Passing the Torch: Alumna Volunteers in Retirement


By Andrea O'Neill '06

Dr. Anne Shaloka Wilson '79 has had the privilege of a fulfilling career in education, a foundation for which was laid by her student experiences at Bloomsburg. Now a retired Massachusetts school district superintendent, Wilson is giving back to her alma mater and its current students.

Anne knew that she wanted to be a math educator even before she came to Bloom, but her academic and career experiences while on campus solidified her decision. In addition to her coursework, field experience and student teaching, Wilson completed an independent field study in curriculum theory which were not only impactful, but provided professional confidence for her first job.

"I always felt that I had an exceptional experience and unique opportunities that others who didn't go to Bloomsburg may not have had.”

Anne’s appreciation of her strong foundation at Bloomsburg and a desire to “give back” coupled with her experience as a classroom teacher, site administrator, and superintendent of schools, was the impetus for her attendance at the 2024 CATCH Conference, where she served as an alumni panelist. 

Dr. Anne Shaloka Wilson '79 speaks to students at the spring CATCH Conference.
Dr. Anne Shaloka Wilson '79 speaks to students at the spring CATCH Conference.

"My husband (Charlie ’79) and I both credit our Bloomsburg experience with providing a firm foundation for our careers,” explained Wilson. “We were looking for the appropriate means to volunteer and help others [and] It is always a joy to see the enthusiasm and passion of students as they approach the beginning of their career."

"Commonwealth students benefit from a top-notch educator preparation program that continues to meet the changing landscape of educational expectations," concluded Wilson. "I am very proud that Bloomsburg, and now Commonwealth, continues to be on the cutting edge of educator preparation."