Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity

Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity

URSCA Purpose

The Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity (URSCA) Awards provides summer stipend support to students participating in summer research, scholarship, or creative activities.

Students can receive a maximum stipend of up to $6,000 for a full-time project during the 12 weeks of summer session.

Thirty students have had projects funded through the 2014 Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity (URSCA) Awards summer program at Bloomsburg University.

Students receiving awards include:

  • Khadija Abdullahi, mentored by Heather Feldhaus, An Evaluation of the Children’s Museum
  • Michael Ashton, mentored by Nada Jevtic, Nonlinear Treatment of Data Collected from KEPLER Space Telescope
  • JoEllen Blass, mentored by George Chavez, How Much Do You Know?
  • Aaron Brown, mentored by Stephanie Schlitz and Jing Luo, Linguistic Relativity Demonstrated by the Influence of Culture on Color Categorization
  • Caitlin Carlin, mentored by Kristen Brubaker, Analysis of the effects of heat stress on transcription factors Hsf1, Nrf2, and FOXO found in the bee species Megachile rotundata
  • Shelby Coleman, mentored by Christopher Hallen, Drinking Before the Drills: A Study of Pure Water Sites in the Northern Tier
  • Sawyer J. Davis, mentored by Gregory Zimmerman, Prediction of Transport Properties at High Temperatures and Pressures Using Stokes Partial Molar Volume and Partial Molar Volumes
  • Martina Drew, mentored by Clay Corbin & Amber Pitt, Factors influencing bird-window collisions during summer and migration on Bloomsburg University campus
  • Alyssa Duksta, mentored by Ted Roggenbuck & Stephanie Schlitz, "BU Writing Center Extramural: Supporting Writing in Hazleton Area High School"
  • Courtney Dunn, mentored by Jerry Wemple, "The Human Experience: A Comparison of Cameroon, Africa and Juniata County, Pennsylvania"
  • Susan Erdman, mentored by Shiloh Erdley, "Awareness and preparedness of medical social workers regarding the needs of LGBT elders. Why it matters: A review of current literature and practice in a cohort of hospitals in Central PA"
  • Kyle Flick, mentored by Hayden Wimmer, "EHR Data Integration System"
  • Laurie Ganey, mentored by Mary Katherine Duncan, "Evaluation of Neuroscience-Inspired Educational and Play Initiatives"
  • Matthew Gift, mentored by Ju Xin, "Construction and characterization of a fiber-coupled optical cooling system for a magneto-optical trap(MOT)"
  • Teresa Grimes, mentored by Phillip Osburn, "Synthesis of a Mixed Thioether/NHC Ruthenium(II) Pincer Complex: Investigations of Metal-Ligand Cooperativity"
  • Farron Hakanson, mentored by Heather Feldhaus, "A Community Development Research Project "
  • Joshua Halbfoerster, mentored by John Huckans, "Construction of a Zeeman Slower and Ultra High Vacuum System for Use in the Method of Laser Cooling and Trapping"
  • Sarah Halter, mentored by Jing Luo, Claire Lawrence, Ted Roggenbuck, English Translation and Cultural Literary Critique of the Modern-Day Chinese Novel, “Fulfilling My Green Sea and Blue Sky”
  • Nicholas Hitcho, mentored by John Huckans, "Construction of Zeeman Slower and Ultra High Vacuum System for Use in Laser Cooling and Trapping"
  • Ali Hussain, mentored by William Schwindinger, "Methylation of GNG7 promoter in normal mouse tissue"
  • Kirk Jeffreys, mentored by William Coleman, "Investigation of synapsin II and Munc 13 co-localization at the earthworm neuromuscular junction"
  • Boenell,Kline, mentored by Angela La Valley, "Attachment styles and ability to decode nonverbal communication"
  • Leonid Kukuyev, mentored by Hayden Wimmer, "A Multi-Agent System For Healthcare Data Privacy "
  • Amanda Lacerte, mentored by Toni Trumbo Bell, "The Interaction of Oligonucleotides with Coomassie Blue G-250 in the Bradford Assay"
  • Devyn Lesher, mentored by Chris Lynd, "Left Nested Radicals"
  • Rachel Livingston, mentored by Ju Xin, "Construction and Characterization of a Fiber-Coupled Laser Optical"
  • Margaret Mansell, mentored by Pamela Smith, "Implementing Clothesline Stories into Skilled Nursing Facility"
  • Lacy Marbaker, mentored by Faith Warner and Conrad Quintyn, "The Effects of Susquehanna River Water Pollution on Decomposition of Sus scrofa domesticus: An Application of Forensic Anthropology"
  • Matthew Mattesini, mentored by Cynthia Venn, "Rapid Assessment of Coastal Ecosystem Resilience: an example from Hurricane Sandy"
  • Kayla McHale, mentored by Joseph Andreacci, "The validation of several bioimpedance analzyzers for the assessment of body composition in adults"
  • Paige Michener, mentored by Eric Stouffer, "Effect of a High-Fat Diet on a Hippocampus-Dependent Conditioned Cue Preference Task"
  • David Perez, mentored by Eric J. Hawrelak, "Catalytic Synthesis of Nitrogen-Containing Heterocycles Using Organocobalt Complexes"
  • Zachary Rhoden, mentored by Eric J. Hawrelak, "Investigation of Internal Alkyne Tolerance of Catalytic Cyclotrimerization via a [C6F5CpCo(CO)2] Catalyst"
  • Christopher Rosengrant, mentored by Christopher Hallen," How Did Drilling at Elk Creek Hunting Lodge Pad 1 Affect Bloomsburg's Water Supply"
  • Jesse Rothweiler, mentored by Jennifer Johnson, "Buffering the Effects of Ostracism on the Attentional Networks Using Facial Feedback Training"
  • Jaimee Saemann, mentored by Faith Warner, "Impacts of Cochlear Implants on the Deaf Community "
  • Briana Sendatch, mentored by Pamela Smith, "Implementing Clothesline Stories into Skilled Nursing Facilities"
  • Eve Steransky, mentored by Christopher Podeschi, "The relationship between place attachment and recreationist’s perception of trail quality in Glacier National Park, Montana "
  • David Strawn, mentored by William Coleman, "Investigation of the role of inhibitory neurotransmission on readily releasable vesicle pool size"
  • Christopher Sullivan, mentored by Kevin Ball, "Effect of Chronic Restraint Stress on Relapse to Palatable Food Seeking and Involvement of Dopamine D1-like Receptors"
  • Eric Thompson, mentored by Gregory Zimmerman, "Determination of Equilibrium Constants and Limiting Equivalent Conductivities from Conductivity Measurements on Aqueous Lanthanum Salt Solutions"
  • Benjamin Tice, mentored by, Faith Warner, "Total Freedom on the Dark-Side of the Internet: A Cyber-Ethnography "
  • ASM Tuhin, mentored by Aberra Senbeta, "The Impact of International Trade on Rising Income Inequality: Contrast between Developing and Developed Countries"
  • Nicole Updegrove, mentored by Jennifer Johnson, "Is nature able to restore attention?"
  • Shana Wagner, mentored by Michael Eugene Pugh, "Microsatellite DNA Analysis of Pacific Bluefin and Yellowfin Tuna "
  • Stephen Zosh, mentored by Fan Jiang, "Electronic Instrumentation Control of a Magneto Optical Trap using LabVIEW Software"

Questions: Email John Hranitz at jhranitz@bloomu.edu.