Phi Kappa Phi - Chapter 202

The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi is the oldest, largest, and most selective all-discipline honor society. The mission statement of Phi Kappa Phi reads, "To recognize and promote academic excellence in all fields of higher education and to encourage the community of scholars in service to others." The Society is convinced that in recognizing and honoring those persons of good character who have excelled in scholarship, in whatever discipline, it will stimulate others to strive for excellence. Moreover, the Society serves the interest of the students capable of excellence by insisting that in order to acquire a chapter of Phi Kappa Phi, an institution must provide the means and atmosphere conducive to academic excellence.

The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi was founded in 1897 at the University of Maine. In 1900, it was transformed into a national honor society by the action of a committee composed of the presidents of the University of Maine, the University of Tennessee, and Pennsylvania State College (now The Pennsylvania State University). Currently, there are almost 300 chapters on college and university campuses throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines. The Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania Chapter was chartered on November 11, 1977 and became the 202nd chapter of the Society.

The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi received its name from the initial letters of the Greek words forming its adopted motto: Philosophia Krateito Photon. Roughly translated, the motto means "Let the love of learning rule humanity." Phi Kappa Phi's badge, which appears on the key, is a globe against the background of the sun, whose rays form an expansive corona and radiate in a number of symmetrical concentrations from behind the globe. Those rays signify equivalence among the various branches of learning and represent the dissemination of truth as light. Encircling the globe is a band containing the Greek letters for Phi Kappa Phi (fkf) and symbolizing a fraternal bond which girds the earth and binds the lovers of wisdom in a common purpose.

Phi Kappa Phi Opportunities

Phi Kappa Phi offers not only scholarly recognition at the local level but also a vast array of opportunities at the national level. It is well worth the time for those invited to membership as well as those already initiated to browse the national website for scholarship, networking, graduate school, and employment opportunities.

Spotlight on Phi Kappa Phi Members

By Beth Rogowsky, Spring 2021

Zach Porreca Phi Kappa Phi

Zach Porreca graduated in May 2020 with a B.A. in Economics and a minor in Business. He was the 2020 recipient of the competitive Phi Kappa Phi fellowship which earned him a $8500 award.

Zach came to Bloomsburg as a non-traditional transfer student, having previously taken courses at University of Hawaii and distance education courses from Ohio University. While at Bloomsburg University, his life really revolved around work and school. There was little time for extracurricular, but he did manage to squeeze in time to play a season of Club Rugby and participate in Club Boxing.

While at school, he commuted back home to Bridgeport, PA (in the Philadelphia region) to work at a law firm, AMS Law. While working in law was definitely exciting and a great experience for him, it was not his ideal career path. His goal was to work in a research capacity, ideally in the field of environmental resource economics. Zach is fascinated by the intersection of environmental sustainability and economic growth, and is on a path to have his work inform policy that exists in this realm.

To move his career towards environmental sustainability and increase his civic involvement, he served for nearly 2 years as an appointee on the Borough of Bridgeport’s Sustainability Advisory Committee, where he worked with borough council to create more than one environmentally sound policies. This role lead to a special appointment by the mayor of Bridgeport. Zach became the town’s Lead Environmental Advisor. In this capacity, he worked hand-in-hand with the county’s Sierra Club and their “Ready for 100” initiative towards a 100% renewable energy future. He assisted with data analysis on projects ranging from municipal building energy use estimates to alternative lifetime cost comparisons for hybrid police vehicles. This work provided him with experience in applying economic analysis to real world scenarios.

Zach credits numerous professors for the impact they had on his career path. First and foremost, he recognizes Dr. Brown, dean of the College of Liberal Arts. He can’t imagine where his life would be had he not met Dean Brown’s acquaintance. Having been a part of Bloomsburg’s inaugural Second Chance Pell Grant program, Dr. Brown quite literally was the steward in Zach’s life transformation. Additionally, he credits the professors from the Second Chance Pell Grant program for their help in his success. Two, now retired, professors from BU had huge impacts on his development as well: Dr. Saleem Khan and Dr. Carl Smith, both from the Economics Department. His conversations with both Khan and Smith helped him sort out his interests and develop a research focus. Other professors, Dr. Arian Moghadam, Dr. Aberra Senbeta, Dr. Mehdi Ragazzi, and Dr. Sukhwinder Bagi, were also a huge help in fostering the trajectory of his career.

After graduation, Zach moved to Morgantown, West Virginia where he began his PhD in Natural Resource Economics at West Virginia University. He has been offered full funding and a research assistant position where he is focusing on problems of water scarcity and valuation. Needless to say, we are excited to see the direction the future takes Zach.

By Beth Rogowsky, Summer 2020

Jonathan Kollars Phi Kappa Phi

Jonathan Kollars B.S., CSCS, CELC, a 2019 graduate of Exercise Science, learned of Phi Kappa Phi from a classmate while he was at Bloomsburg University. Once he joined, he took the time to read up on Phi Kappa Phi and stumbled upon the Love of Learning scholarship. He was fortunate enough to have an academic advisor at Bloomsburg who encouraged him to apply for the scholarship. In his application, he shared his research from his time at Bloomsburg that looked at the Relative Age Effects in Olympic Weightlifting.

The Love of Learning scholarship he received from Phi Kappa Phi allowed him to present his research at the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s National Conference in Washington DC over the summer of 2019. Phi Kappa Phi supported his attendance at this National Conference and Jonathan was able to form many connections at that conference that are helping him advance in his field today.

He would like to give a shout out to two professors: Dr. Beyer and Dr. Andreacci in the Exercise Science department. Dr. Andreacci allowed him to get his first exposure in a laboratory setting which helped fuel his love for learning and research. Dr. Beyer then took him under his wing and mentored him not only in the lab, but also in his future career goals. It is thanks to them that he got to spend +1,600 hours in a research setting, present at Regional and National level conferences, have his name on several studies, receive the Love of Learning scholarship from Phi Kappa Phi, receive the URSCA award and a PEG Grant from Bloomsburg University, and was able to truly leave an impact at Bloomsburg University.

Jonathan is currently a graduate student at New York Chiropractic College pursuing his DC. He will graduate from the program in November of 2022. Upon completion of his DC, he plans to move out to Colorado Springs, CO to start his own practice targeting a clientele that is centered around maximizing human performance. Bloomsburg University helped prepare him for this next step, and helped set a solid foundation for him as he entered graduate school. Phi Kappa Phi is proud to put the Spotlight on Jonathan!

By Beth Rogowsky, Spring 2020

Megan Burns Phi Kappa Phi

Megan Burns (2019) was the Student Vice President of Phi Kappa Phi for two years. She got involved early on, helping promote the visibility of the honor society on campus through induction ceremonies and charitable events such as a book drive.

For students who want to be involved, Phi Kappa Phi offers far-reaching experiences. Megan represented the chapter nationally at the Student Vice President Leadership Summits in Denver, Colorado (2017) and Charlotte, North Carolina (2019), and the Biennial Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota (2018). In 2018 she was chosen to serve on the National Council of Students, a two-year term in which she worked with students across the country to improve the operations of the honor society.

Currently, Megan is in her second semester of the Master of Science program for Communicative Sciences and Disorders at NYU where she is taking classes relevant to treating communication disorders or relevant to professionalism in the field. This semester she is taking Adult Language Disorders, Voice Disorders, Speech Sound Disorders, and Multicultural Issues in CSD. She became a student clinician in her first clinical rotation in the audiology booth at the university’s Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic. She is on the fast track to graduate in the summer of 2021, followed by a semester-long externship.

BU prepared her for graduate school in a number of ways. She learned how to manage her time when she needed to study and complete assignments. Likewise, being involved in many extracurriculars at BU required her to plan out and prioritize her time to get the most work done possible, which is a skill she maintains in graduate school.

Most importantly, she learned a lot about APA by sitting in on Dr. Rogowsky’s graduate research and writing class and working on an independent research project with Dr. Rogowsky. Both experiences at BU helped her tremendously at NYU as she took a course about evaluating research last fall and felt that she started off with an advantage. Having experience in research at BU also helped her get accepted into a prestigious research lab at NYU - the Psycholinguistics, Aphasia, and Neuromodulation (PLAN) Lab led by Dr. Buchwald.

Phi Kappa Phi Faculty Officers & Membership

President: Cassandra Sachar, Ed.D.

Past President: M. Safa Saraçoğlu,Ph.D.

President-Elect: Christina Francis, Ph.D.

Student Vice-President: Meghan Dickson

Student Vice-President: Sarah Kohler

Grants and Awards Coordinator: Michael Hickey, Ph.D.

Secretary:  Lisa Stallbaumer-Beishline, Ph.D.

Treasurer: Eric Stouffer, Ph.D.

Joseph P. Ardizzi, Ph.D., Biological and Allied Health Sciences

Shaheen N. Awan, Ph.D., Communication Sciences and Disorders 

Charisse Baldoria, Ph.D. Music

Kevin T. Ball, Ph.D., Psychology

Michael Borland, Ph.D. Chemistry

Melissa Cheese, Ed.D., Academic Enrichment

Noreen Chikotas, D.Ed., Nursing

Pamela Cook, MSN, RN, CNS, Nursing

Amy Covill, Ph.D., Psychology

Patricia Dorame-Holoviak, Ph.D., Languages and Cultures

Anne Dyer Stuart, Ph.D. English

Heather Feldhaus, Ph.D., Sociology, Social Work and Criminal Justice

Christina Force, Ed.D., Business Education

Christina Francis, Ph.D., English

Victoria Geyfman, Ph.D., Finance 

Christian Grandzol, Ph.D., Management and International Business

Meredith Grimsley, Ph.D., Art and Art History 

Steven D. Hales, Ph.D., Philosophy

Kenneth Hall, Ph.D., Marketing and Professional Sales

Sheila Q. Hartung, Ph.D., Nursing

Mary-Lee Helbing, DNP, CRNP, Nursing

Angela R. Hess, Ph.D. Biological and Allied Health Sciences 

Michael C. Hickey, Ph.D., History

John H. Huckans, Ph.D., Physics and Engineering Technology

William Hudon, Ph.D., History

Scott Inch, Ph.D., Mathematical and Digital Sciences

Jennifer A. Johnson, Ph.D., Psychology

Stephen Kokoska, Ph.D., Mathematical and Digital Sciences

Carolyn LaMacchia, Ph.D., Business Education

Marion Mason, Ph.D., Psychology

Lori M. Metzger, Ph.D., M.S.N., N.P.-C., R.N.-B.C.

Joan F. Miller, Ph.D., Nursing emerita

Mindi Miller, M.S.N., M.A., Ph.D., Nursing

Lam Nguyen, MBA, DMgt., Management

Kimberly Olszewski, DNO, CRNP, COHN-S/CM, FAAOHN, Nursing

Danny Robinson, Ph.D., English

Beth Rogowsky, Ed.D., Teaching and Learning

Cassandra Sachar, Ed.D., English

Debra Sanders, Ph.D., R.N., Nursing

M. Safa Saracoglu, Ph.D., History

Jung Seek-Kim, Ph.D., Marketing and Professional Sales

Michael K. Shepard, Ph.D., Environmental, Geographical and Geological Sciences

Shavonne Shorter, Ph.D. Communication Studies

Pamela A. Smith, Ph.D., Communication Sciences and Disorders

A. Blair Staley, D.B.A., Accounting 

Lisa M. Stallbaumer-Beishline, Ph.D., History

Eric Stouffer, Ph.D., Psychology

Cynthia A. Surmacz, Ph.D., Biological and Allied Health Sciences

Rebecca Toothaker, Ph.D., RN, Nursing

Julie Vandivere, Ph.D. English, Director of the Honors College

Jennifer Venditti, Ph.D. Biological and Allied Health Sciences

Mary Katherine Waibel Duncan, Ph.D., Psychology 

Stephen Whitworth, Ph.D., English 

Dee Anne Wymer, Ph.D., Anthropology

Craig A. Young, Ph.D, Teaching and Learning

Chapter News

Every fall semester we honor sophomores who attained the highest grade point averages as freshmen. The event is celebrated with a special ceremony, certificate, and congratulations from university faculty and administrators

Each academic year the Bloomsburg University Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi recognizes outstanding students and faculty through the Freshmen Awards, Fellowship Program, Student Initiation, and Faculty Initiation. We also engage in various chapter initiatives as described below.

As described below, we honor our new student initiates each spring, our student Fellowship Nominee, and our faculty initiates.

Admission to the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi is by invitation only and requires nomination and approval by a chapter in accordance with the bylaws of both the chapter and the national society. Both require superior scholarship and good character as criteria for membership. Phi Kappa Phi is an honor society, not an honorary society or fraternity. Membership is earned; it is a true honor. Meeting Phi Kappa Phi criteria signifies excellence which, in turn, signifies distinction. Graduate and undergraduate members, because of their outstanding records, often are preferred candidates for grants, scholarships and fellowships. Each spring Bloomsburg University's Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi welcomes into membership those undergraduate and graduate students who have excelled in academic achievement and character. The criteria and limits observed in electing persons to membership are determined by each individual chapter, but always within the framework of the National Society’s bylaws. Graduate students are selected for invitation by criteria determined by the faculty in their programs. Senior-status students must, at a minimum, be in the top 10% of their college, and second-semester juniors must, at a minimum, be in the top 7.5% of their college.

The Phi Kappa Phi Foundation was incorporated in 1969 to promote academic excellence and achievement by means of scholarships and fellowships. To support first-year graduate work, the Society offers Fellowships, on a competitive basis, to graduating students who have been initiated into the Society and who also have been nominated by their chapters for the competition. The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi currently awards 54 Fellowships of $8500 each, six at $20,000 each, and two at $35,000 each. Our chapter reviews local applications, and selects one nominee to compete at the society’s national level.

Our chapter solicits applications after the competition is announced by Phi Kappa Phi in the fall semester. You compose, revise and complete the application online and save the completed PDF. You will then submit the application, official transcripts, test scores (if applicable, work sample, and two letter of recommendation to our chapter by the deadline. Bloomsburg University’s Chapter 202 deadline is usually early March. To seek assistance and apply, please contact Dr. Michael Hickey, Awards and Grants Coordinator, at 570-389-4161 or The Bloomsburg Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi recognizes the applicants and campus nominee at its annual Spring Initiation Ceremony. The chapter also presents a monetary award to our nominee.

While some faculty members arrive on Bloomsburg University campus as members of Phi Kappa Phi, others may not have had that opportunity. Colleges and universities are not automatically granted the privilege of local chapter status. Just as with personal members, institutions must be invited to join Phi Kappa Phi as well. At Bloomsburg University faculty initiates are nominated and elected by their peers.

Over the past few years, Chapter 202 has established two children's libraries. The libraries at the Women's Center of Columbia-Montour County and the Danville Ronald McDonald House were created, in part, through separate Phi Kappa Phi Literacy Grants.