Mohsin A. Shaikh, Ph.D., CCC-A


Mohsin Ahmed Shaikh
Associate Professor, Program Director

May 2015       Doctor of Philosophy
Communication Sciences and Disorders
University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Greensboro

July 2009        Master in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology
Speech and Hearing Sciences
Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik

July 2007        Bachelor of Science
Hearing Language and Speech
Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik

Contact Information

Mohsin Ahmed Shaikh is an associate professor of audiology in Commonwealth University's Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Bloomsburg. He currently teaches audiology courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Dr. Shaikh is the program director for both audiology and speech-language pathology graduate programs. His research interests include central auditory processing disorders, psychoacoustics, and hearing aids. Prior to his arrival at Bloomsburg, he worked at the University of Hawaii as an assistant professor of audiology. Dr. Shaikh is the primary investigator on a project funded by the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education Faculty Professional Development Council, which examines auditory processing abilities in children with language impairment.

Areas of Interest: Central Auditory Processing Disorders, Hearing aids, Psychoacoustics


  • INTSTUDY 100 University Seminar
  • CSD 152 Introduction to Communication Disorders
  • CSD 200 Introduction to Audiology
  • CSD 400 Auditory Training and Speech Reading
  • CSD 482 Internship Audiology – Undergraduate
  • CSD 582 Research in CSD
  • CSD 599 Thesis CSD
  • CSD 600 Diagnostic Audiology I
  • CSD 601 Aural Rehabilitation for Adults
  • CSD 602 Hearing Science I
  • CSD 603 Internship: Clinic Methods/Practicum in Audiology I
  • CSD 604 Hearing Aids: Theoretical and Technical Considerations
  • CSD 605 Diagnostic Audiology II
  • CSD 607 Internship: Clinic Methods/Practicum in Audiology II
  • CSD 609 Theoretical and Clinical Masking
  • CSD 621 Hearing Science II
  • CSD 622 Aural Habilitation and Rehab for Children
  • CSD 623 Internship: Clinic Methods/Practicum in Audiology IV
  • CSD 624 Hearing Aids: Clinical Considerations and Fitting Practices
  • CSD 626 Internship in Clinical Audiology V
  • CSD 627 Central Auditory Processing Disorders
  • CSD 628 Geriatric Audiology
  • CSD 629 Personal and Interpersonal Implications of Aural Rehabilitation
  • CSD 643 Hearing Conservation


  • Shaikh, M. A., Connell, K., & Jamal, N. (2022). An investigation into the clinical utility of speech reception threshold, bone conduction, and word recognition scores in the standard audiological test battery. Canadian Journal of Speech-language Pathology and Audiology. (Accepted in press)
  • Shaikh, M. A., Connell, K., & Jamal, N. (2022). A Critical Appraisal of Nonconformity of New Hearing Aids with the ANSI Standards. Canadian Journal of Speech-language Pathology and Audiology. (Accepted in press)
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  • Shaikh, M. A., Fox-Thomas, L. G., & Tucker, D. A. (2017). Maturational changes in ear advantage for monaural word recognition in noise among listeners with central auditory processing disorders. Audiology Research, 7(157), 1-5.
  • Shaikh, M.A. (2017). Effect of extending the response window and of subject practice on measures of auditory processing in children with learning or reading disability. Journal of Hearing Science, 7(3), 37-43.
  • Shaikh, M. A., Fox-Thomas, L. G., & Tucker, D. A. (2016). Impact of different cutoff criteria on rate of (central) auditory processing disorders diagnosis using the central test battery. Audiology Research, 6(158), 40-43.


  • Fall 2021 – Spring 2023: Serving as the CSD Department Chairperson
  • Fall 2020 – Present: Serving as the Graduate Program Director
  • Spring 2018 – Spring 2021: Served as the Graduate Coordinator for the AuD program
  • Fall 2017-Present: Serving as the Chair- Assessment committee 
  • Fall 2016-Present: Served various committees: research day, assessment, curriculum, search and screen, health sciences symposium, faculty recognition, safety and radiation