Instructional Design, Technology, and Leadership

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The Department of Instructional Design, Technology, and Leadership at Bloomsburg University emerged in response to the increasing need for professionals who could integrate interactive multimedia technology into educational and training environments.

The Instructional Design, Technology, and Leadership program prepares three types of professionals:

  • Those who wish to enter a career in the training and development sector of business, industry, nonprofit institutions, or government
  • Those who already work in the training and development field, but seek a formalized degree structured for their needs and further development
  • Those who wish to become instructional technology specialists in private, public, or higher education

Our curriculum concentrates on the application of interactive multimedia and online technologies to education and training environments with an emphasis directed towards:

  • Instructional Design
  • Multimedia Development
  • Implementation and Evaluation of multimedia courseware

Masters’ candidates have the opportunity to experience a variety of state-of-the-art interactive technology configurations using an instructional systems approach. The program emphasizes applied learning and cooperative teamwork. Students work individually and in teams to design and produce computer-based instruction founded on sound learning and instructional theories.

Possible Career Options:

  • Trainer
  • eLearning Designer
  • Educational Consultant
  • Training Specialist
  • Website Graphic Design
  • Instructional Designer
  • Multimedia Developer

Our goal is to prepare high quality students capable of obtaining leadership roles within the field of instructional technology in educational, governmental, and corporate settings. We are committed to maintaining high standards in the field of instructional technology. We provide solid theoretical, research-based information to our students and equip them with a toolset that can be directly applied to their position within the field.

Specifically, we aim to provide our students with:

  • Sound methodologies and strategies for applying instructional design effectively to meet an institution’s education and training goals
  • Experience in media design and development through “hands-on” production of multimedia products as class assignments
  • Information on planning, preparing, and executing effective training programs that will positively impact the attendees and ultimately the institutions in which they serve
  • Experience in group process techniques that develop leadership skills necessary for working with trainees, clients, colleagues, administrators, and management
  • Experience and studies in the selection and use of materials and techniques relevant to a multicultural society
  • Evaluation and research procedures for the examination of emerging technologies for possible inclusion in a training setting
  • Information on the laws and regulations which govern the selection and utilization of media
  • A supervised experience in an actual corporate, governmental or educational setting

4 plus 1 – Accelerated Master’s program

As a PASSHE undergraduate student, you can add the career opportunities from a Master of Science degree in Instructional Design and Technology in less than 1 additional year.

Put your degree to work!

Get accepted into the MSIDT program after your junior year and start taking up to 4 graduate courses that count for both degrees during your senior year. After graduation complete another 6 graduate courses and an internship to be ready for job opportunities in corporate training, university course design or as a K-12 instructional technology specialist.