Bloomsburg University student presents flag to university


Bloomsburg University student Leo Malfara, a Sergeant (E5) in the PA Army National Guard, was one of several BU students deployed with an aviation unit out of Fort Indiantown Gap to Iraq/Kuwait from summer 2020-summer 2021. 

Malfara was a door gunner for a Black Hawk helicopter over Iraq/Kuwait during his deployment. While serving overseas, the BU military office and BUSVA sent care packages to Malfara and the other BU students. 

Now Malfara is reaching out to the University to say thank you. As part of his thank you, he is donating a United States flag that flew on one of his missions to BU President Bashar Hanna.

Those attending the presentation were (left to right): Jared Stump, president BU Student Veterans Association; Leo Malfara; Kimberly Speece, student secretary in the Office of Military Affairs; BU President Bashar Hanna; Jared Devlin; Chris Shiffer, graduate assistant in the Office of Military Affairs.