll '72

Anthony Sylvester '21(H), PhD., 2021 Honorary Alumnus Award recipient
Kimberly Abney headshot

"BU will always be 'home base'. My classes taught me a lot, but it was really the people who became a stepping stone to who I am today. I was totally prepared, not just academically but mentally and socially. It is one of the reasons I do so much."

Kimberly T. Abney ‘09, Ed.D., 2021 William T. Derricott ’66 Volunteer of the Year award recipient
Madelyn Rodriguez outside of Carver Hall
Courtney Miles at a Career Expo
Tony Sylvester at his desk in the 1980's
Kimberly Abney headshot
Mia Tomassoni

Alumni Association Board of Directors