It’s ‘GAME ON’ at Commonwealth University-Mansfield


National Fraternity Launches Leadership Program for Mansfield Students

Members of the national fraternity Sigma Tau Gamma (STG) have focused their philanthropic efforts on expanding leadership learning at Commonwealth University-Mansfield. 

The STG Gamma Alpha Alumni Association, consisting of Mansfield University alumni, launched a leadership program this fall to provide a new opportunity for Mansfield students to participate in a Professional U-enhanced program focused on the students’ success during their time at Mansfield.

Gamma Alpha Alumni Association brothers worked with university officials to utilize a $10,000 gift to establish the new leadership program. Amanda Sanko, associate dean of students, and Dave Donlick, director of alumni and employer engagement, worked with the fraternity alumni association to develop the structure and administration of the program. 

“GAME ON” (Gamma Alpha Meaningful Experiences for Opportunities and Networking) uses $1,000 per semester (fall and spring) of the previously donated funds to incentivize up to five Mansfield students from diverse backgrounds to participate. Participants attend workshops on important topics such as financial literacy, resume building, career development, alumni match networking, and a debriefing presentation on what was learned during the program. 

In addition to the primary scholarship opportunity, each student is eligible to receive an additional $100 for attending benchmark events throughout the semester-long leadership program. All of the leadership training is scored, with the winning student also receiving a $500 award for the next semester.

“I am proud our alumni care so much about our current students that they created a structured scholarship to guide participants to take advantage of all the resources Commonwealth University-Mansfield has to offer,” Donlick said.

GAME ON held its inaugural graduation event on Nov. 28 in Alumni Hall on Mansfield’s campus. Natalie Bliss, a business administration major from Mansfield, and Meghan Kruszka, a criminal justice administration major from Erie County, New York, completed the program in this inaugural semester. 

“The GAME ON leadership program gave me the opportunity to build on my leadership skills as well as meet with faculty members and alumni from the Mansfield community,” Bliss said. “I have been able to improve my sense of professionalism and build my confidence in my ability to network. This program offers an amazing opportunity for young individuals to expand their abilities and become a better leader.”

All participants produced deliverables: financial literacy certification, completed career documents (cover letter, resume, career module completion), provided a debrief presentation and engaged employers or internship providers. 

The program is designed to use existing campus resources and provide networking opportunities for students with successful alumni. The students in the cohort also benefited from establishing academic cooperation with one another, learning the value of networking, using campus resources and building lasting friendships. 

“The change that occurred in these students from week one orientation to final presentations was incredible,” Sanko said. “I look forward to seeing the skills, confidence and friendships that were cultivated during this program in action during Meghan and Natalie’s time at Mansfield and beyond.”

The Sigma Tau Gamma national fraternity was founded by men dedicated to service, many serving our nation in WWI as soldiers and volunteer Red Cross ambulance drivers, as well as community-minded Rotarians of Rotary International and in various capacities in their church and faith-based organizations. 

Today, Sigma Tau Gamma brothers graduating from Mansfield are in key leadership positions and have distinguished themselves in important career fields. 

Some of these alumni include current Major General Mark McCormack, commander of the U.S. Army 28th Infantry Division; Dr. Tom Oram, ER physician who combated COVID-19 during the pandemic in Philadelphia; Pat McNerney, Port Authority Police Department detective (retired), who served during the 9-11 attacks in New York City; and Adrian Culp, author of “Dad or Alive” and entertainment sector writer/producer. 

To donate to the GAME ON Leadership Program, contact Kate Billmeyer, senior director of philanthropy, G9 Alumni Hall, Mansfield, PA 16933, or or give online at using General Academic Scholarships. 

For more information about the GAME ON Leadership Program, contact Tim Seip, Gamma Alpha Alumni Association president, at 570-691-8785 or Dave Donlick at 570-662-4393.