Writing and Literacy Engagement Studio (WALES)


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WALES supports Commonwealth University students in reading comprehension and writing through individual sessions with peers in person or via Zoom. We also offer workshops.

Individual drop-in or scheduled sessions

The Writing and Literacy Engagement Studio (WALES) enjoys easing the writing process for all BU, LHU, or MU students of every major. We're a free resource that offers peer support for undergraduate and graduate writers at any stage of their reading and writing process.

We're a diverse staff of peer writing consultants who represent a variety of backgrounds and majors and share the common goal of working with you to develop your skills and help you grow as a writer or a reader. You set the agenda for the appointment — whether you're concerned about getting started, or about clarity, grammar, organization, citations, or any other aspect of writing or the English language.

Online WALES Support for Spring 2023

WALES Consultants can work in person or via Zoom during most of our hours, but night and weekend hours are available only via Zoom.

Spring 2023 Hours

  • In-Person or Remote Monday through Thursday 10 a.m. - 9 p.m.
  • In-Person or Remote Friday 10 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
  • Remote only Monday through Thursday nights 9 p.m. - 11 p.m.
  • Remote only Saturday and Sunday 7 p.m. - 11 p.m.

Drop into Bakeless 206 or email wales@bloomu.edu to request an appointment.

WALES Workshops

We offer two workshops that faculty can schedule for their classes.

  1. Our ePortfolio workshop helps students with the logistic requirements for completing English 101 and Enrich 101 ePortfolios. Students can also schedule individual appointments for their ePortfolios.

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  2. Our Reading and Writing with Sources Workshop helps students avoid the kinds of citation practices that many students are unaware constitute what their faculty consider to be plagiarism.

Peer Research Consultants

Who are Peer Research Consultants?

Peer Research Consultants (PRCs) are students hired and trained through The North Hall Library and The MU Learning Center. The purpose of PRCs is to support Mansfield University students with written research projects by providing research assistance and information about library and Learning Center services and resources. PRCs engage with other students one-on-one, in small groups, with other tutors, and librarians.

What can Peer Research Consultants help me with?

Research assistance may include:

  • using the library catalog,
  • simple database searching,
  • locating library materials,
  • peer-level guidance on planning and executing written research projects, and
  • referrals to library and other faculty when additional support is needed.

Want to work with a Peer Research Consultant?

Bloomsburg and Lock Haven students can book an appointment by emailing Chris Cummings at ccumming@mansfield.edu. You can find the schedule for tutors at https://lib.mansfield.edu/prcs [lib.mansfield.edu]  

Mansfield students can book an appointment through Microsoft Bookings by heading to: http://bit.ly/prcappt

If you have any questions about Peer Research Consultants, please reach out to Holly Jackson, Student Success Librarian at hjackson@mansfield.edu or (570) 662-4688 or Dr. Chris Cummings, Learning Center Director at ccumming@mansfield.edu or 570-662-4828. 

Writing Fellows

For certain sections of first-year writing classes, an undergraduate WALES Fellow attends all classes, coordinates with faculty from their assigned class and meets weekly with those students to support them in their writing and reading processes.

Resources for Writers

Resources for Faculty and Area Educators


Though we work effectively with inexperienced writers, we also work effectively with upper-level undergraduate and graduate students from many disciplines. Students who use us are those who care about their writing and care about developing their abilities as writers. Writing is a process, and good writers recognize the benefits of working on a draft with an audience.

You control what happens during your tutoring session. We can work together to address issues related to organization, thesis, confusion about an assignment, how to get started with the paper, MLA/APA/Chicago or other formats, or problems with mechanics. Typically (but not always) we have writers read papers out loud to help them catch their own problems and errors. We are confident that your paper will generally improve as a result of the session, but what we're most excited about is helping you to develop as a writer with each visit.

You can't drop off your paper and have us fix it. We help you work to improve your own draft. We're happy to work with you, and we're happy to talk about mechanics or what you don't understand, but you are responsible for catching simple editing mistakes.

We are a great audience and enjoy discussing your paper or anything writing or reading related to you. We don't judge what you've written or your abilities. Wherever you are as a writer or reader, we want to help you to become stronger overall.

We also don't talk to your faculty or anyone about your session, but if you ask us to, we will send an email to your faculty notifying them that you worked with us.


WALES Director