Reconnecting as a resource for fellow Huskies


By Andrea O'Neill '06

Jeffrey Moyer '93/'00M enjoys drawing upon his work as a business professional and adjunct faculty member when interacting with students and demonstrating the hands-on components of human resources.

It was Jeffrey Moyer’s '93/'00M high school accounting teacher who inspired him to apply to Bloomsburg University. And although he


ended up changing his major to Office Administration, he still credits the decision to come to B.U. for his success and current role as AVP for U.S. Human Resources Shared Services at Sun Life.

“I wanted to be close to family but far enough away to have freedom and growth,” explained Moyer. “I had solid preparation for the business world and was able to experiment with office administration and office systems.”

Moyer says the most significant assets he possessed as a new grad were his academic preparation and ability to be creative. He spent five years in banking before returning to B.U. for his M.S. in Instructional Technology, and found a love for education and training. He now prepares interactive experiences for business leaders, from talent acquisition and analytics to employee relations and DEI initiatives.

“That experience opened the door for a career in human resources,” explained Moyer. “We engage the organization and help them develop talent as well as ensure the delivery of  meaningful employee experiences.”

However, one thing he acknowledges that he did lack as a new professional was creating and maintaining interpersonal relationships in the workplace. He accepted an invitation from Mary Howe and the Zeigler Institute of Professional Development to help current students master those types of skills before they head out into the professional world. 

“Interpersonal skills were key, and you have to learn those along the way,” explained Moyer. “We talked about what I can do to prepare students for the business world and make sure they can translate their experiences to what is happening in the business world.”

Moyer said he enjoyed drawing upon his work as a business professional and adjunct faculty member when interacting with students and demonstrating the hands-on components of human resources. Moyer has served on a spring Professional


alumni panel entitled Shameless Self Promotion, has advised student members of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), and has presented in several classrooms on ethics, policies, employee staffing, and H.R. management. Overall, Moyer says he was impressed with the students and their level of questions.

“Their questions motivate me, and I was taken aback by the depth of the questions and their knowledge,” said Moyer. “I love helping individuals prepare for their next steps. The B.U. students are invested in their future, and it is inspiring to see.”

Moyer is grateful that the university reached out to him and has used the opportunity to reconnect with his roots and appreciates the B.U.’s effort to create interactions and connections between alumni and students. And while he acknowledges that giving back to one’s alma mater can sometimes fall away when juggling career and family, he stresses the multiple ways that students benefit from alumni involvement – and vice versa.

“Any dimension you can find yourself giving back adds value,” explained Moyer. “It’s such a personal piece, and the university’s drive to foster it is so important. It helped add perspective, and that’s always a good thing. It’s almost like a continuing ed credit for yourself.”


If you would like to volunteer to help students along their career path, let us know!