Friday, March 6, 2015

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Friday, March 6, 2015

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Student Affairs Training

Getting a leg up on the competition

It was a taste of the real world for Bloomsburg University college student affairs and counseling graduate students recently participating in a Professional Development Day, featuring more than 30 faculty and staff from BU and other universities who volunteered to create an innovative interviewing experience.

The interactive professional development event was led by Department of Teaching and Learning faculty Mark Bauman, Denise Davidson and Mindy Andino, who were each eager to be a part of building this learning opportunity for students.

“We designed a day that would support the students. Overall, our goal as instructors is to ease their transition into the real world by giving them proper preparation and practice,” Davidson said.

Participating graduate students experienced the rigors of the interviewing process, where they were instructed to rotate through several stations. These stations consisted of three to four traditional, face-to-face interviews as well as Skype and phone interviews. The interviewers asked the students very generic questions, not geared towards any specific job or major.

There was also a resume review station and a presentation station, where students were given minimal instruction and asked to construct a ten minute presentation on the topic, “How to Engage College Students.”

Chemistry receives ASBMB accreditation

Chemistry Accreditation

Bloomsburg University’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry has received a three-year provisional accreditation from the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) for the biochemistry program. BU is the first university in Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education to be awarded an ASBMB accreditation.

BU’s biochemistry program was rated on factors including research laboratory facilities, faculty scholarship and educational goals. The accreditation recognizes BU’s biochemistry program as meeting the organization’s advanced requirements.

ASBMB evaluators praised the program for “strong experiential learning and extensive lab experiences, excellent integration of inquiry-based learning into the curriculum, and thorough assessment of student performance and learning objectives in individual courses.”

Upcoming campus construction activity

Lower Campus Construction

Both lower campus and upper campus will undergo a series of construction projects this spring leading into summer. Included here are a series of campus plans showing this semester’s more significant construction activity occurring across lower and upper campus.

As always, some projects will affect pedestrian and vehicular movements more than others. Those projects will be supplemented with additional phasing and traffic plans. As projects progress, larger more detailed maps will be posted to communicate details in advance of the changes.

Spring Semester Projects

  • Andruss Library (March 9 to Nov. 30, 2015) — addition for telephone center and University Police
  • Lower Campus (March 23 to April 17, 2015) — medium voltage infrastructure
  • Student Recreation Center (June1 to Aug. 21, 2015) — lighting upgrade
  • McCormick Center (June 1 to Aug. 28, 2015) — vivarium lab
  • Quad Fountain (June 15 to July 30, 2015) — donor walls
  • Medium Voltage Infrastructure Upgrade (March 30 to Aug. 14, 2015) — infrastructure upgrade along East 2nd Street from Centennial to Lycoming Hall

Get ready for a new session of intramurals!

Intramural Bubble Soccer

Did you miss out during the first part of the semester? Here is your chance! Gather your team because there are more intramural sports then ever offered this session. Intramural sports provide the opportunity for participation without the time commitment or skill level of a varsity player.

Registration is easy! Just follow the instructions on our website by Tuesday, March 24. Sports this session include:

  • Volleyball
  • 3on3 Basketball
  • Dodgeball
  • Softball
  • Flag Football
  • Soccer
  • Field Hockey
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • New! Bubble Soccer

Huskies get up-close look at healthcare profession via Geisinger

Geisinger Jan Plan Program

Geisinger Medical Center, one of the most highly integrated health systems in the country and among the region’s most valuable resources, invited Bloomsburg University students to participate in this year’s Jan Plan program. The program brings students interested in healthcare into the hospital for a nine-day interactive experience, providing them with the opportunity to learn and collaborate with medical students, residents and physicians.

Representing Bloomsburg University at this year’s Jan Plan were biology and allied health sciences majors Jennifer Young, Justin VanderMolen, and Shaidy Moronta. While reflecting on their experience, they all agreed Jan Plan offered them an excellent opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge about the medical profession.

Jennifer Young, junior health science major, saw Jan Plan as a great chance to represent the university and also gain insight into whether or not this was a career she wanted to continue working towards.

“As someone who wasn’t 100 percent sure that an occupation in medicine was what I wanted to do, being able to see in depth what life would be like working as a physician was crucial,” Young said. “This experience really opened my eyes to the different aspects of being a doctor, helping me to better understand everything that goes into this type of profession.”

With the opportunity to see what life is like as a doctor as opposed to observing physicians actions from a patients standpoint, Jennifer gained a firsthand look into all aspects of their work.

“My involvement with Jan Plan really benefitted me in that it allowed me to see doctor’s interactions with patients, as well as how much paper work and collaboration goes into caring for the people.”

Once in a lifetime research opportunity

Undergraduate Bee Research

With the help of the Bloomsburg University’s Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, an experience of a lifetime is available this summer to students interested in a mixture of research and travel. BU’s research program is accepting applications for a unique experience where students will have the opportunity to study bees and pollination systems in the Republic of Turkey and Greece.

With the research program approaching its 10th active year, the research team has collaborated with several universities in western Turkey and eastern Greece. Bloomsburg University’s John Hranitz, interim director of research programs, believes the success of the program stems from the diverse skills and interdisciplinary approaches by their team of U.S. researchers from University of Central Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, Tulsa University, and University of Kansas.

The funding from the National Science Foundation to the University of Central Oklahoma supports the students, so they can devote their entire effort in the summer to their research.

“Students will develop projects with a team of mentors who are experts in molecular biology, behavior, ecology, and taxonomy,” said Hranitz. “The funding from the National Science Foundation supports the students, so they can devote their entire effort in the summer to their research.”

Why get involved with Professional U?

Professional U

At Bloomsburg University, interactive learning opportunities are everywhere for students to take advantage of outside the classroom. According to three students who have attended Professional U events in the past, they believe their progression in Professional U has undoubtedly guided them down the path to success in their future careers.

Amanda Kuzmak, junior accounting major, said being a part of Professional U has been the best stepping stone she could have asked for at Bloomsburg University.

“I began my journey with Professional U by attending workshops, which gave me great insight into what I could do to reach my goals in an efficient way,” she said.

Although some events are specific to certain majors, Kuzmak said that Professional U doesn’t gear every program toward any major in particular.

“Any student at Bloomsburg University can find a Professional U event that will help them in their college experience,” Kuzmak said. “The workshops are geared towards giving academic knowledge to any student’s career path.”

Kuzmak believes a student’s success is based on them.

“Many students get into their senior year and realize they are not prepared for their job search or the workforce,” Kuzmak said. “I started my interaction with Professional U early in my college career, and I already feel that I am prepared for the real world.”

BOG program honors high achievers

Board of Governors Scholars

Bloomsburg University’s Board of Governors Scholars Program began its Spring 2015 semester with the Initial Meeting/Welcome Back Dinner, which included an overview of upcoming and exciting social events, workshops that promotes social and academic success and expectations within the scholarship program.

Also, Board of Governors scholars were awarded for their outstanding academic progress during the fall semester, achieving 3.5 GPA or above and 3.0 to 3.49 GPA.

The Board of Governors Tuition Scholarship targets students who excel academically including students of various races, and students majoring in liberal arts science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Recipients are required to participate in a structured program dedicated to the enhancement of retention and graduation rates.

Survey seeks opinions of freshmen, seniors

NSSE Survey

First-year and senior students are being asked to share opinions about their experiences at Bloomsburg University by completing the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE). According to Sheila Dove Jones, assistant vice president for planning and assessment, answers to the online survey will reveal students’ views on the quality of their education and their level of involvement in activities outside of the classroom. Results will be used to improve the undergraduate experience and as a baseline measurement for BU’s general education requirements.

Jones said several email messages containing a link to the survey will be sent to BU’s freshmen and seniors in February and March. She encourages students to respond by April 6. In appreciation for their participation, students who complete the survey by April 6 will be entered automatically into a random drawing to win one of two Amazon gift cards valued at $150, one of four Amazon gift cards valued at $100, one of two Amazon gift cards valued at $50 or one of 78 Bloomsburg University insignia prizes worth $5 to $30. A student’s chances of winning depends on how many students complete the survey; the last time this survey was administered about 909 students responded. Based on this estimate, the odds of winning are 1 in 10.

“All student responses are valuable for helping us compare the experiences they report with those of students at hundreds of other colleges and universities,” Jones said. “The results will also indicate important trends in undergraduate education. More voices will make the results more valid.”

Approximately 4,300 BU students have been invited to participate. A total of 622 U.S. colleges and universities and 355,000 first-year students and seniors participated in the 2014 survey. For more information, contact Jones at