Hazing at Bloomsburg University is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. Hazing ruins people’s lives, brutalizes everyone involved, and jeopardizes the very existence of campus groups and organizations.

Hazing is defined by any action or situation created, whether on or off campus, that results in mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, fright, humiliation, or ridicule.

Hazing Report for Bloomsburg University

Report Form for Hazing Incidents

You can remain anonymous by submitting the above reporting form in an incognito web browser. You can also call the Hazing Hotline at 1-866-755-4293.

Once a report has been submitted, the student(s) or student organization(s) will be contacted by a staff member, and you and any witness(es) listed may be asked to meet with a staff member to provide additional information. 

While you may choose to submit a report anonymously, please understand that doing so may impact the University's ability to follow-up if limited information is available. (Sexual Misconduct reports may remain anonymous). If you have already made a report on this webpage before, your Husky login credentials may be automatically saved. Therefore, to make your report anonymous, please open a new browser in incognito mode for your report submission.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students at 570-389-4734. 

Hazing Resources

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