Hispanic Heritage Month: Donovin Medina


By Jaime North, Digital Marketing Specialist

Donovin Medina is an exercise science major from Harrisburg and of Puerto Rican descent. In addition, he's the public relations representative of the Student Organization of Latinos, as well as pursuing a minor in health communication.

"The aspect I love most about our culture is the abundant amount of love and passion that's automatically embedded within us," Medina says. "The culture carried by the island is to let your actions tell stories through the passion and authenticity you give it. Our food, music, dances, etc. allow us to be ourselves and tell our stories to everyone."

As the celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month concludes, Medina says it's important to take time to discover more about yourself and spend time with family.

"We always celebrate with family and take time to do things we love in the process," Medina says. "With more love circulating around the world, it creates a safer space for all Hispanic culture."

Donovin Medina

According to Medina, thing about his Hispanic culture that gets overlooked is the myth that all Puerto Ricans are stubborn and mean people.

"I hear so many people say they’re scared to take a vacation to Puerto Rico because of that, but if you travel to the right spots they'll treat you no different than anyone else," Medina says. "Most of the time, we’re extremely friendly and loving people. Just be yourself and nine times out of ten, you'll be greeted with the utmost love."

Medina says his time at Bloomsburg is where he learned to embrace my culture the most.

"Being a minority at a PWI, it pushed me to embrace my differences and bring those (differences) to light, Medina says. "Through embracing my identity, it pushed me to find more people like me who share some of my same stories and values."

He adds, "Bloomsburg is a great place to find yourself because there are outlets for everyone. Personally, getting involved in the Multicultural Center was one of the best things I could do, because it allowed me to be in a space where I can completely be myself."