Mary Jo Larcom, Ph.D.


Mary Jo Larcom
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Ph.D., Brandeis University

M.S., Brandeis University

B.A., Bloomsburg University

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“I really enjoyed my science classes in elementary, middle, and high school, and I knew that, in college, I wanted to major in a science. In [PYSCH 101], I learned how psychology is a science and how it uses the scientific method to study the mind and behavior.”

“My advice to students is to get as many and as diverse experiences as you possibly can…Part of knowing what your purpose is also knowing what it isn’t. If you try something and find that it’s not for you, you shouldn’t view that experience as a waste of your time. Most likely, you will have learned something from that experience that will help you in the future, either personally or professionally.”


PSYCH 160 Applied Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
PSYCH 210 Lifespan Psychology
PSYCH 253 Social Psychology
PSYCH 281 Experimental Psychology: Methodology
PSYCH 282 Experimental Psychology: Applications
PSYCH 406 Psychology Seminar
PSYCH 466 Independent Study