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Arts in Bloom celebrates the value of the arts and enriches lives throughout our community by producing and promoting a robust performing and visual arts program at Bloomsburg University. The energy of robust university arts programming attracts students to our university and citizens to our town and region, and it unites them.

The Arts In Bloom series is comprised of high-caliber professional touring headliners, as well as performances and exhibits by Bloomsburg University’s resident producers. 

Art and Art History • Literary Arts • Music • Theatre and Dance • Video Arts 

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Tango Argentina

Headliner: Tango Argentina, GD Tango & Fabrizio Macata Quartet

Friday, March 25, 2022, 7:30 p.m. Tango Argentina is a stunning new production, exploring Tango through the combination of unique choreography and improvised elements performed by acclaimed dancers and musicians from Argentina. Audiences will be thrilled at the charisma of its movements and the intensity of its music with eight dancers and a quartet of musicians. GD Tango is a partnership of dancers Guillermo De Fazio and Giovanna Dan. Hailing from Buenos Aires, the duo joined forces after bonding over shared experiences of being raised in artistic families. Giovanna grew up behind theatre curtains watching her tango dancer mother and musician father on stages worldwide. Guillermo, son of a classical pianist, learned multiple disciplines at his grandmother's Academy of Argentine Arts and Culture. They have showcased their talents around the world together since 2015 and are currently based in Los Angeles.