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Multimedia Services (MMS) provides a wide variety of audio and video equipment, facilities and services to students, faculty, and staff for media projects or productions related to their approved class assignments or university related duties.

These include digital video cameras, digital photography cameras, digital audio recorders, high definition television studios, video editing suites, video conversion, and online media distribution.

The staff is available to provide basic tutorials relating to the operation of equipment or facilities students need to complete class projects and offers consultations in evaluation, specification, and purchase of media technologies used in the delivery of instruction.

Services and Resources

The MyMediasite Portal is a comprehensive video platform managed by the office of Instructional Media Services.

Portal, Tutorials and FAQs

Please direct any questions regarding use of this system to

Commonwealth University subscribes to the APM Music library. Students, Faculty, and Staff can create an account on the APM Music system and download music for use in university-related projects.

If you have already created an APM Music account, go to and click the log in button in the top right menu.

To request access to the library, go to and complete the form. Be sure to indicate Commonwealth University as company name and use your or university assigned student email address. You will receive a welcome email with further instructions within one business day.

Please contact Larry Zapotocky with any questions or concerns.

Please click the link below to request video transfer or dubbing services for your content.

Requests should be made no less than two weeks before the desired completion date.

The office of Instructional Media Services reserves the right to deny services for any project based on timeliness of request, available staff, and/or any type of copyright infringement.

Please contact Larry Zapotocky with any questions or concerns.

Request System

Please click the link below to request video recording services for your event.

Requests should be made no less than two weeks before the event.

Many of the questions asked on the request form will require communication with the presenter.  The form should not be completed until all questions can be answered accurately.

It is the responsibility of the event organizer to verify that all presenters have granted permission for their presentation(s) to be recorded before completing this form.

The Office of Instructional Media Services reserves the right to deny services for any event based on timeliness of request, venue, setup time available, and available staff.

Please contact Larry Zapotocky with any questions or concerns.

Request System


The Media Services office provides equipment and facilities for basic video projects to all students, faculty, and staff. A valid BU Photo ID is required and all equipment must be picked up in MCHS 1228.

Equipment Loan Procedure

  • Students, faculty, and staff may visit the Media Services office in MCHS 1228 to borrow video cameras and tripods (among other items) for up to two weeks.
  • These cameras record on internal flash memory and/or SD cards.
  • Once the student has recorded their content, they can use any computer to upload to MyMediasite as described here.
  • If the students do not have personal computers available or do not feel comfortable completing the process on their own, they can return to the IMS office and use our general purpose iMac lab.
  • Work study employees are available to provide basic tutorials relating to the operation of equipment or facilities and assist in this process if necessary. However, we will NOT do your project for you.

If you have need for these services, please visit our office 2-3 days before you plan to record your content to check out the equipment. This should also be at least 1 week before the project is due. Calling ahead or emailing is not necessary. We do not hold equipment on reserve; all loans are handled on a first come, first served basis.

Options for Conversion, Submission and Review

All cameras record onto flash memory chips. After content is recorded, it must be transferred into a computer via a standard USB cable. There are six computers available in the Media Services office.

Once imported to the computer, there are several options for submission to instructors, sharing with group members, integration with powerpoint presentations, and archiving for future use. We primarily recommend the Mediasite System.

For advice on the best method for your project, please contact Asa Kelley ( or 570-389-4234) or stop by MCHS 1222.

Welcome to the Bloomsburg University Video Project Wizard. This wizard will help you determine the best method to complete your project and then walk you through the steps necessary to accomplish your goal.

Please note, the wizard is currently under construction. A workflow for your project type may not yet be defined or instructions may be incomplete.

If you reach an error in the wizard, please email for direct assistance.

Please click the button below to begin.

Start Wizard

Please note, if you have already started the wizard, clicking the button above will take you back to where you left off. After you answer all of the questions about your project and begin a workflow you will be unable to go back to change your answers. If you need to start over, you must click the next button until you reach the end of the workflow.

Student Initiatives and Employment

The mission of BUSN is to offer a professional live video production experience not just for students who may wish to pursue it as a career, but also to those who wish to view Bloomsburg University Athletic competitions and other special events like graduation. Most importantly, BUSN is completely student run with the aid of a few staff members who help with scheduling and training.

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WHSK is a student-run radio station that provides a means of student training and experience in radio broadcasting.

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