Society for the Advancement of Management (SAM)

Bloomsburg University's chapter for the Society to the Advancement of Management (SAM) is an organization focused on expanding business students' management studies and connections outside of the classroom.

The chapter holds activities and events to around campus including:

  • Case studies (up next: Nashville Spring 2023)
  • Field trips
  • Guest speakers
  • Volunteering for community service activities
  • Fundraising

Executive Council

Current Spring 2022

  • President: Nick Debilis
  • Vice President: Hannah Lare
  • Secretary: Madison Scheide
  • Treasurer: Regina Wendt
  • Public Relations: Jessica Gasi and Evanna Bass

Incoming Executive Council – Fall 2022

  • President: Ian Laessig
  • Vice President: Jess Gasci
  • Treasure: Nicole Amstrong
  • Secretary: Zach Thomas

Faculty Advisor - Dr. Jet Mboga, SH 320


To inquire about meetings, please contact

SAM Ian Laessing

Right: Ian Laessing, working on SAM 2022 conference paper entry, Transformation of Workspace Operations in a Post-Pandemic World.

Ian Laessing presentation

Ian Laessing presenting he and Nick Debillis’s: Transformation of Workspace Operations in a Post-Pandemic world. April 2022

SAM Abstract The age of the employee

During the 2022 Society of the Advancement of Management conference we had 5 students, 2 teams, participate in the undergraduate division.  The anticipated Florida conference turned into a teleconference event that showed dedication and determination through adapting and pursuing through the unknown times.  The conference allowed our members to expand their understanding of the advancement of management for the next years to come while celebrating and sharing what Bloomsburg's very own has to offer.  We look forward to competing in the 2023 conference in Nashville, Tennessee.  

Pictured is Hannah Lare, Madison Schiede, and Jessica Gasi answering questions on their extended abstract: The Age of the Employee, about what we can do for employees during these unknown times. April 2022 

Conference Celebration


5 participants of the SAM 2022 Conference celebrating their hard work with club advisor Dr. Mboga.  We thank them all for their hard work and dedication to the club!

illustration of Carver Hall

Faculty Advisor