Trustees Citation Recognizes Faculty Work in Revising Curriculum


The Commonwealth University Council of Trustees, at its meeting on Friday, Oct. 6, enacted a citation commending the academic leadership and faculty for completing the construction of the new curriculum in just one year. The citation, accepted by Provost Diana Rogers-Adkinson and President Bashar Hanna, notes that faculty, chairs, deans, academic affairs leaders and the Interim Curriculum Committee and University Curriculum Committee reviewed more than 2,200 individual curriculum documents over the past academic year. The citation reads:


WHEREAS, Commonwealth University accepted the unprecedented challenge of revising the entire curriculum of the University; and 

WHEREAS, the faculty prioritized the needs of the students to ensure a unified high-quality educational experience; and contributed extensive time, talent, and collaboration within their departments to develop the new syllabi and programs of Commonwealth University; and

WHEREAS, the Commonwealth University department chairpersons led their colleagues through this arduous process; and

WHEREAS, the Interim Curriculum Committee developed a process for reviewing all new curriculum; and

WHEREAS, the Interim Curriculum Committee and University Curriculum Committee reviewed more than
2200 individual curriculum documents over an academic year; and 

WHEREAS; Leadership in the Office of the Provost, including the academic deans, provided extensive counsel, guidance and review to their college curricula;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Council of Trustees of Commonwealth University on this 6th day of October 2023 conveys its profound gratitude and esteem to our faculty, staff and colleagues for their dedicated service, and outstanding development of the new curriculum of Commonwealth University of Pennsylvania.