Adaptability of Bloom Grads Key in Digital Marketing Sphere


By Andrea O'Neill '06

Sire Advertising, founded by Shawn Felty in August 2002, is a full-service digital advertising agency based in Selinsgrove and specializes a wide range of services from interactive web development, search engine optimization, and social media marketing to branding, promotional products, and signage. Adaptability is a critical factor in maintaining excellence in such a dynamic industry, and Felty's relationship with the Business faculty at Commonwealth University-Bloomsburg has been key to that adaptability.

Sire Advertising Founder, Shawn Felty
Sire Advertising President and Creative Director, Shawn Felty

Creativity, budget constraints, timelines, and customer ROI are critical aspects of the company's ethos, as is exposing its team to a variety of opportunities on the regional, local and national level. With such a wide range of expertise, Sire Advertising boasts a well-rounded company culture where employees gain diverse experiences. To be successful in such an environment and keep up with industry trends, Felty looks for candidates who are passionate about their careers, adaptable, and eager to learn.
"Our business is in constant evolution," explained Felty. "What we learned in school may be a foundation, but we must keep up as the industry evolves. We look for collaborative employees who can work independently and adapt to the changing needs of our customers."
As it turns out, Huskies fill that role quite nicely. Felty noted the strong work ethic and commitment displayed by Bloomsburg grads, noting they are prepared, able to get started quickly, and possess a well-rounded skill set, making them valuable assets to the company. His relationship with Bloomsburg business faculty, particularly Dr. Tom Tanner, has allowed him to gain particular insight into Huskies well suited to each available role. 
"We were able to connect with [Dr. Tanner] a few years ago and knew about Bloomsburg's program," explained Felty. "He provides talent leads, and when we have openings, we turn to Bloomsburg."

Halle Zulkoski '22 stands in front of a blue photo background at a recent Marketing Association Conference

With notable clients, including Allison Crane & Rigging, Columbia-Montour Visitor’s Bureau, Great Coasters International, Pennsylvania Co-operative Potato Growers, River Rat Brew Trail, and Susquehanna River Valley Visitor’s Bureau, Sire Advertising has been able to capitalize on the industry's inclination to remote work and deliver quality results accessible from their location in Selinsgrove.

"[We can] connect with many different businesses, both regionally and nationally, and utilize technology to connect with almost any business," explained Felty.
As Sire Advertising moves into its third decade, the company looks to remain a force in the digital marketing sphere and will continue to count on Huskies to do so.


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