Husky To Hired: Internships bring opportunity at Fastenal


By Andrea O'Neill '06

Time and again, employers from every industry and every geographic location cite an internship as one of the most valuable experiences a student can have before they graduate college. Fortunately for Bloom grads, Fastenal has been heavily involved in recruiting Huskies for their internship program and frequently asks them back as employees upon graduation.

Fastenal provides supply chain solutions for every major market in the U.S. Bloom grads fill positions within the company from regional finance manager to sales and supply chain associates, and many Huskies get their start as part of the company’s paid internship program.

“Bloom Students are phenomenal,” said Robert Echternach, District Manager for Fastenal. "[They’re] receptive, communicative, and easy to work with. It’s success story after success story, and we continue to build on that.”

The internship program at Fastenal is a 12-week, paid experience that allows students to test their academic knowledge, practice professional communication, and explore different career avenues within the company. The internships can be done at any of the 2500 U.S. locations, improving the chances that Bloom students can live at home while they complete the experience. A high percentage of interns receive full-time positions.  
“The students who go to Bloom are getting hands-on experience and academics that truly prepare them to work,” said Echternach. “It sets students up for success; we see it with our organization, and I’m sure others see it. More times than not, individuals stay to create careers with us, and that’s what we want.”
The partnership with Bloomsburg extends beyond simply hiring Huskies. Fastenal is a regular participant in classroom presentations, a regular attendee at the ZIPD Conference, and a host for Husky Career Road Trips.
“We’re excited about the partnership that we’ve built the last few years, said Echternach. “Whether they choose a career with Fastenal or not, it’s a win-win because we have the opportunity to work with bright talent, and they get the tools they need to succeed. It’s been working out well.”