Level 1 Leadership Launch


Build your personal leadership lens

At Leadership Launch you’ll build your personal leadership lens through a values exploration activity, learn about how Huskies lead, create your own leadership playlist, and enjoy some pizza.

Register: https://bloomu.joinhandshake.com/events/893296/share_preview

Other Huskies LEAD events:

Level II Leadertreat: Knowing Ourselves and Identifying Personal Purpose

Level II Leadership Launch: Good Trouble

Level II Leadership Brief: Passionate Purpose Pitfalls

Level II Leadership Brief: What does it mean to be committed? 

Level II Leadership Brief: Special Opps: Telling the story of your Passionate Purpose

Level I Leadership Launch. Two dates! February 2 and February 8

Level I Pop-Up Leadershop: Leadership Confidence

Level I Leadertreat: Learning about yourself and others

Level I Leadership Brief: Giving and Receiving Feedback

Leval I Pop-up Leadershop: Networking and Engaging others

Level I Leadership Brief: Teams and Decision making

Celebrate Leadership

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