Political Science Internships

All political science majors must complete either an internship or thesis project. Academic internships provide a vital opportunity for students to develop valuable skills and gain hands-on experience in a possible career field. In an increasingly competitive global job market, internships have become essential for career advancement and entry into competitive graduate programs. In consultation with their faculty advisor, students should reference our Internship Guidelines below to help them through the process of selecting and registering for an internship, as well as outlining the academic requirements for earning internship credit.

An academic internship is a for-credit, supervised learning experience in a work environment. Faculty in the Political Science Department view academic internships and other forms of active learning as an important component of a diverse and well-rounded education. Though academic internships are not a required part of the Political Science curriculum, we strongly encourage majors to serve an academic internship as a means of gaining practical work experience and helping in the selection of a career.

To get started, we encourage students to consult with their advisors in the design and selection of an internship that will best meet their goals and interests.

Getting Started

  • Internship Guidelines
  • Meet with your academic advisor during the first few weeks of the semester prior to the semester when your internship will start.
  • Eligibility:
    • a. Minimum GPA of 2.0
      b. Must have a full-time status as a student
      c. Must have departmental approval for an internship
  • Looking for an internship? Start here!
  • Affiliation Agreement. Check the Active Affiliation Agreement List to make sure the company for which you would like to intern has an affiliation agreement with Bloomsburg University. If there is no affiliation agreement in place, tell your faculty advisor or department internship coordinator and they will initiate that process by submitting a request form. Students are not allowed to submit a request for an affiliation agreement.
  • No affiliation agreement? It could take anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks to schedule your internship if no affiliation agreement exists. An affiliation agreement between Bloomsburg University and your potential employer must be in place before you start your internship or you will not get academic credit. If there is no affiliation agreement, and because it can take some time, it's recommended that the affiliation agreement process should be completed March 13 for the fall/summer semesters and Oct. 15 for the spring semester. The Office of Alumni and Professional Engagement will accept affiliation agreement requests on a rolling basis.
  • Make Site Contact. Inquire about internship availability by contacting potential sites. Send cover letter and resume. Follow up with a request for an interview.
  • Request necessary documentation from potential employer. This includes job description on letterhead and a formal letter of invitation that specifies dates, duties and expectations
    of internship.
  • Establish onsite coordinator who will oversee and evaluate your work while conducting the internship.
  • Credit. To earn academic credit for an internship, complete Section 1 of the 509 Internship Form and bring to your faculty advisor.
  • Once all materials are submitted, they will be distributed by your department to the necessary campus offices for signature. Once all approvals have been obtained, the registrar’s office will automatically schedule the internship.
  • Need additional insurance while on your internship?
  • If you encounter problems with any part of this process, contact either your advisor or the Office of Alumni and Professional Engagement in the Greenly Center.