John Proctor is the Villain


In present day Appalachian Georgia, a high school class explores the seminal American classic, The Crucible. As scandal swirls in their community and old heroes are unmasked, the English assignment becomes uncomfortably relevant for the students. The line between witch and heroine blurs in this post-Me Too examination of power, love, and sex education.

Nov. 3 to 7, 2021

Wednesday, Nov. 3, through Saturday at 7:30 PM, Sunday, Nov.7 at 3 PM
Alvina Krause Theatre
226 Center St., Bloomsburg

Tickets required
Free for BU Students with ID
$6 for Adults
$4 for Students & Seniors 

Advanced tickets at the Arts in Bloom Box Office in the Haas Center for the Arts on the BU Campus, Monday through Friday, 11 AM to 4 PM
Out-of-town guests may call the Box Office at 570-389-4409 to arrange advanced ticket purchases over the phone
Tickets also available at the Alvina Krause Theatre 1 hour before each performance
Audience masking is required

John Proctor is the Villain

Throughout the play the students navigate their personal lives—finding surprising connections between the personal and what they are studying in class. The play encourages the destigmatization of female desire and as such, the play's teen girls have the kinds of conversations that teen girls have when adults are not present—frank conversations about their desires and experiences, as well open discussions about sex, sex education, relationships, politics, feminism, literature and life.

Praise for John Proctor is the Villain:

  • "This script is tense, taut, humorous, dramatic, powerful, poetic, and devastating, and high schools everywhere should be producing this. Highly recommended!” - David Hansen,
  • "Blazing across the stage and shattering assumptions, John Proctor Is the Villain is an edge-of-your-seat thriller expertly crafted for our times." - Matthew J. Palm, The Orlando Sentinel
  • "This is the kind of play the world needs to be moving towards. It abandons cliché for nuance, filler for poetry, and despair for a realist hope. Belflower perfectly merges natural dialogue with rich characterizations, creating a stunning and gripping drama, all while presenting nine brilliantly relatable characters." - BT Montrym,
  • "Within moments, it became impossible to distinguish between those involved in the dramatic reading of Kimberly Belflower’s John Proctor Is the Villain, the ninth and final work of the [22nd Ojai Playwrights Conference’s New Works] Festival, and those who had just watched it." - Mary McNamara, The Los Angeles Times
  • "The story I needed in high school to set straight who we valorize and why in American history and the dramatic canon. A heart-wrenching and heartwarming story of girlhood and the way that it's shaped by all that is around and inside us." - Shana Laski,
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