Arts in Bloom

Arts in Bloom at Bloomsburg University

Arts in Bloom celebrates the value of the arts and enriches lives throughout our community by producing and promoting a robust performing and visual arts program at Bloomsburg University.  The energy of robust university arts programming attracts students to our university and citizens to our town and region, and it unites them.

The series is comprised of high-caliber professional touring headliners as well as performances and exhibits by Bloomsburg University’s resident producers. 

  • Arts in Bloom seeks to inspire audiences throughout our community and provide aspirational experiences to students seeking a professional future in the arts.
  • Arts in Bloom uses the transformative power of the arts to build on and cultivate relationships across our diverse community.
  • Arts in Bloom creates access to cultural experiences that nurture personal and professional growth and fosters a supportive atmosphere for students and their creativity.

Box Office


Performances and Artwork

Performances and artwork continue to be provided by many of our students, faculty, and staff. We are truly inspired by their ability to persevere and create art.

Check out our Arts in Bloom Facebook page to see our Resident Producer’s work.

Examples below:

Screen Plays
Grimsley artwork
Derek in Mitrani
Art in Haas
Haas art gallery
Grimsley artwork
Haas art gallery
Grimsley artwork

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